Triple Forward Helix

We put this up a while ago on our Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter pages. Seems like this would be a good place for it too.

triple forward helix done by Derek

UPDATE 11/3/12
There are a few companies who make very low-quality jewelry that are trying to cash in on the increased popularity of the triple forward helix piercing. Sadly, the jewelry they are marketing for these piercings is both low-quality (i.e., not safe to have in your body long-temr) and/or looks like crap. Please be VERY SKEPTICAL if you find this type of jewelry being advertised on-line and the price seems too good to be true…we can pretty much guarantee you that it is.

UPDATE 11/2/12
We are still happy to make suggestions for studios in your area to have this done. However, we are starting to get a lot of repeat requests. Before leaving a comment asking for a studio in your area, please take the time to use the search function on your browser to search the comments for your city, or other major cities in your area. We may have well already answered the question.

We have also made some recommendations in another of our blogs related to triple forward helix piercings:

Triple Forward Helix: the next level

UPDATE 10/9/12
We just wanted to remind everyone that many people are not anatomically-suited to have all three of these piercings done. Ears, and their various folks, nooks and crannies, come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Because of this, not everyone have the room or the necessary shape to accommodate all three of these piercing.

In some cases, you may only be able to have one or two of them done. It’s also possible that some people won’t be able to have even one of these done.

While it can be disappointing not being able to get the piercings you want, trying to force piercing into locations they don’t want to go is usually uncomfortable, unattractive and usually results in the piercings having to be abandoned.

Fortunately, there are lots and lots of other three-piercing options available in the even this combination doesn’t work for you.

UPDATE 7/20/12
We are getting a lot of questions about where to get the jewelry for this piercing. If the piercers in your area can’t find the jewelry (something that should be VERY easy for any piercing ordering jewelry from reputable, high-quality jewelry companies), we would be happy to sell the jewelry to you. You can email us at: jewerly [at] saintsabrinas dot com for further information.

If you can’t find a piercer in your area, we would be happy to try and suggest a studio/piercer for you. Please understand that we may not be able to recommend someone for everyone and the person we can recommend to you may also require you to drive a few hours. Unfortunately, not every town, and not even every larger city, will have a reputable, experienced piercer. But, when it comes to the health and safety of your body, shouldn’t you be willing to put forth a little effort and money to ensure you are getting pierced by someone who will take good care of you? Yeah, we thought so too.

If you want to ask us for help finding a piercer, please leave a comment to that effect. Also, include the name of the town and state you would like the piercer to be in, but please also include one or two larger cities near you. It saves us a lot of time.

UPDATE 7/15/12
We have started receiving some emails, as well as a few comments, saying that piercers are telling folks that this picture is fake. *sigh*

We can assure you that our picture, as well as the pictures of other well-executed triple forward helix piecings are most definitely NOT fake. You can visit our Facebook page and see pictures of other triple forward helix piecings, and similar variations on that piercing. It’s pretty obvious the piercing aren’t fake.

Any piercer that is telling you that this picture is fake falls in to the category as the same type of piercer as we’ve mentioned in our previous updates. They either don’t have the skill/knowledge/understanding/experience to figure this piecing out or they do, but they don’t stock the jewelry required. Therefore, they are either tell people it is fake to avoid looking inexperienced or they are straigh-up lying to people.

Either way, you need to RUN AWAY. Do not be pierced by anyone who is spewing false information like this…information they most likely know is false.

UPDATE: 6/7/12

In addition to the information in our last update, we have also been seeing a lot of photos of these piercings online, as well as getting comments, about piercers telling people that these piercing needs to be done with rings. If a piercer is telling you this, we strongly encourage you to find a different piercer. Any piercing saying that these piercing need to be done with rings clearly doesn’t have an understanding of what can work in these piercings, or what is actually best for healing.

Rings can be used in these piercings. HOWEVER, rings will tend to move much more than studs do and they will also tend to get bumped/snagged on many more things. This combination makes the piercings MUCH harder to heal with rings and greatly increases the likelihood of healing problems and excess scar tissue formation.

We’ve been getting a lot of emails and questions about whether these are “dermals”, microdermals or some kind of surface piercing. No. These are just standard forward helix piercings done with standard piercing jewelry.

While we don’t wish to speak ill of anyone, if you consult a piercer about these piercings, and they tell you that they are some sort of dermal anchor piercing, or that the jewelry to do these as a regular piercing doesn’t exist or something similar, we would strongly encourage to find another piercer. While this particular configuration of piercings has recently become very popular, it isn’t “brand new” or overly advanced. If a piercer can’t figure out what is going on by simply looking at the picture, it probably says something about their experience and/or understanding of basic body piercing.

460 thoughts on “Triple Forward Helix

  1. Hey i have gone and got the triple helix but the piercer in my town doesn’t have the jewelry. Where can i find the three different diamonds??

  2. Sally: That question is nearly impossible to answer. Pain is different for each piercing, for each person. What one person might think hurts quite a bit, another person may think is no big deal. However, there are a couple of things we can tell you about the pain:

    1) If the piercings are done correctly, by an experienced professional piercer, they will be over very quickly. Each of the piercings should take less than a second to do, with perhaps a few more seconds for putting in the jewelry.

    2) With any piercing, the anticipation of what is going to happen is almost always worse than what actually happens. Most people are nervous to get a piercing done, but then once it’s over with, they usually say something like, “Wow. That wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.”

    3) With three piercings like this in a close area, there will be a bit more pain than if you just had one done, but it’s still going to be very tolerable..

    4) Don’t fight the pain. Many people think they just need to “tough” there way through it. The opposite is actually true. Piercing are much easier to deal with if you just relax your body and let it happen. Accept the fact that it’s going to hurt a bit instead of trying to fight it.

    Hopefully this helps a bit. Best of luck if you decide to get them done! They are really beautiful piercings.

  3. Ashlyn: We can’t really tell you where you can find the jewelry, as we don’t deal with any companies that sell this type of jewelry to the public. We purchase all of our jewelry from companies that specialize in high-quality jewelry and they only sell directly to piercing studios. The jewelry should be very easy for an experienced professional piercer to find from one of their suppliers. In this photo, the gems are 2.5mm, 2mm and 1.5mm in size.

    Hopefully this helps a bit!

  4. Looks great! I got this done but I cannot find the gems anywhere? Are they labrets? Will you sell them and ship them? Thanks!

  5. I saw a pic of this a while ago and have been drooling over it ever since.
    How much does something like this cost? And can your shop do it with the same jewelry? I’m assuming you’d need time to order it right?

  6. Hey Eschser: We can definitely do this piercing. We posted this same picture to our Tumblr blog about 7 months ago, which is when the piercing started to get a lot of recognition. The picture going around now on Pintrest (which is where most people seem to see it these days) was done by a friend of ours in Oregon.

    We have jewelry for this piercing in-stock pretty much all the time. There are lots of other jewelry options you can do as well that look really nice. As for the cost, that depends upon the specific pieces of jewelry you choose. If you come in to the studio we can go over all your jewelry options and we will then be able to give you a much more accurate price.

