Maya Jewelry

earrings by Maya Jewelry

earrings by Maya Jewelry

Pretty safe to say that Jessi has no fear of patterns and textures. We really dig the way her stacked earrings from Maya Jewelry work together.

One of the wonderful things about piercings and jewelry is that there are so many options available these days that you can truly create your own look. Whether you like to keep it simple and subtle or let everyone know exactly what you are all about, you can make it happen.

Body piercing and tattooing has always been about self-expression and we love that it is easier these days to express yourself than it has ever been.

Kolo from BVLA


Whether you are looking for new jewelry for your septum piercing, daith piercing, nostril piercingā€¦or many other piercingsā€¦.we think the Kolo from BVLA (Body Vision Los Angeles) will do the trick nicely.


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Like chocolate and peanut butter, yellow gold and Tanzanite were just meant to go together. Take that combination and do a mash-up with a milgrain setting and…well…marvelous things are going to happen. Bear witness: