Triple Forward Helix Piercings with BVLA and NeoMetal Jewelry


triple forward helix piercing with jewelry from BVLA and NeoMetal

triple forward helix piercing with jewelry from BVLA and NeoMetal


When we posted our first picture of triple forward helix piercingsback in December of 2011, we had no idea we would be on the leading edge of the wave of popularity that would follow. Shortly afterwards, triple forward helix piercings were everywhere; it almost seemed like their popularity rivaled that of the navel piercing in the mid-to-late 90’s.

In addition to triple forward helix piercings, “triples” done on all different parts of the ears quickly took off. Again, we found ourselves on the forefront of that movement as our piercers created new, interesting, and never-before-seen combinations using amazing jewelry from Body Visions Los Angeles, Anatometall and NeoMetal

As a studio, we are incredibly lucky to have clients that have wonderful taste in jewelry and who trust our piercers and jewelry specialists to help them choose unique and fun jewelry combinations.

Even after nearly 3 years, and many hundreds of triple forward helix piercings (and other triples), our clients and piercers continue to draw from our large-and-ever-changing selection of jewelry to create never-before-seen-combinations.

For these triple forward helix piercings, Dan’s client chose a black rhodium Indian Wheel from BVLA Jewelry as the centerpiece of her project and accented it with two amethyst gems from NeoMetal Titanium Body Jewelry.