    Hopefully this helps!

  7. Hey Astra: Congrats on getting your piercing done. We can sell jewelry to you. Keep in mind however, there is no way to guarantee we would be selling you the exact size you need since we can’t see, and measure, your piercings. We can generally get something that will work, we just can’t guarantee it would be the ideal fit. If you are interested in getting something, send us an email to:

    Take care!

  8. Dalenna: This particular piercing isn’t done on both ears, but there is no reason it couldn’t be. Although, we would definitely suggest doing them at different times. Trying to healing 6 cartilage piercings at once could be very challenging, not to mention you wouldn’t be leaving yourself a “good” side for sleeping, using the telephone etc.

  9. So for the triple helix would the price be starting at $90, then the cost of jewelry? Beautiful work by the way!

  10. Jay: If you are getting all 3 done at once, we give you a $20 discount on the piercing fees, so they would be a total of $70. Then, the cost of jewelry. Generally speaking, for the same jewelry that is in the picture, or something similar, the total is around $170.

    Hope that helps!

  11. Hi! I’m having so much trouble finding jewelry for this! Looked everywhere and no one has what I need. Thank you for posting the stud size cuz I almost bought a huge one accidently lol. Can you let me know the length of the earring? My piercer told me to get 3/8 and another told me to get 1/4. Which is best? Thanks!

  12. Nat: Unfortunately, we can’t tell you what size you are going to need for your ear, because there is a lot of variation in how thick that part of the ear is. We very commonly use 1/4″ posts for this piercing, but it’s also common for us to 9/32″ or 5/16″. It all depends upon the person’s specific anatomy. While 3/8″ wouldn’t be very common, it might be necessary in some cases.

    Also keep in mind that while a slightly longer post might be necessary initially to accommodate for swelling, it may be possible to downsize to a shorter piece of jewelry once the swelling has subsided and the piercing has healed up a bit.

  13. I got mine done like 2 days ago. It didn’t really hurt. On a scale of one to ten it hurt as a four or five. But they said from 4 to 6 months I can’t change out the jewelery. That picture is a fully healed one. You can’t change for a few months. But it still looks good healed or not healed(:

  14. I have been wanting this for sooooo long!! I know this is an off the wall question but by any chance, is there a place around the Dallas, TX area that you would recommend I go to to get this done??

  15. Hey,from reading all the comments I understand the tripple forward helix is obviously 3 seperate piercings either pierced all at once or at 3 different times. To get the same look as the photo is that 3 different labrets or one piece of jewellery with 3 stems and one flat back joining them all together (kind of like surface jewellery) cheers 🙂

  16. Hi, so i need some advice!! I want this piercing but what size gauge would they be? from smallest to largest is it 20, 18, 16?
    also… i just got this earring and i have the piercing, but i cant..figure out how to get the earring in? please help. -emma

  17. So I saw this picture awhile ago and I fell in LOVE!!! But everywhere I call to see if I could get it done told me that they couldn’t pierce the forward helix with anything but a hoop or bar because of safety. Is this true???

  18. Shelia:You could try the folks at Obscurities.

    We can also strongly recommend (at least for quality of jewelry and knowledge/skill of piercers) the folks at Industrial Primitives or Diablo Rojo, both of which are in Austin, if you’re willing to make a bit o a drive (piercing adventure!).

  19. Emma: The numbers you listed are the gauge of the jewelry, which refers to how thick the posts of the jewelry are. In this case, we used 18 gauge jewelry. As for the size of the gems, those are 1.5m, 2mm and 2.5mm…smallest to biggest. The length of the posts will depend upon the thickness of that part of the ear, which obviously varies from person-to-person.

    As for the heart piece of jewelry, we would strongly suggest seeing an experienced piercer for help putting it in. It will likely take some bending of the jewelry to get it to fit in to the two piercings. A piercer should be able t do that without worrying about mis-bending something and ruining the heart shape of the jewelry.

  20. Randi: We get lots of emails like yours about this particularly piercing. While we don’t want to talk badly of anyone, we feel compelled to say this: If the piercer(s) you talk to about this piercing tell you that it can only be done with rings, or bars, or that they are actually microdermal piercings and not regular piercings…you should VERY SERIOUSLY consider finding a different piercer.

    Any piercer that makes statements like that either lacks the fundamental understanding of how to do these appropriately and/or they don’t carry the proper jewelry and they are simply trying to do the piercings on you with whatever jewelry they have on-hand. There are a lot of things to consider when doing this piercing. But, honestly, these piercings should be pretty straight-forward for an experience piercer with the appropriate jewelry. So, go get a second (third, fourth…) opinion.

    Do, however, keep in mind, that not everyone has appropriate anatomy for this piercing. Some people simply don’t have the room to have all of the piercings done.

  21. hi! i was wondering if the jewelry for these piercings is similar to the type of jewelry you put in your tragus? thanks!

  22. Lauren:It certainly can be. We use jewelry similar to this in lots of tragus piercings. The gems are connected to a post and there is a small, flat disk on the backside.

  23. I was thinking about getting this or a tragus piercing soon, where would you recommend near Seattle? How long till you can change to jewelry like that in the picture?
    Also, if i got either around mid June would it be okay by end of july enough for outdoors, dirt, camping, etc.? Thanks!

  24. Elsa: We would suggest going to see Josh, at Slave to the Needle in Seattle. They have two locations, but if memory serves, they only do piercing at one location. You should be able to call them to find out what days Josh works.

    If you are considering the Triple Forward Helix, keep in mind that not everyone is going to have the anatomy for this piercing to work. For many people, the ridges of the ear are shaped in such a way that doing all three piercings isn’t an option. As for the jewelry, you should be able to start with the jewelry shown in the photo right away, assuming the studio has the jewelry on-hand.

    With the piercings only be a month old, you are definitely taking your chances a bit subjecting them to lots of activity and dirt. You will have to make that decision for yourself, but if there is a time when you will b ea little less active or outside a little less, it might be better to wait until then. Good luck with whatever piercings you do, and if you go see Josh, tel him we said hi!

  25. Im getting this done tomorrow and was wondering if you started out with the studs? I have seen a few people who have them and they all have had to use hoops until it healed and was wondering if I had to use hoops first.

  26. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me, are these piercings equally spaced apart or is there variation to allow for the different sized studs? Do you happen to know (roughly) how far apart the holes are? I am interested in getting this done but live in the UK and am not sure how commonplace it is over here (when i search the internet looking for an idea of cost nothing really comes up!), so would like to go into it with a rough idea of what to expect so i know if they are doing it right! Thank you.

  27. Alex: yes, we start them with the studs shown in the photo, or with lots of other types of studs. We carry a huge selecitn of jewelry, so our clients have a lot to choose from for their piercings. In addition to being the look that more people are interested in, properly-fitted studs heal better than hoops/ring. When you put hoops/rings in these piercing (and most piercings, for that matter), the jewelry will move around more, get bumped/snagged on more things and just generally get more irritated. This irritation damages the delicate tissue your body is trying to create to heal the piercings, so healing takes longer and is more likely to be problematic.

