Bridge Piercing


Courtney did this bridge piercing and we love the way it look on her client! Simple but striking

Bridge piercing aren’t all that common in the Twin Cities. We wonder if that will change at some point…

bridge piercing

Bridge piercing by Courtney Jane Maxwell

Philtrum Piercing with BVLA Jewelry


Philtrum piercing with BVLA jewelry

Philtrum piercing with jewelry frmo BVLA

Nate did this philtrum piercing on Shannon using the always-gorgeous double round Harlequin, from BVLA

Pierce Me Like One of Your French Girls


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“Pierce me like one of your French girls.” Piercing by Courtney.


This gallery contains 1 photo.

Last week we got a bunch of beautiful new designs from BVLA. One of those designs is the Inara (any Firefly fans out there?), shown here in rose gold with CZ gems. Nate paired it with the Gypsy Queens from … Continue reading