Kolo from BVLA


Whether you are looking for new jewelry for your septum piercing, daith piercing, nostril piercing…or many other piercings….we think the Kolo from BVLA (Body Vision Los Angeles) will do the trick nicely.

Fall is Coming

Connie, rocking her Niles

Connie, rocking her Niles

Fall is coming, and Connie is ready with her new Nile earrings.

We have a great selection of jewelry for the warmer colors, and cooler temperatures, of Fall.

Metal Allergies in Body Piercing

UPDATED January 2015

Why So Sensitive?

We have lots of clients with concerns about metal allergies in body piercing. They tell us things like, “My ears always get infected when I wear jewelry” or “I can only wear gold because my ears are sensitive.” or “I’m allergic to all types of jewelry.”  We hear these things from people who are very young as well as our older clients.  While sensitivity to jewelry is not uncommon, it is usually easy to deal with. In most cases, the solution can be as simple as changing over to high-quality jewelry. I Continue reading