    If a piercer tells you they have to start the piercings with rings/hoops, this is what is going on:

    1) They don’t have an understanding of what is considered standard/common practice among well-trained, experienced body piercers. They are simply doing what someone showed them at some point in time, and they have not bothered to expand the scope or depth of their knowledge. Just like an profession, things in the body piercing world change…new techniques, new jewelry, new piercings etc. And, like other professions, some people take the time, energy and money to keep themselves educated and informed, and others don’t.


    2) They don’t stock jewelry like that shown in the picture. So, instead of offering to order it for you and doing the piercings when the jewelry comes in, they are trying to get your money as quickly as they can by putting in the jewelry they have in-stock. In addition to not looking the way you want it to, you are also going to run in to the healing problems listed above.

    If a piercer tells you they have to use rings/hoops in your piercing, you should leave that shop and find a piercer that has experience with these piercings and knows what they are talking about.

  28. Phoebe:The holes are not spaced evenly apart with this particular set of jewelry. Because the gems are different sizes, the holes have to be placed slightly unequal. However, if the piercings were done with gems of the same size, then they would be spaced equally. The spacing on them depends upon the specific pieces being used, and to some extent, the anatomy of the person getting the piercing. In some cases, a compromise in spacing may have to be made to accommodate the anatomy.

    And, as we always say, keep in mind that many people will not have the anatomy to properly support this full set of piercings. Some may only be able to get one or two of these piercings. Having the understanding of anatomy to know who this piercing will, and won’t, work for is really important. Be sure you are going to a skilled, experienced piercer.

  29. I’m extremely keen to get this piercing done – it’s so unusual, yet lovely! Can you recommend any appropriate piercers in New Orleans (as Austin is a bit of a drive)?

    Any help/info you can share is greatly appreciated – thanks!

  30. I just got this done!!! LOVE it… have only had it for 1 1/2 weeks. i got little bars for now until it is all healed up! I didn’t have to pay for my bars just the piercing. I lost one of my balls and since my bottom piercing is still swollen it hurt worse to have my piercer to put another one on then it did to get it done! I was so worried that it was going to hurt that I freaked myself out! It was really fast and pretty pain free! I can’t wait to find the cute labret style barbells to put in i have been shopping since I got it done lol my friend that pierced mine said to come into his shop and he will change them out for me at no cost to me when ever it is healed and I do find something for it!

  31. I love this. Seen it on pinterest a few days ago and Ive gotta get it! Im in Central Ohio, any recommendations of where to go? I want it to be almost identical to the picture if possible. Thanks for any advice! 🙂

  32. I want to get this done soon, is there a place near Greenville, SC that you suggest I go to?

  33. I absoluetly love this piercing! But I have a few questions about it: 1) I am only 16, so would I be able to get it despite my age, even with parental consent? 2) Is there a place in NC I can get this done that you know of? and 3) I have problems with my right shoulder so I can’t sleep on that side too much, and I was going to get the piercing in my left ear, but would it be too painful to sleep on my left then? Thanks for any advice!

  34. Brittany: You should go talk to the folks at Evolved, in Columbus. They should be able to take good care of you. Piercology is another good option in Columbus. Hope this helps!

  35. Brianna:

    1) The laws regarding piercing minors vary greatly from state-to-state and sometimes even town-to-town. In addition, different piercing studios can have different policies regarding which piercings, if any, they will do on minors…even with parental consent. So, you would need to check with the studio that will be doing your piercing(s).

    2) Both Warlock Tattoo and Oak City Tattoo, in Raleigh, should be able to help you out. If you aren’t close to them, you may want to contact them to see if they can recommedn someone in your area.

    3) You will probably not want to sleep on the piercings for the a good portion of the healing period, both from a comfort perspective as well as that sort of pressure and irritation can really affect the healing of the piercing. .

    Best of luck!

  36. LOVE this. Getting it for a Mother’s Day present this year. 🙂

    Any recommendations for a piercer in Las Cruces, NM or El Paso, TX?

  37. I am very interested in this piercing. I have a tragus in my right ear and I was looking to get this set in my left ear. It took my tragus a while to heal properly but i was wondering if you knew any piercers in VA.

  38. I had this piercing done 4 or 5 weeks ago but in the last 2 weeks the middle earring has fallen out 4 times. Any ideas on why it’s giving me trouble or how I can fix it? Thanks

  39. Misty: Unfortunately, we don’t have any studios we can recommend right in your area. However, if you’re willing to make a Mother’s Day adventure out of it, we can’t say enough great things about the folks at Evolution Piercing in Albuquerque, NM. Noah and Christopher are both fantastic piercers and the studio has an amazing collection of jewelry.

  40. Chyna: We may be able to make some recommendations. Is there or a part of VA that you would prefer, or is the whole state an option for you?

  41. Debbie: Two things come to mind. The first could be that the quality of the jewelry isn’t great, so it is coming loose much easier than would be considered normal. The only way to fix that is to get a better-quality piece of jewelry. The other possibility is that the jewelry is fitting very snugly against the skin. This causes the skin to push/pull/rotate the balls/gem/end and then it falls off and the jewelry comes out. This problem is usually fixed by a slightly longer piece of jewelry. A third option is that it’s a combination of the first two.

    We would suggest you go visit an experienced piercer so they can look at it for you.

  42. Was wondering where you are located..
    Also reccomendations for a good place for me to go to for piercings in the Central Valley/Bay Area in CA..

  43. do sell the jewelry for this piercing? where is you store located? or can i buy it online?

  44. Jennie: We are located in Minneapolis,, MN>

    You have a number of great choices in the San Francisco area:

    Body Manipulations, Braindrops, Nomad and Cold Steel in the SF, Industrial Tattoo in Berkeley and Blue Star Tattoo in Concord.

    Good luck and please tell them that Saint Sabrina’s sent you!

  45. Kiki: We STRONGLY recommend either Angie or Johnny at Native Rituals, in the Oak Law area. They are super awesome and carry great jewelry and have both done guest piercing at our studio. You could also check out Bob Jones at Insight Tattoo or Mike at Tattoo Tatu. While we can’t vouch for those two guys personally, the bit we do know about them would indicate they are great piercers with good ethics and standards.

    Best of luck!

  46. I live in toronto do you know where I can buy the rings for this piercing? Online or in toronto?

  47. I live in toronto do you know where I can buy the rings ? Online or in toronto?

  48. I was wondering if you had any recommendations of where to get this in Las Vegas, NV?
    Thanks 🙂

  49. Hi I love this piercing and I was wondering if you have any suggestions as to where I can get it in the Denver area

  50. I was wondering if you could find a place near London, Ky that did the triple forward helix?

  51. I was wondering if you would recommend certain studios in Kansas city, MO?

  52. Colleen: You should check out either Sol Tribe or Iris Piecrcing. Both places should be able to help you out. Please let them know we sent you!

  53. Brooke: We couldn’t find anyone in the immediate area of London, KY. However, we would VERY STRONGLY suggest making the trip to Knoxville, TN to see the folks at Born This Way Body Arts. They have a stunningly beautiful shop, a great selection of jewelry (in general, and for this piercing) and are very knowledgeable and skilled. We really can’t say enough nice things about them.

