Mystic Topaz Gold Body Jewelry from BVLA

Sarai body jewelry from Body Vision Los Angeles

Sarai body jewelry from Body Vision Los Angeles

We didn’t really think you could do much to make the Mystic Topaz and CZ Sarai look more amazing than it already does. We were wrong. All it took was a pair of Mystic Topaz gem plugs.

You won’t be surprised to learn that both pieces of white gold body jewelry are from body vision los angeles.

Thanks to Nate for the great shots.

Gold Flower Body Jewelry from Body Vision Los Angeles

flowers for various piercings from BVLA

flowers for various piercings from BVLA

So many beautiful white, yellow and rose gold flowers from Body Vision Los Angeles. These flowers can be used in a wide variety of different piercings, including:

  • earlobe piercings
  • helix/cartilage piercings
  • nose (nostril) piercings
  • tragus piercings
  • surface piercings
  • microdermal/dermal anchor piercings
  • lip piercincgs
  • cheek piercings
  • philtrum piercing
  • conch piercings

Chrysoprase and Amethyst Flower from BVLA


A few days age we posted a helix piercing Courtney did with this cherry blossom flower from Body Vision Los Angeles. We love the piece so much we wanted to give you guys a better look at it.

Here it is in all of it’s glory. The petals are of chrysoprase and the center is genuine amethyst.

So pretty!

Fantastic photo by dansteinbacher

Milgrain Bezel by Body Vision Los Angeles

milgrain bezel gem by BVLA in-stock at Saint Sabrina's

milgrain bezel gem by BVLA in-stock at Saint Sabrina’s

Sometimes it can be hard to see and appreciate just how much detail goes into the jewelry we offer at Saint Sabrina’s.

Besides being a fantastic piercer, Dan knows his way around a camera pretty well. He did a great job of capturing the details in this milgrain bezel gem from body vision los angeles .

Happy Friday!


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Happy Friday, everyone!! Here’s a quick snapshot of some beautiful jewelry to brighten your day!

We’re sorry, but it’s just not…

We received a message, presumably in response to the question we answered the other day:

“There is a place near me as well that does $10 piercings, I’m close with a girl who works there. You have to have money to start out when opening a place right, well the owner had a little more than usual and got good jewelry. But he can do it at $10 because of how wide his clientele ranges. Just thought I should say something because telling everyone it’s low grade when you’ve never personally seen it isnt right.”

We are a successful piercing and tattoo studio that has been open for more than 20 years. While that doesn’t give us first-hand knowledge about the behind-the-scene details of any other studio, it does give us an extensive amount of knowledge, experience and understanding. We have seen a lot of changes in the piercing industry (both good and bad) over our long history. We have seen/heard almost all of the excuses, tricks, scams, smoke-and-mirrors and other shady behavior that people use to try and justify the use of subpar methods/techniques and low-quality, garbage jewelry. Occasionally, someone simply doesn’t know that the jewelry they are using is junk…but most of the time they do…and they continue to put their bottom line before the safety of the people trusting them with their bodies.

Here’s the reality:

With the exception of a few styles of very basic jewelry, a studio can’t purchase high-quality, implant-grade jewelry for less than $10, even if you figure in generous bulk-purchasing discounts, loyalty discounts and professional organization discounts.  So, if a studio is using high-quality jewelry, and doing piercings for $10, that can only mean one thing:

  • They are losing money (or making almost no money) on every piercing they do. 

Keep in mind, we are only talking about the cost of the jewelry at this point. We haven’t even included the cost of the supplies that go into doing the piercing (gloves, gauze, needles, skin prep, sterilization supplies etc) and what the piercer has to get paid to do the piercing. If we factor in those things, they are losing even more money.

No business can stay open for very long if they are losing money on almost every sale.

What is much more likely (and we would almost be willing to bet the future of our business on it) is that they are using low-quality jewelry, (in terms of material and/or craftsmanship) and therefore it doesn’t cost very much…allowing them to make money (even if it’s only a little) when they are only charging $10. 

It’s great that you know someone who works at the shop, and we certainly understand your desire to believe your friend is correct…but, chances are they aren’t. 

Take a minute and try to look at the situation objectively/logically. Which of the scenarios makes the most sense to you and do you honestly think is most likely to be happening? A business owner has chosen to lose money on almost every piercing sale they make….or they are cutting corners and using low-quality jewelry? 

The only other possibility is that they are using rings for almost all of their piercings..and if that’s the case, that shows they are utilizing out-dated and inferior techniques and information. A different, but equally-good, reason to avoid a studio that does piercings for such a low price.

We could go into a lot more detail to try and convince you, but this seems like an easier option:

Ask your friend the name of the company/companies where the shop gets the jewelry they use for initial piercings. If she doesn’t answer with one of the following companies, they are not using acceptable-quality jewelry, even if her boss tells her otherwise:

  • Anatometal (the absolutely best jewelry you can buy)
  • Industrial Strength
  • NeoMetal
  • SM316
  • Body Vision Los Angeles
  • Body Circle Designs
  • Future Primitives
  • LeRoi
  • Intrinsic Precision

(it’s possible we missed someone on this list, but we think that pretty much covers it)

We aren’t trying to pass judgement on your friend or the studio she works at. We understand the desire to look for the best in the people that you care about and to want to believe the things they are associated with are positive and on the up-and-up. Unfortunately, that’s just not likely to be the reality of the situation you described to us. 

Thanks for the question and thanks for listening!!


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So this sort of amazing stuff has been happening at the shop!


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There appears to be a bromance brewing between Nate and our guest piercer Chris Jennell. Awww…true brove!