Daith Piercing and Faux Rook Piercing

This is a pretty impressive combination of awesomeness Nate captured!
A rose gold Rosette in the faux-rook piercing and a rose gold Dahlia in the daith piercing. Both of these pieces are from BVLA

daith faux rook piercings bvla jewelry

Daith and faux rook piercings


Daith Piercing with Yellow Gold Ring


Daith piercings are one of our favorites!
This one was done by Dan, using a yellow gold gem-ring. It’s a great example of how beautiful simplicity can be. 


Kolo from BVLA


Whether you are looking for new jewelry for your septum piercing, daith piercing, nostril piercingā€¦or many other piercingsā€¦.we think the Kolo from BVLA (Body Vision Los Angeles) will do the trick nicely.


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Courtney’s client came in for a new piece of jewelry for her nostril piercing and picked up this great Dahlia piece. She also decided on a spontaneous daith piercing and picked up this gorgeous Janessca ring. So good! Both pieces … Continue reading


This gallery contains 1 photo.

A fun daith piercing by dapperlumberjack in honor of #daithbowl Sunday. It features a captive gem cluster from the jewelry wizards at anatometal.