    It may be a bit of a drive, but it will definitely be worth it. Make a fun day trip out of it with some friends!

  54. i got this done about 6 months ago and they put the longer 16 guage labrets in to compemsate for swelling and now i want the shorter ones so the jewles can be flush against my ear. But everytime i go to the place i got it done at they cant sell them to me because i have to buy them from the same guy that pierced me…..and he’s never there… so i went to a different place and the guy told me its gauged too big and that i have the completely wrong jewlery and that i should be using “nose bones” for this.. i want to know what the gauge for this should be and weather or not i should use the labrets or the nose bones for it. and also where can i order the right jewlery?

  55. I got this same peircing for $30. I went to a place in Raleigh North Carolina. All of their peircings are $10 from the waist up so all three helix peircings costed me a total of $30. a $170 for 3 peircings is rediculous. and i found the diamond helix peircings on ebay for about $19 total. its really not that expensive as others make it seem.

  56. I just had this done but they did them with barbells so you can see all the backs which I don’t like, how long until I can switch them out for some shorter studs or something?

  57. Shauna:There is nothing wrong with these piercings being done at 16 gauge. While we most commonly do them at 18ga, we also do them at 16 gauge sometimes, depending upon the jewelry the client wants to put in the piercing. You absolutely SHOULD NOT put nose bones in them, for a variety of different reasons. The person who told you this clearly does not have a good understanding of these piercings and what is appropriate. While we don’t want to sound like jerks, we would be very wary of any advice this particular piercer gives you.

    If you are interested in ordering jewelry for this piercing, it is something we can sell you if you like. Just send an email to jewelry at saintsabrinas dot com and we can work out the details.

  58. Courtney: The backs being visible on the piercing may be a result of jewelry that is simply too long, but it could also be a result (or combination) of the piercings being done at the wrong angles. There are a lot of piercers that don’t seem to have the understanding of how this piercing should be placed. You can take a look at this link on our blog for a great example of correct placement vs. incorrect placement:

    As for how long until you can change, without being able to see your piercings, that is a touch call. If the jewelry is so long, or pressing against other parts of your ear, that it is causing pressure/irritation to the piercing, changing them right away may be appropriate. If it’s just a matter of aesthetics, then waiting a couple of months is probably best.

    Good luck!

  59. Katie: You’re right…it’s very possible to get these piercings done for as cheap as you did. There are plenty of places out there that offer rock-bottom prices on piercing. However, we can guarantee you that if you got the piercings done for that little amount of money, you were pierced with sub-standard, potentially dangerous jewelry by someone with very little training or expertise in their field. If price, and not your health and safety, is your primary concern, then there isn’t much we could say to convince you that you may not have made the best choice.

    The jewelry you were pierced with, and subsequently purchased on eBay, costs hundreds of time less to make and purchase than the jewelry that we, and other high-quality piercing studios, use in our piercings. The cost of top-quality, implant-grade jewelry is not cheap…therefore our jewelry costs more. But, we believe that the long-term health and safety of our clients is worth the extra expense…and our clients think so to.

  60. Hello there! So I have absolutely fallen in love with this piercing. I’m probably going to start off with one and then work my way up to three. (Space permitting) Anyways i was wondering if you had any suggestions of where to go in The Woodlands, Texas? The one that I know of that’s close is The American Tattoo Company, any good? Thanks lots!

  61. I reallyyy want to get this. But I feel like I will probably take it out eventually. Will the holes close up ?

  62. Do you know anywhere good to get this piercing around Norfolk, Va? Also, since it’s almost summer do you think this piercing would get easily irritated by chlorine and other waters? Thanks!

  63. Any places you recommend in Iowa? I want this piercing from an experienced professional that will do the piercing with studs and NOT bars or hoops. Also, what is the healing time on this? Thanks!

  64. Bethany: Our first suggestion would be to see Leo, at 5 Point Studios in Clive (?). Our second, but equally solid, recommendations would be to see Rob, at Prysm which is in Valley West Mall. Both of those guys are great piercers who carry high-quality jewelry. Leo has worked at our studio as a guest piercer in the past. We don’t know Rob personally, but have seen/heard nothing but good things about him.

    Whoever you go see, please tell them we sent you and we said, “Hi!”.

  65. You may want to check out the folks at 713 Tattoo. We don’t have personal experience with them, but we’ve gotten several recommendatios for them from piercers in Texas who we trust very much.

  66. Jenna: The whole will (or won’t) close about as much as any other piercing on the cartilage of the ear. It will depend a lot on how long you have them as well as how your body takes to things like this. For some people they won’t close much, for others they will close almost completely once they are removed for good. Unfortunately, there is no good way to know ahead of time. Regardless, the holes should be fairly small and not overly noticeable.

  67. Hi, I love the look of this piercing. I was wondering if there was someone in the Clinton Township, Michigan (north of Detroit) area you would recommend. This would be a new experience for me, other than the standard earlobe piercings. Thanks!

  68. Do you know any piercing shops near Kansas city,MO that pierces 13 yr olds with parental consent? Thanks!

  69. Dee: Unfortunately, there isn’t anyone in Clinton Township that we can recommend. However, we can STRONGLY recommend that you go see Mike Moore, at Eternal Tattoos in Detroit/Clawson. You can find some examples of his work as well as their specific location on there Facebook page:

    That’s really the only place in that area that we would feel comfortable sending you. If you decide to go see Mike, please tell he we sent you and that we say Hi!

  70. Maddi: Unfortunately, we aren’t familiar with the shop policies (or local regulations) throughout the country. The only shop in that area that we know much about, and would therefore feel comfortable sending, is Freaks on 39th. You would need to contact them to find out their specific policies.

    We would strongly encourage you to make sure you are getting pierced by an experienced professional, in a clean, safe environment. In our experience, many (but not all) studios that are willing to do piercings on someone your age, don’t tend to have the highest standards. Again, that isn’t universally true, but it is the case much more often than not.

    Best of luck!

  71. Hello, all these comments and your answers are EXTREMELY usefull thankyou soo much! Now if i decide to get this pierced would i ask my piercer the size of the jewelry and then have them tell me so I could order them online from you guys? Do you sell your jewelry online? And also if so how much would they run?

  72. I just got my second forward helix done but my piercer used the hoops and says that he cannot find any other jewelry for them. Are there any shops around the oklahoma city, OK area that you can recommend?

  73. Is there backs to these piercings or is it in your skin . Like are you able to take them out or if you want to take them out do they have to be removed surgically .

  74. Lauren:We can sell the jewelry to you. However, any experienced/quality piercer will, at the very least, know where to get the jewelry…and in most cases, they should have them in-stock. If any piercer tries to convince you these need to be done with rings, nose bones or they tell you they are microdermal piercings, we strongly encourage you to find a different piercer. Those are all signs that the piercer you are talking to does not have the necessary understanding/experience/ethics to take good care of you.

