Labret Jewelry from BVLA


threaded gold ends from Body Vision Los Angeles

threaded gold ends from Body Vision Los Angeles

We’re pretty sure our wonderful client Alan has the best collection of labret jewelry in the Twin Cities after he picked up these five gorgeous pieces from BVLA.

* Rose gold double round Harlequin with genuine citrine
* Rose gold Toltec with Rhodalite and a pink CZ center
* Yellow gold Sol Flower with a Tsavorite center
* Rose gold Crown with a black pearl
* Yellow gold Nanda with a genuine garnet

Nicely done, Alan. Nicely done.

We love it when clients approach their body jewelry as a collection and they treat it like the fine jewelry that is. High quality body jewelry, whether it’s made from stainless steel, titanium or gold, can last a lifetime and we think it should be treated with no less respect than jewelry worn on a finger wrist or neck.


Triple Forward Helix Piercing in Minneapolis/Twin Cities

triple forward helix jewelry from Saint Sabrina's in Minneapolis

triple forward helix jewelry from Saint Sabrina’s in Minneapolis

Tme for another great set of triple forward helix piercings.

Nate did these, using a pave disk from body vision los angeles for the center and accent pieces from NeoMetal Titanium Body Jewelry.

Triple Forward Helix Piercings with BVLA and NeoMetal Jewelry


triple forward helix piercing with jewelry from BVLA and NeoMetal

triple forward helix piercing with jewelry from BVLA and NeoMetal


When we posted our first picture of triple forward helix piercingsback in December of 2011, we had no idea we would be on the leading edge of the wave of popularity that would follow. Shortly afterwards, triple forward helix piercings were everywhere; it almost seemed like their popularity rivaled that of the navel piercing in the mid-to-late 90’s.

In addition to triple forward helix piercings, “triples” done on all different parts of the ears quickly took off. Again, we found ourselves on the forefront of that movement as our piercers created new, interesting, and never-before-seen combinations using amazing jewelry from Body Visions Los Angeles, Anatometall and NeoMetal

As a studio, we are incredibly lucky to have clients that have wonderful taste in jewelry and who trust our piercers and jewelry specialists to help them choose unique and fun jewelry combinations.

Even after nearly 3 years, and many hundreds of triple forward helix piercings (and other triples), our clients and piercers continue to draw from our large-and-ever-changing selection of jewelry to create never-before-seen-combinations.

For these triple forward helix piercings, Dan’s client chose a black rhodium Indian Wheel from BVLA Jewelry as the centerpiece of her project and accented it with two amethyst gems from NeoMetal Titanium Body Jewelry.

Body Vision Los Angeles and Maya Jewelry Combined



Putting together creations from different jewelers that accent and compliment each other is one of our favorite things to do. Over the years we have combined jewelry from companies that weren’t obvious compliments to one another and have been thrilled with how well they work together.

Nobody thinks twice about finding great combinations of clothing or traditional jewelry and we see no reason to treat body piercing and body jewelry any differently.

This particular combination of jewelry from Body Vision Los Angeles and Maya Jewelry was put together and photographed by Nate, one of our piercers. He has a great eye for creating sets of jewelry that compliment and interact with each other in interesting and striking ways.

Gold Flower Body Jewelry from Body Vision Los Angeles

flowers for various piercings from BVLA

flowers for various piercings from BVLA

So many beautiful white, yellow and rose gold flowers from Body Vision Los Angeles. These flowers can be used in a wide variety of different piercings, including:

  • earlobe piercings
  • helix/cartilage piercings
  • nose (nostril) piercings
  • tragus piercings
  • surface piercings
  • microdermal/dermal anchor piercings
  • lip piercincgs
  • cheek piercings
  • philtrum piercing
  • conch piercings

Chrysoprase and Amethyst Flower from BVLA


A few days age we posted a helix piercing Courtney did with this cherry blossom flower from Body Vision Los Angeles. We love the piece so much we wanted to give you guys a better look at it.

Here it is in all of it’s glory. The petals are of chrysoprase and the center is genuine amethyst.

So pretty!

Fantastic photo by dansteinbacher

Kolo from BVLA


Whether you are looking for new jewelry for your septum piercing, daith piercing, nostril piercing…or many other piercings….we think the Kolo from BVLA (Body Vision Los Angeles) will do the trick nicely.

Tumblr Question: Forward Helix Jewelry

Hey! What kind of jewelry do you recommend for a forward helix? I got mine pierced (elsewhere, maybe my mistake >.>) and they used a short barbell, so short that the other ball was really uncomfortably resting inside of my ear. I switched it to a longer, curved barbell that I had which has relieved that pain, but it’s not quite the look I’m going for(though I can tuck the bar behind my helix temporarily)… any thoughts?

Most-commonly, we use short, labret-stud style jewelry for forward helix piercings. These are essentially just short barbells with a very small, flat disks on the backside of the jewelry. The flat disk allows a bit more room for the jewelry to sit comfortably in the often-small-and-tight spaces where forward helix piercings go.

Now, that doesn’t mean that a barbell with a small ball couldn’t work, because it could in certain circumstances. And while we don’t usually use curved barbells, we can think of a couple of very specific situations where that style of jewelry might be appropriate for a forward helix piercing.

If you find that the curved barbell is comfortable, and doesn’t move around excessively, you may be able to wear it for the duration of the healing period and t hen switch over to a labret-stud once things have healed up. Or, you could visit a piercer that carries that style of jewelry and discuss the pros and cons of switching the jewelry at this point.
Best of luck!

The “Angela” from Body Vision Los Angeles

The "Angela" from BVLA shown in a variety of golds and gemstones

The “Angela” from BVLA shown in a variety of golds and gemstones

We just got in a ton of new jewelry from Body Vision Los Angeles, and these Angela pieces are definitely a stand-out. Featured here in white, yellow and rose gold with variety of gem combinations.

Remember, these can also be custom-made for you with whatever gemstone combination you like.

Photos by Dan Steinbacher.