Daith Piercing and Faux Rook Piercing

This is a pretty impressive combination of awesomeness Nate captured!
A rose gold Rosette in the faux-rook piercing and a rose gold Dahlia in the daith piercing. Both of these pieces are from BVLA

daith faux rook piercings bvla jewelry

Daith and faux rook piercings


Septum Piercing with Gold Jewelry

This young lady isn’t going to let only having one nose stop her from having two amazing sets of jewelry: one in yellow gold and one in rose gold. 
Courtney didn’t do these piercings, but she installed the jewelry for her and snapped these photos. 


Philtrum Piercing with BVLA Jewelry


Philtrum piercing with BVLA jewelry

Philtrum piercing with jewelry frmo BVLA

Nate did this philtrum piercing on Shannon using the always-gorgeous double round Harlequin, from BVLA

Body Vision Jewelry


gold body jewelry from body vision los angeles

The Rose from Body Vision Los Angeles, available with a wide variety of gemstone combinations

Here are two magnificent Rose ends that we have in stock right now! They can be used in a lot of different piercings. We can’t wait to find out what lucky person will be taking these home!

The top piece features rhodalite garnets on the outside and a genuine white pearl in the center.

The bottom piece is made with citrine gems on the outside and the center is London Blue topaz.

Both pieces are set in 14 karat yellow gold and are made by our friends at Body Vision Los Angeles.

Dan Steinbacher took the fantastic photos of these beauties. Thanks, Dan!

Labret Jewelry from BVLA


threaded gold ends from Body Vision Los Angeles

threaded gold ends from Body Vision Los Angeles

We’re pretty sure our wonderful client Alan has the best collection of labret jewelry in the Twin Cities after he picked up these five gorgeous pieces from BVLA.

* Rose gold double round Harlequin with genuine citrine
* Rose gold Toltec with Rhodalite and a pink CZ center
* Yellow gold Sol Flower with a Tsavorite center
* Rose gold Crown with a black pearl
* Yellow gold Nanda with a genuine garnet

Nicely done, Alan. Nicely done.

We love it when clients approach their body jewelry as a collection and they treat it like the fine jewelry that is. High quality body jewelry, whether it’s made from stainless steel, titanium or gold, can last a lifetime and we think it should be treated with no less respect than jewelry worn on a finger wrist or neck.


Body Vision Los Angeles and Maya Jewelry Combined



Putting together creations from different jewelers that accent and compliment each other is one of our favorite things to do. Over the years we have combined jewelry from companies that weren’t obvious compliments to one another and have been thrilled with how well they work together.

Nobody thinks twice about finding great combinations of clothing or traditional jewelry and we see no reason to treat body piercing and body jewelry any differently.

This particular combination of jewelry from Body Vision Los Angeles and Maya Jewelry was put together and photographed by Nate, one of our piercers. He has a great eye for creating sets of jewelry that compliment and interact with each other in interesting and striking ways.

Triple Piercing of Beautyosity!

triple helix piercings

triple helix piercings

Courtney and her client assembled this collection of jewelry for her triple helix piercings, showcasing a white gold mini-Nanda from body vision los angeles and two CZ accent gems from ANATOMETAL.

Happy Monday!

Yellow gold flower jewelry from BVLA

Yellow gold flower jewelry from BVLA

This yellow gold flower with Iolite petals and a Chrysoprase center is a really lovely combination of colors. The folks at Body Vision Los Angeles never let us down when it comes to making suggestions for color combinations, gemstone choices and information with anything related to fine jewelry.

We really enjoy working with them so closely and extensively.

Behold the Trinity of Toltecs!

Toltec threaded jewelry  from Body Vision Los Angeles ( BVLA )

Toltec threaded jewelry from Body Vision Los Angeles ( BVLA )

These Toltec threaded ends from Body Vision are one of our favorite designs from them. Shown here in white and yellow gold with CZ gems and also in rose gold with genuine amethyst stones.

There is an incredible array of gemstones available for use in this design.

If you aren’t in the Twin Cities area, we are still happy to help you acquire jewelry from Body Vision. Simple contact us through our web site, Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram and we can discuss the details with you.

Gold Navel Jewelry from Body Vision Los Angeles

gold curved barbells for navel piercings

gold curved barbells for navel piercings

A new batch of white, yellow and rose gold navel curved barbells from Body Vision Los Angeles has arrived!!!