Does Ear Piercing with Needles Hurt?

The answer might surprise you.

As more people become aware of the potential problems associated with doing ear piercing with ear piercing guns, many people ask us questions like, “Does ear piercing with needles hurt”?

We recently received this question on our tumblr page, and we thought it might be helpful to share the answer on our blog as well. Let us know if you have any additional questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Okay I’m 16 and thinking about getting a 4th lobe piercing but I’ve got ask my other three with a gun and know now that it’s bad for you so I’m just freaking out a little bit about the needle do you have any advice.

There are many great things about having your earlobes pierced with sterile, single-use needles. The health and safety issues are the main benefit: getting pierced with sterile, single-use needles is safer than getting pierced with an ear piercing. For this blog, we won’t focus on that aspect.

Another benefit to ear piercing done with needles is that it usually hurt less than getting pierced with an ear piercing gun.

A lot of people are concerned about ear(s) piercing with a needle, because the ear piercing gun is all they have ever known or heard of. However, pretty much every client who has been pierced both ways says ear piercing with a needleis easier and hurts less than getting pierced by the gun. It’s called a gun…how comfortable can it be!?

Here’s some insight into why needles tend to hurt less:

Piercing needles are incredibly sharp. Now, for some people, that makes them sound scary, but, having them be super sharp is actually a good thing. It makes it very easy for the needle to make the piercing with very little discomfort. Think about the last time you accidentally cut yourself with something really sharp versus something more dull. If it’s something sharp, most of the time you have cut yourself before you even realize it hurts.If you cut yourself with something dull, you feel it right away and it hurts more.

Because piercing needles are so sharp, the piercing can be done VERY fast and the piercing is going to be done by the time you feel the small bit of discomfort.

Because ear piercing guns use the actual earrings (which aren’t sharp) to do the piercing, they do a lot of damage to the skin and you feel it a lot more during the piercing and after the piercing is done.

There are a lot of other reasons to not get pierced using an ear piercing gun, but we will stick to the issue of pain this time around, as that seems to be what you are most concerned about.

Here is what the Association of Professional Piercers has to say about ear piercing guns. 

ear piercing shouldn't be done with ear piercing guns

ear piercing shouldn’t be done with ear piercing guns

Just remember that ear piercing is VERY fast when done by a skilled professional and will hurt much less than you expect. And hey, even if it hurts a little bit…so what? A little bit of pain isn’t the end of the world, especially when you will have beautiful new ear piercings to show for it.

Have fun getting your new piercings!

5 thoughts on “Does Ear Piercing with Needles Hurt?

  1. Thank you for that response I’m gettin mine done with a needle tomorrow and almost chickened out but I will do it and I suppose it won’t be too bad coz I had them done with the gun before and it didn’t hurt that bad but they healed up x 😔 but thank you that has made me feel so much better as I HATE needles x

  2. I just yesterday had an old piercing that had gone 15 years without any jewellery stretched to 12 gauge and a new 12 gauge needle piercing done in the other ear. The stretch was only a tiny bit uncomfortable, and the new piercing was actually less painful than the stretch! Any of the discomfort from the needle piercing the lobe was gone almost instantly, but I remember having my first piercing done with a piercing gun and it was a very pinching/hot sensation for a few minutes. Needles are way better in my opinion.

  3. We couldn’t agree more! Besides the health and safety benefits of being pierced with a single-use needle, it also leads to a faster-healing and more comfortable piercing experience. Congratulations!

  4. im getting my second hole done tomorrow and it’s my first time getting it pierced without a gun what are some tips or advice for me? does it hurt?

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