Navel Piercing Healing Problems–The Wrong Jewelry

I got my belly button pierced a few years ago and it rejected. the scar is healed and everything and my bestie and I want to get them done. I don’t think the people before did it right because they put in a bull ring and when I went to get a new ring from another place the look on there face was shocked when they saw the ring because my piercing was so red. I’m scared that it will either reject again or they won’t be able to do it again. How do I know if the scar tissue is bad or not?

Questions about navel piercing healing problems are far too common. There is no way for us to cover all aspects of this topic. However, we wanted to share our answer to this question with a wider audience. We hope that educating more people will prevent others from having similar experiences.

Circular barbells lead to a lot of navel piercing healing problems

The piercer chose the wrong style of jewelry for a fresh navel piercing.  Circular barbells (a.k.a., bull rings or horseshoe barbells) are one of the worst choices for jewelry in a fresh navel piercing. They are pretty much a guarantee that you will experience navel piercing healing problems.

This style of jewelry sticks away from the body quite a bit. That means the jewelry will move around a lot more during the most basic daily activities, not to mention exercise or other rigorous activities. In addition, it will get rubbed/pressed on by clothing and is more likely to get snagged. All of those things will result in a lot of irritation to the piercing. The more irritation, the harder it is for your body to heal the piercing.

circular barbells often cause navel piercing healing problems

Circular barbells are not good to use in a new navel piercing

This style of jewelry is also open in the middle. This allows more things to slip between the beads and catch on the inside of the jewelry, causing additional irritation that will make the piercing ake longer to heal and be more likely to reject.

Curved barbells are the best style of jewelry to prevent navel piercing healing problems.

The best style of jewelry to be used in a navel piecing is a curved barbell. This type of jewelry sits much more flush with the body. It is less likely to get caught/snagged on things and it moves around a lot less.

We all know from experience that any wound you get (say, a scratch on your arm), heals easier, faster and with fewer complications if you leave it alone. In other words, the less irritation that happens, the faster it heals. The same thing is true for any healing piercing, The less irritation and movement that happens, the easier it is for your body to heal.

Can I get my navel pierced again?

It’s usually not a problem to re-pierce a navel piercing that has rejected or that was removed for some other reason. The amount of scar tissue is a consideration. You will have to rely on the experience of a piercer you trust to decide whether re-piecing is a good option for you.

As for it rejecting again, that is always a possibility. However, in this situation, the choice of  jewelry probably played a very big role in why it rejected. A properly-placed, properly-fitted piece of high-quality jewelry will go a long way to reducing the likelihood of rejection.

If you are looking for a piercer in your area, a good place to start is the web site for the Association of Professional Piercers. The APP doesn’t endorse the piercing abilities of any piercer, but membership does indicate that the piercer is following at least a minimum set of health and safety standards.



3 thoughts on “Navel Piercing Healing Problems–The Wrong Jewelry

  1. I have a question, I read a previous blog on different metal allergies, and read this one because I really want to get my navel pierced but scared I’m going to get ab allwrgic reaction and have to take it out and then end up just wasting my money. So my question is how do I know what metals I’m allergic to and how to make sure I wont get a reaction when I get my belly button pierced? Also, because I don’t know what I’m for sure allergic to, I asked my mom and she says that I’m allegic to stainless steel, nickel and gold. Is that just because I only wore a certain type of those metals or am I actually allergic to them completely?
    Also, can plastic navel rings be used for fresh piercings?

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi, Rhea…

    If you are concerned about metal allergies, and aren’t sure exactly what you might be allergic to, the best option is to try implant-grdade titanium jewelry. Titanium jewelry doesn’t contain any nickel, so if you are allergic or sensitive to nickel, that shouldn’t be an issue. If you have an allergy to nickel, it would explain why you have problems with stainless steel, since stainless steel contains some nickel.

    Plastic jewelry usually isn’t a very good option for body jewelry. Most plastics aren’t something that are safe to wear in a piercing for a long period of time. In addition, depending upon the type of plastic, there is a higher chance of the jewelry breaking.

    Hopefuly this helps a bit!

  3. Hello! I have a question, I had gotten my naval pierced with a titanium curved barbell piercing back last year in July. A month later around August it had to get taken out because it got extremely infected. When I went to my doctor he thought I was having a bad reaction to the metal, even though it’s a metal for sensitive skin. However I think, it also got infected because I am an assistant dance instructor, so I have a feeling the excess amount of activity and sweat from dancing right after I had gotten it pierced caused it to get infected. Also I had an idea that maybe the chlorine from going in the pool a week later over the summer affected it as well. It is fully healed now and I have a small scar right where it was pieced, but I do miss the piercing dearly. Do you think it is a good idea to get it re pierced? I would not be dancing anymore since I do not have that job anymore, so I would assume it would heal properly now. Thank you!!

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