Birthday Helix Piercing! 

Talk about doing your 18th birthday right! This lovely lady had Dan do this piercing for her with a yellow gold Sun Ray from body vision Los Angeles. 
Happy birthday! 

helix piercing bvla

18th birthday helix piercing!

Best Friends Piercings

We think Courtney said it best:
“Got to do buddy piercings the other day on these gals! They picked a yellow gold, milgrain flower for a faux rook, and rose gold sun ray for a tragus. 

Remember: buds that get pierced together, stay together! 👯👌”

faux rook tragus best friends piercings

BFF piercings for a couple of wonderful ladies

Santa Rose Septum Ring

Courtney snapped some photos of the septum piercing she did on Hannah a while back. The SuperFancy jewelry she is wearing is a rose gold Santa Rosa, with genuine amethysts, from body vision los angeles. 
Hannah is curating a pretty impressive collection of BVLA jewelry. We can’t wait to see what she does next! 

We’ll post a a close-up of the jewelry a little later today, so be sure to check back.

Cross-Stitch Flower Tattoo

Bleach Methane once again pushing the envelope with this incredible cross-stitch tattoo.You just don’t see stuff like this ever day!

cross stitch flower tattoo saint sabrina's minneapolis

Flower cross-stictch tattoo by Bleach Methane, Saint Sabrina’s

Septum Piercing with Gold Jewelry

This young lady isn’t going to let only having one nose stop her from having two amazing sets of jewelry: one in yellow gold and one in rose gold. 
Courtney didn’t do these piercings, but she installed the jewelry for her and snapped these photos.