  75. Alyssa: We’re sorry to hear that it sounds like you may have had your piercings done by a piercer who either isn’t very experienced or doesn’t have a basic understanding of these piercings and the jewelry that is used in them. If you are in the OKC area, the only place we would suggest you go is 23rd Street Body Piercing. Any of the piercers there should be able to take very good care of you and help you figure out what jewelry is going to work best in your piercings.

    Please tell the folks at 23rd Street that we sent you and that the folks at Saint Sabrina’s say “Hi!”.

  76. Alexia: You can definitely remove this jewelry as needed. These are short “labret studs”, which have a small flat disk on the back side. This style of jewelry is typically available in a threaded/screw type of jewelry as well as a threadless/push-pin style jewelry. We tend to use the push-pin style more often, but there is nothing wrong with jewelry that screw/unscrews for this piercing. If any piercer tries to convince you these need to be done with rings, nose bones or they tell you they are microdermal piercings, we strongly encourage you to find a different piercer. Those are all signs that the piercer you are talking to does not have the necessary understanding/experience/ethics to take good care of you.

    Best of luck!

    Any piec

  77. I just got this done at house of ink in Johnson city Tennessee. And the piercer didn’t use labrets. He used small bars with a ball at one end and just put a clear rubber piece like you would use on a regular post on the inside. I was wondering if he pierced it with the wrong jewelry and if you knew any other piercers in my area that would good.

  78. Hello, I wanted to get this piercing done, all three at the same time and I waswondering how long would it take for them to all completely heal?

  79. hi, i’ve just had this done, but i have two studs and one ring, because the piercer only had two studs left, but what length does the stud have to be for it to fit? its the one furthest away from my tragus?

  80. Wondering where I can get this done with studs near marion,ohio. the 2 tattoo shops here in town will only do hoops, and thats not what I wanted 🙁

  81. Any suggestions in NY? I’d fly to you if I had the time, I just want it done correctly and beautifully. 🙂

  82. Hi, I was wondering if you have any good suggestions in Iowa preferably Des Moines or Council Bluffs area for getting this done? I went to a couple different places that weren’t sure how to do it so I chose not to get it done there. Any reputable places with a good jewelry selection would be appreciated!

  83. I had 2 of my 3 done this past Saturday in Monroe, N.C. The guy who did it put 2 rings in and said i would have to come back to get the third one.. Is that right? my ear is still sore and i’ve been taking really good care of it but it really hurts.. I also was wondering if you could help me find somewhere to get the three different size studs? Please help me!

  84. My sister and I have been planning on getting this piercing since we’re both moving out and on to college. We just have been waiting till my sister is done with sports for the summer. We live near Appleton, Wisconsin and were wondering if you would be able to reccomend a shope to get this done at? Thanks!

  85. I love this piercing…I went to get it done yesterday and was basically told it was impossible & the pic was fake! Wtf? Anyway, can you suggest a shop in the Portland, Oregon area? Thanks.

  86. I assure you it’s possible, as I have this piercing. It’s stunning… And painful, but very new, within the week. I most definitely wouldn’t recommend this in both ears at once, you’re going to want a free ear for the phone and such. Happy piercing!

  87. i just recently saw a picture of this on pintrest and love it. i want to get it done so bad but a little nervous about it also. i want to make sure that i go somewhere that i know that they will do a good job but i dont have really that many piercings so i was just wondering if you knew of anywhere in greenville NC. I am wanting to get the studs instead of the hoops and was wondering what side the studs where in the picture above so when i go in i will be able to tell the person exactly what i want.

  88. Tiffany: We can’t really comment on the jewelry without seeing it, but it doesn’t sound like the best jewelry choice from your description.

    The closest shop to you that we can recommend (and it’s a very strong recommendation) are our friends at Born This Way Body Arts in Knoxville, TN.

    They have a beautiful shop, they carry amazing jewelry and they are really awesome folks. You could make a little day trip out of it with some friends…do a little shopping, check out a couple of restaurants or two and get some new jewelry. You can’t go wrong with Born This Way!

  89. Briana: Healing time is going to be different for each person, obviously…but in general, you should expect them to take about 4 months to heal up; maybe a little longer, maybe a little less.

    Good luck!

  90. jessica: There is no way for us to know what size jewelry you need to fit your particular piercings, as each person’s ears (and the folds on the ear) are different sizes and shapes.This means that the length of the bar may vary from person-to-person, and from piercing-to-piercing on the same person. We do use 1/4″ long pieces of jewelry very commonly, but we also use slight longer and slightly shorter pieces pretty regularly.

    An experienced piercer should be able to tell you what length will give you a good fit. If a piercers tells you that they don’t make jewelry short enough, that piercer doesn’t have an understanding of what high-quality jewelry is available. Find a second opinion at that point.

  91. Brittany: The best option that is somewhat close to you is Evolved in Columbus, OH. They have a great piercing staff and carry high-quality jewelry. They should definitely be able to help you out. Even though it’s a bit of a drive, it’s well worth the extra effort to make sure you get it done correctly.

    If you go to Evolved, please tell them the folks at Saint Sabrina’s sent you, and that we say, “Hi!”.

  92. Nichole: In New York City, we would suggest going to see either Brian or Starr at Sacred Tattoo.

    If you don’t mind taking a trip to Philly, you have your choice of two awesome shops: Infinite Body Piercing and No Ka Oi Tattoo and Piercing. They are both staffed with great piercers and awesome jewelry. Can’t go wrong either way.

    Wherever you end up, please tell them the folks at Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!”.

  93. Mariah: You are in luck! We have two shops we can very happily recommend in Des Moines. Our first choice would be for you to go see Leo, at 5 Point Body Modification. They are located in Clive. Our other suggestion would be to see Rob at Prysm Body Piercing, which is located in Valley West Mall.

    we’ve known Leo for years and he has done guest piercing stints at our studio. We don’t know Rob as well, but we do know he’s a good piercer who carries great jewelry.

    Whoever you go see, please tell them the folks at Saint Sabrina’s sent you, and that we say “Hi!”.

  94. Kayla: What that piercer told you doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense, but without some context, it’s hard to know for sure. The closest place we could find that you might want to check out is Krazy Kat’s Tattoo in Charlotte. We don’t know them personally, but looking through some stuff on their Facebook page, they seem like they are probably a decent shop.

    If you don’t mind making a little trip, we would STRONGLY recommend the folks at Immaculate Body Piercing in Columbia, SC. You absolutely can’t go wrong with those lovely people. Best of luck!

  95. Melissa:Wow! Sorry you were lied to. It is true that not everyone has anatomy for this piercing, but the picture is far from a fake. It’s sad there are so many uneducated piercers out there.

    If you are near Portland, you should check out either Adorn Body Art of Optic Nerve. They both carry great jewelry and have knowledgeable, experienced piercers. If you go to either of those places, please tell them the folks at Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!:

  96. Kayley: We would strongly suggest you go see either Richard or Adam at Warlocks Tattoo in Raleigh. They are both good (and goofy) guys who are great piercers that carry only the best-quality jewelry. Please tell them that the folks at Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say. “hi!”.

