Saint Sabrina’s has been offering body piercing and tattooing services, as well as an unmatched selection of the highest-quality body jewelry, for over 20 years. Our philosophy and approach has never been “standard” and it’s something we’re very proud of.

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  1. We have quite a few unique pieces, Amanda. However, at the moment, we do not have a web store where you can browse our current selection. You can always view our blog and various social media sites to see the stuff we post. We are happy to work with you to acquire our jewelry even if you aren’t local.

  2. I just got a triple forward helix. It is placed quite well, but the barbells are too tight and are swelling from being too short. I see from other posts that you sell your jewelry if people are out of town. I am looking for a three graduated stones look and clear crystals. Are you able to help me?

  3. Kimberly:

    It is true true that we do online/mail-order jewelry sales, including for triple forward helix piercings.

    However, getting jewelry from us is not the thing you should be concerned about right now. If your piercing are new, and it’s obvious that the jewelry is too short to handle the swelling that is happening, you need to return to the place you had them done (or another professional piercer) and have longer jewelry put in as soon as possible. In these situations, the swelling is going to force the jewelry to press against the skin which is going to cause more swelling…which is going to cause the jewelry to press against the skin even more…which is going to cause even more swelling…which is going to cause…you can see the pattern that quickly sets in. If you don’t get properly-fitting jewelry in the piercings soon, either the fronts and/or backs of the jewelry are going to sink into the piercings. When that happens, it will because VERY uncomfortable and the jewelry will be much more difficult to remove.

    We aren’t trying to scare you, but this is a situation that you need to deal with sooner than later. By the time we would be able to send jewelry to you, the situation will likely have gotten out-of-hand.

    Once your piercings have settled down and healed a little bit, feel free to contact us again and we can make arrangements to get some jewelry to you.

  4. I am hoping to get my ficnae a touch up on his tattoo for Christmas. The tattoo is a black tribal that approx takes up the entire bicep. I wanted to get a price quote. As you can probably tell this would be a present so I can’t really get him to come in to get a quote. I can possible send you a picture of the tattoo though. Basic question: how much would a touch up be?

  5. Unfortunately, without seeing the tattoo there is no way to give an estimate. It could be that the whole piece would need to be touched up to make it look right, or it may be possible to just touch-up certain spots.

    A picture MIGHT be enough to go off of to give you an estimate, but very often one of our artists would need to see the piece in-person.

    If you want to send a pic to info [at] saintsabrinas.com we can see if we can give you an estimate. With the holidays only a few days away, and how busy we tend to be, it may not be possible to get it all sorted out by Christmas.

    Hopefully that helps a bit.

  6. Any chance you might start an online store? Im having a devil of a time finding pretty, quality pieces for my ridiculously sensitive ears!

  7. Hi, Bradley…

    Typically you would call the studio to make an appointment for the piercing you want. When you come in, there would be a small amount of paperwork to do, we would go over the various jewelry options for the piercing you want and then you would get your piercing done. We schedule appointments for genital piercings from 30-60 minutes, depending upon the particular piercing you are interested in. Your piercer will discuss any placement and anatomical considerations at the time of the piercing.

    If you would like to set up an appointment, just give us a call at 612-874-7360.

    I hope helps!

    Saint Sabrina’s

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