We are hiring in Uptown Minneapolis

Saint Sabrina’s is hiring counter staff! 

We are looking to fill openings for both Tattoo Hosts and Body Jewelry counter staff.

The positions are different, but both require great people skills, attention todetails, dependability and a genuine desire to help our clients and put smileson their faces. Delivering outstanding customer service is what these jobs are all about!

  • We have availability from part-time to nearly-full-time, depending upon how amazing you are.
  • No prior knowledge is required. We will teach you the ins-and-outs of the job. However, If your customer service is top-notch AND you have a love for all things piercing, jewelry and tattooing…you’re going to get some bonus points.
  • Prior face-to-face customer service is essential. (the right person might be able to convince us otherwise, but you are going have to be amazing).
  • You must have weekend and evening (4:30 to midnight) available. Did we mention this is a MUST?
  • We are looking to fill these positions quickly, but finding the right people is more important than hiring quickly.
  • Applicants with additional super powers will be strongly considered.

Here’s the deal:We love piercing, exquisite jewelry and great tattoos and we really like helping people discover, explore and enjoy them. It’s important to us that anyone that joins our team understands that and is committed to providing fantastic customer service all the time.

We are looking for people who are interested in joining us on a long-term basis. If you are looking for a temporary/seasonal/summer/short-term job, please don’t waste your time or ours.

If you think you’re the right person, get an application at the front counter, fill it out and leave it with the manager-on-duty. You can get the application online if you want, but you still have to give it to us in-person (www.saintsabrinas.com/forms/webapp.pdf).

Oh yeah: This is not, and will not, be an offer for a piercing or tattoo apprenticeship.

Closing Early for Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!!

Just a heads-up that we will be closing at 9pm tonight. We want our lovely staff to be able to don their superhero and princess costumes and fill their little pumpkin bags with as much candy as possible.

This means we will stop taking walk-ins for piercings at 8pm. If you want to get in as a walk-in for a tattoo, please call the studio to check availably. 612-874-7360.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!!!

Jack-of-All-Trades – Master of One

by Matt Roberts

Bleach Temby (a.ka. Bleach Methane) is a pretty talented guy.  If you’re aware of who he is, you probably know that he is an accomplished tattoo artist and pretty good with a pen and pencil.  But did you know he plays a mean bass guitar?   Or that he’s pretty handy with a computer or that he knows his way around a camera? How about the fact that this guy has developed his own unique tattoo style?  And when it comes to eighties trivia- he can go toe to toe with the best of ’em!

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The Unfortunate Tattoo

by Matt Roberts

In an ideal world, everyone would be happy with every tattoo they received for the entirety of their lives. Unfortunately, poorly-executed tattoos, ill-conceived design ideas, changes of heart and many other factors can result in unhappy tattoo owners. Hopefully you never find yourself in the position of being unhappy with a tattoo. However, if you have a tattoo you wish looked better or looked all-together different, you may be asking yourself, “What are my options?”.
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