  97. What type of metal is best for this piercing? Is sterling silver okay or should I just surgical steel?

  98. So I got this piercing on December 7 of last year. I got the 3 studs with the different jewel sizes. It looked really good with minimal swelling for about 3 months. After 3 months, surprisingly, the only one that started swelling was the top one. I have had the piercing for 6months now and i have had to go in and get the post changed to a bigger post 3 times and I am going in again tomorrow to get another longer post not only in my top one, but my middle one now. I hope its not going to swell the bottom 2 like the top did! If you have problems where the skin starts growing around it or it becomes super painful and swollen, that means you need a longer post!!! Another thing that helps is making your own salt water solution and soaking your ear in it for 5-10 mins. That has helped a lot with swelling. Needless to say that it is going to be a VERY long healing time! Try to not touch it! Very cute but a VERY high matinence! Ask for them to start with a longer post than usual!
    Just some help for people thinking about it or have it.

  99. This looks absolutely lovely. I wish I could come up to see you guys and get this done, but can you suggest anyone in Virginia? Preferably near Roanoke. This really looks beautiful.

  100. I just got the piercing tonight after searching for weeks to find someone capable of doing it. I was told it was fake, I had to use nose rings, pretty much everything mentioned that implies the piercer wasn’t educated on the piercing. I found someone that seemed to know about it and used 16 gauge with flat back but I think they may be too long as the backs are visable. Is it ok to leave these in until they heal? Or should I order different jewlery and change them out soon? I believe he pierced them the right way, its just the backs are visable when looking directly at the ear.

  101. I wanted to get these done as soon as I saw them. Do you know of any places that would be able to do the piercings wit the same quality as your work in the D.C metro area? Thanks

  102. i was wondering with the triple helix piercing if you would be able to see the backs of them? please answer i really need to know as i am getting it done quite soon!

  103. Hannah, my sister and I got ours done about a week ago and even though the same guy pierced them a little different. It really depends how your ear is shaped, but since we have longer posts to account for swelling the back of our top piercings are quite visible. Also, the bottom two on my ear aren’t easily visible, but you can see my sister’s. Once you are able to change them to shorter posts, it should help.
    Hope that helps!

  104. I came across the forward helix a few months ago and love it! I had it done about 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I just now came across this website! They pierced all three at the same time with hoops. They are not healing properly, constantly irritated, and hard to clean perfectly around the hoops. Am I able to change the hoops for the proper studs now, or is that too early? And any other recommendations you have for me to keep it from getting worse would be appreciated. Thank you!!

  105. My cousin and I wanted to get these piercings, but she was told yesterday at a popular and trusted area piercer that the picture floating around Pintrest was Photoshopped and the bottom one would have to be a surface piercing. Any suggestions for someone who will do it in the Milwaukee, WI area? Thanks!

  106. Hello! These comments are very helpful! However, I am still confused on what jewelry to use. I got my triple forward helix done The 1st of March and the piercer told me yesterday that they are healing very well and almost done! He pierced my ear and used curved barbells for my ear, which was fine, but I would like something more cute with diamonds on the end. I was back at the tattoo place yesterday to get them put back in because I’m still not able to do it, I find it super difficult.. Is there any suggestions on what kind of jewelry to use? Could I use regular earrings? Thank you. 🙂

  107. Jessica: It’s possible that the backs are visible because the jewelry is a bit long. It is also possible, and perhaps a bit more likely, that the backs are visible because the angles of the piercings are’t quite right. If the piercings aren’t done perpendicular to the tissue, the can come out a bit more “shallow” on the back side, which will make the backs visible. Obviously, without seeing the piercings, there is no way to say for sure what is going on.

    If the jewelry is excessively, getting shorter jewelry put in can be helpful to healing, as it will keep the jewelry from moving as much, which can slow the healing.

  108. Angie: A good place to start might be Hannah at Fatty’s Tattoo. We can’t recommend her personally, but we’ve had some interaction with her online and she seems to be a quality piercer who uses quality jewelry. Best of luck!

  109. Hannah:If the anatomy of your ear is appropriate for the piercings, and the piercings are done correctly with appropriate jewelry, the backs of the jewelry shouldn’t be visible. In some cases, it may be very slightly visible when the jewelry is longer initially to handle swelling….but even then, they won’t usually be visible.

  110. Ashley: Because hoops are very prone to movement and getting caught/snagged on stuff, we would typically suggest changing them sooner than later. While there may be a little irritation from changing them, the long-term benefit of getting the studs out of the piercing far outweighs that little bit of irritation. If possible, find an experienced piercer who can install appropriately-sized, high-quality jewelry for you. Putting low-quality junk in to your piercings, even when fully-healed, can result in very unhappy piercings.

  111. I really want to get this done, but I can’t find a place that will pierce them with a stud, do you recommend anyone in a close radius to Stroudsburg Pennsylvania?

  112. Derrica: Chances are good that you would find normal earrings to be pretty uncomfortable in those piercings. They would probably be too long, the backs wouldn’t fit comfortable (and would be very visible) and they would probably poke your ear a lot when you laid on it or put a phone against it.

    What we typically use are very short “labret studs”. They have a small, flat disk on the back side and then the gem (or whatever) on the outside. The gem and the disk are connected by a short post that is what goes through the piercing(s).

    Have you talked to your piercer about getting different jewelry for your piercings? Any decent/experienced/knowledgeable piercer should be able to order the jewelry for you…or, at the very least, point you in the direction of where you could order it. If you can let us know where you live, we can try to make a suggestion for a shop/piercer in your general area.

    Hopefully this helps a bit.

  113. I have fallen in love with these piercings! I’d like to get it done next week…and after reading through all of these posts, I’m really interested to know if you can suggest a place that’ll do it RIGHT in Tulsa, OK? Haha! I was actually wanting to get both sides done at the same time also. I feel like I’d be able to handle the sleeping and talking on the phone situations. But then again, I don’t have 6 new holes in my head right now. Haha! Do you really not suggest getting it all done at once?
    Thank you for your help!

  114. Melissa: We don’t have anyone in Tulsa we can recommend. However, we STRONGLY suggest you make the trip to Oklahoma City to see the folks at 23rd Street Body Piercing. either Oscar, Erika, Kyle or Jason will be able to take very good care of you. They are all great piercers that use nothing but the highest-quality jewelry available. We realize it’s a bit of a drive, but in order to ensure you get it done right, the small bit of inconvenience is well worth it. They do tend to be a pretty busy studio, so you may want to contact them ahead of time to find out what their appointment/walk-in policies are.

    Best of luck! And, if you do go see them, please tell them that we Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!”.

  115. Melissa: Just realized we didn’t answer the other part of your question. Yes…we STRONGLY advise against getting both sides done at the same time. Regardless of how careful you are, you simply aren’t going to have a good side of your head for sleeping, phones, hugging, ear/headphones etc. And while their are precautions you can take with those situations, there is simply no way to completely mitigate all of the possible things that are likely to occur in day-to-day life. While you may want to have both sides done at once, presumably you don’t want red, sore, crappy-looking piercings because one side is inevitably getting more irritation/abuse. In addition, trying to heal 6 cartilage piercing is challenging for most people, even in the best of circumstances.

