Demogorgon Tattoo

Check out this fantastic Demogorgon tattoo that Nate Szklarski did recently! With the recent launch of Stranger Things 2, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. If you aren’t familiar with the Demogorgon or Stranger Things, you check out a deep dive on the show at the Stranger Things Wikipedia page.

While reading a bunch about the show is fine and all, if you haven’t seen the show, we HIGHLY recommend checking it out. In addition to getting to watch a great show, it will give you a whole new appreciation for just how awesome this Demogorgon tattoo is.

As always, we are blown away by Nate’s ability to put a unique spin on something that already has a very distinct visual associated with it.

stylized demogorgon tattoo

The Demogorgon


Triple Forward Helix

triple forward helix

This triple forward helix Westin did has a bit of a Fall feeling, with this incredible combination of gold jewelry. With a yellow gold Afghan and two small beads for accents, it makes this always-fun piercing even more interesting.

Not everyone has anatomy to support a triple forward helix.  When they are an option, we love it when clients take them to the next level with amazing jewelry combinations. We really enjoy working with our clients to come up with a unique and interesting combination.

If a triple forward helix isn’t an option for you, don’t panic. You can still do fantastic things with a double or single forward helix piercing. Choosing one amazing piece of jewelry can make a single forward helix piercing just as stunning as a triple forward helix.

Rose and Dagger Tattoo

Nate Szklarski added this rose and dagger tattoo to Caroline’s collection. If you look closely, you can see the worm from Nate’s “Party Animal” series making an appearance too.

Nate continues to impress with his bold style, grounded in traditional tattooing, yet still uniquely his own. Nate is always interested in creating unique, custom pieces. Stop into the studio and let’s figure out something awesome he can do for you!

rose and dagger tattoo

Traditional rose and dagger tattoo by Nate Szklarski

You can see more of Nate’s work on his Instagram page.

Bridge Piercing


Courtney did this bridge piercing and we love the way it look on her client! Simple but striking

Bridge piercing aren’t all that common in the Twin Cities. We wonder if that will change at some point…

bridge piercing

Bridge piercing by Courtney Jane Maxwell

Conch piercing with a gold BVLA ring

So Many Beautiful Options

Our client Kima recently updated the jewelry in her conch piercing. She ordered this beautiful Telesto ring from BVLA.

conch with Telesto ring

A Telesto ring from BVLA in a conch piercing

This particular Telesto is made from 14kt, solid yellow gold and has cubic zirconia gems. Nate helped determine the appropriate size because it is important the jewelry fits perfectly.
There are a lot of great jewelry options available for conch piercings. The Telesto is quickly becoming one of our favorites. It can be ordered in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum and it can be made with a many different gemstones.

Stop in any time to discuss the options available for customizing this piece, or any of the amazing pieces of jewelry made by BVLA.

Yellow gold septum jewelry from BVLA

We are so in love with this yellow gold Cirrus, featuring London Blue Topaz gems, from BVLA. It is going to look incredible in one lucky person’s septum or helix. 
Nate paired it with this set of Crop Circle earrings in this great photo.