    We believe that doing both sides is a bad idea to the point that we wouldn’t be willing to do both sides at the same time at our studio. Our goal is for happy, healthy, great-looking piercings…not trying to get everything done in sitting and then hope that it works out.

    Best of luck!

  116. Hey sabrina i was wondering what gauge bar and also what type of jewlery (i.e hoop, horse shoe, labret stud, some other kind of stud?) was used for the initial piercing? also if a stud was used for the initial piercing did they already have the gems on them or were regular balls used for the piercing threw the healing process, then changed to the gems later on? also what was the length of the initial jewlery?

    im just trying to educate myself on this piercing because im really interested in getting it done, but im the type of person that likes to know exactly what to expect before just getting a piercing lol.

    also one last question, if labret studs were used, where they a special kind of stud? because id imagine itd be hard/uncomfortable to fit 3 labret studs with the flat back in that one small area.

  117. Hi, Again!

    First off, I want to thank y’all at Saint Sabrina’s – as I went with your recommendation and got the triple helix done on June 5th by Monique at Electric Ladyland here in New Orleans (I’d gotten some ink work done there a few years ago, but never any piercings), and she was EXCELLENT!!! In a couple of weeks, I’m going back to get the studs downsized – yay!

    For those who are being told that this type of piercing is fake or can’t be done with studs or can only be a surface piercing – please let me back up Saint Sabrina’s and reassure y’all that all of that is CRAP, CRAPPITY-CRAP!!!

    I had it done by Monique and she used lovely crystal (diamond-looking) studs, she took time to mark the piercing spots carefully on my ear, used the appropriate size studs (longer for the initial healing period, which will be downsized to shorter studs in a couple of weeks) – then she spaced the piercings as appropriate for the shape and dimension of my ear. THESE ARE ALL VERY IMPORTANT AND CAN ONLY BE DONE BY A HIGH-QUALITY PIERCER such as Saint Sabrina’s or the folks they’re recommending . . . I can’t stress enough that it’s worth the effort and cost (she charged me $175) to do this! Don’t cheat yourself or you’ll end up paying more – and more than just financially.

    Other tips:

    – Use H2Ocean saline solution spray (which can be bought online at – if your piercer doesn’t carry it: )

    – Use a barrette or hair clip to keep your hair away from the new piercings, especially if you have long hair and particularly when washing the piercings (gently and with Dr. Bronner’s soap).

    – They may itch, especially after using the saline spray. This is part of the healing process – don’t scratch or pick or rotate the studs. I found just barely and ever-so-gently scratching the top of my ear helped.

    Good luck Fellow Body Decorators – you can do eet!!!

  118. Hi, I was wondering if you could recommend a shop in Central New Jersey… I would love to get this done!! Thank you!

  119. I would love to have this done but I don’t know where I could get it done correctly in my area. Is there anyone in Arkansas near the River Valley area?

  120. There are a couple of people we can recommend personally, who may or may or may not be close to you in New Jersey.

    A.J. Goldman at 12oz Studios in Brooklawn and Lou Quino at Pleasurable Piercings in Hawthorne

    A couple of other people who we can’t personally recommend, but who we hear good things about: Ashley at Revolver Tattoo in New Brunswick, and Dominick at Starlight Tattoo in Rochelle Park,

    Best of luck!

  121. Unfortunately, the closes recommendation we can make is is Ashley at Hearts of Fire in Springfield, MO. It’s not a short trip, but Ash is totally awesome. Best of luck!

  122. Hi! This is the most helpful site I have found in my weeks of researching this piercing! Thank you for the great info! I have gone to all the piercing shops in my city that I know of and was getting frustrated with the lack of the correct knowledge and jewelry in all of them. I almost broke down and just let one of them do it this week and I am so glad I finally found your site!

    Can you tell me your recommendation closest to me? I live in Prescott, Az. If there is no one within a couple hours, I am going to to be in Vegas for a couple hours next week. Perhaps I could get a list of your recommendations there as well?

    Thanks do much!

  123. Annie: We’re glad the blog was helpful, and we’re even more glad to hear that you didn’t have the piercings done at a place that you knew didn’t know what they were doing. We certainly understand the temptations, but we’re glad you resisted. 🙂

    So, if you’re willing to take a trip to Phoenix, you have a few options. We can happily recommend either Halo Piercing or any of the HTC locations. You should be able to find both shops on the web very easily. There are lots of shops in Vegas, but honestly, very few them are good. In addition, we think it’s best to get the piercings done when you can take as much as time as you need, instead of being rushed to get it done during the short time you are in Vegas.

    If you visit Halo or HTC, please let them know that we referred you and tell them the folks at Saint Sabrina’s say, “Hi!”.

  124. Thank you so much for responding so quickly! It’s definitely not outside of the realm of possibilities to go to Springfield. I found her on Facebook and her work looks good. While I was roaming around searching for piercing shops in the area, I found a place on Facebook that is a little bit closer to me in Bryant, AR. They are not APP members as far as I know.. But, one of their piercers has a few pictures of this type of piercing that he has done. It looks to me like he is doing them correctly with the shorter labret style posts; he vaguely mentions what he uses in one of the posts. The name of the shop is Anchor Tattoo and Piercing Studio. In your opinion, should I go to the closer shop, or suck it up and drive the extra 2.5 hours or so?

  125. Hi! I came across this picture and really want to get this done, I have a few hesitations though. I have only had my belly button pierced ( ears were pierced when i was a baby) before and had quite a few issues with that,I believe it got infected or possibly wasnt done correctly to begin with but afterwards I started noticing a ” bump” or small ball of skin growing around the hole. It eventually went away and the piercing was fine, I’m just not sure if it’s the way it was pierced or maybe my body’s way of trying to heal. Is there a possibility that this could happen again with these piercings? Also the only place in my area that I am familiar with is the place I got that done and would prefer not to go back. Can you offer any good recommendations for the southwest Florida area? Specifically around Port Charlotte? Thanks!

  126. I just wanted to say thank you SO much for your help before a got my helix piercing!! I had asked you recently about where to go to get the triple forward helix in the Tulsa area. You suggested that I make the drive out to Oklahoma City to 23rd Street Body Piercing. It was amazing!!! They were very friendly and very professional!! It turned out that I was not able to get a triple helix. There isn’t enough room on my ear for all 3. So, I only got 2. Erika was the one that did it and she was incredible! She also says HI! =)

    And there’s something that I learned while I was there…and it’s the importance of tipping your piercer. I came into the shop fully prepared to tip well. And while I was waiting for Erika, I saw 2 ladies tip a male piercer $2 for the work he did!! I couldn’t believe it!! I think that if you have a professional, caring and helpful piercer, you should be prepared to show your appreciation with a good tip.

    You also told me to only get one ear pierced at a time. And I have to say thank you for that too! Haha! You’re right…you don’t realize how much this part of your ear gets bumped until you have multiple holes put through it. Haha!

    Thank you again for all your help! I appreciate it!

  127. II actually have this pirceing and you can’t use gems when you first pierce it you have to use Monroe pierceing and it wont look like the one in the picture because that is a fake picture, the only painful part of this piercing is when you try to sleep and when you touch it

  128. First of all, this site is awesome! I went yesterday to get a triple, but only had room for a double. I LOVE IT! My question is in regards to healing, cleaning, soaking. My piercer recommended sea salt solution (on a cotton ball) two times per day for duration of healing. In addition to washing it. I have had a few friends who had various helix piercings and used A&D ointment, neosporin, etc. I am following my piercers recommendation but what say you to your customers? Thanks!!!!

  129. Studio suggestions in Houston, tx? I went to a highly recommend studio in Jacksonville,tx and was told that the piercing would not look anything like the picture on me because the backs would show and said that the jewelry he had was the shortest they made, reading your comments I’m not convinced that’s true and still really want the piercing!!!

  130. Hi there! Just a quick question, I, like so many others love the look of this piercing. I live in Canada but am going to Duluth, MN with a friend who is getting a tattoo. Is there a place in Duluth that you would recommend for this piercing? If I get this done I want to make sure I get the studs and that it is done properly. Thank you!

  131. Hi i am looking to get this done on friday, do you reccommend anyone in northeast ohio near Cleveland? thanks!! 🙂

  132. Chelsey: Well, we can’t really give a personal recommendation for Anchor, but in looking at the work shown on their FB page, as well as some of the jewelry they are selling, it looks like you should be in pretty good hands there. We would, of course, suggest visiting Ashley…we know the quality of her work and the jewelry she uses, for certain. But again, it looks like you have a good chance of having the piercings done correctly, and with good quality jewlery, at Anchor.

    Best of luck!

  133. Melissa: Small bumps/bubbles are often a part of the healing process for many people. They are a sign of irritation…they can happen for lots of difference reasons. In some cases it’s from how the piercing was done, in other cases it’s from the jewelry that was used (both style and/or quality), in some cases it’s from lack of proper care and in other cases there is no obvious reason. Most of the time the bumps will go away as the piercing heals up and becomes a little “tougher” and not as easily irritated.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone in the area you mentioned that we can suggest. Sorry. If you find a studio you are considering, and they have a web site and/or facebook page you can post the links to, we are happy to take a look and see if we can give you any feedback.

  134. Autumn:If your piercing was done here, it is likely either 18ga or 16ga, with it more likely to be 18ga. If the piercing wasn’t done here, there is no way for us to know what size you were pierced with.

  135. Melissa:Yay!! We are glad to hear that you decided to make the drive to OKC. We know the folks at 23rd Street would take good care of you. Also glad to hear you decided to only go with one ear at a time…good choice!! 🙂

  136. Rebekah: We’re sorry to hear that someone has been telling you a lot of untruths about this piercing/picture. We can assure you that, if the anatomy is appropriate for the piercings to begin with, the piercer knows what they are doing and they use the appropriate jewelry, these absolutely can be done like this from the beginning. The one shown in this blog is about 5 minutes old and it is done with labret studs…they are very short and the piercings are placed/angled so that the backs can’t be seen. Feel free to check out our Facebook page and you will see lots of other photos of these types of piercings along with fun variations. None of them are fake.

    Someone has told you a big batch of lies, unfortunately.

  137. Alyssa:Congrats on your new piercings!!! Sea salt soaks/compresses tend to be the best option for healing. Ointments, as well as alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, tend to interfere with your body’s natural ability to heal…causing the piercings to take longer to heal and being more prone to excess scar tissue formation.

    We’re not fans of cotton balls, because of all the little fibers…they can sometimes find their way in to your piercing. We prefer our clients use either gauze pads or paper towels.

    Hopefully this helps. Best of luck with healing!

  138. Lauren:You might want to check out the folks at 713 Tattoo in Houston. We don’t have personal experience with them, but we hear good things.

    Best of luck!

  139. Rachelle: The only shop we know of in Duluth is Anchor’s End Tattoo. Unfortunately, we don’t know enough about the piercer(s) or the quality of the jewelry they use to be able to make solid recommendation. However, we do know some folks in a few different parts of Canada…so if you want to post again and let us know where in Canada you leave, we may be able to still suggest someone.

    Or, you could just drive a few more hours south and have us do your piercings. 🙂

  140. Anna: We would suggest you go see the folks at Body Anthology in North Olmsted (suburb of Cleveland). Those guys should be able to take good care of you. If you go, please tell them Saint Sabrina’s sent you, and that Derek says “Hi!”. Their web site is here:

    Best of luck!

  141. Do you know where I could order this jewelry from? I’m having a really hard time finding quality jewelry for this piercing that’s the right size.

  142. Would a 3mm ball be too big? I’ve been searching the internet for jewelry that’s the right size for about 4 hours and I am unable to find anything that is 20g or 18g (what my piercer suggested for my ear size) and that is a labret. My piercer wanted me to find a regular earring with a shorter post which is impossible to find, since he said hoops would be too crowded on my tiny ear. Do you have any idea where I could find the appropriate jewelry?

  143. I actually just had these piercings put in two days ago; unfortunately, I read your post AFTER getting them done, and the piercer I went to used rings rather than studs. Since the rings are already in place, is it safer to keep them in until my ear heals completely and then go to a piercing parlor to have them changed, or should I see someone about having them changed sooner than that?

  144. Chelsea:
    Assuming the email we got was from you. But, if it wasn’t, you can contact us at: jewelry [at] saintsabrinas dot com about ordering this jewelry.

  145. Paige:A 3mm ball is probably too big for the inside of the piercing, both in terms of fitting comfortably as well as looking good. We would strongly discourage you from trying to put a normal earring in these piercings. That would very likely also not look good and probably be very uncomfortable.

    If you’re interested in ordering jewelry for these piercings, you can email us at: jewelry [at] saintsabrinas dot com and we can work out the details from there.

  146. Paige: We would strongly suggest titanium over bioplast.

    Also, if you don’t have the piercings done, we would STRONGLY SUGGEST you find a new piercer. Any piercer that doesn’t know what type of jewelry should go in the piercing and/or doesn’t know where to get the jewelry (it’s really not that hard to find from reputable jewelry companies that produce high-quality jewelry), chances are they aren’t well-versed in executing this piecing properly. While the correlation between not knowing where to get the jewelry, and not being able to do the piercings well may not be obvious…based upon our experience, that is almost always exactly the case.

    It’s your body of course, but it seems silly to spend the time, energy, effort and money to get the appropriate jewelry only to have the piercings done by someone who isn’t qualified and then have the whole things botched.

  147. If you are able to find a piercer who can change the rings out for the appropriate jewelry (both in terms of style, size and QUALITY), that is probably the best option. While there may be some additional irritation from changing them so soon, that little bit of irritation is outweighed by the benefits of not having the jewelry moving around all the time while trying to heal the piercings.

    Best of luck!

  148. Pingback: » Triple Forward Helix: The next level

  149. I live in Peru, IN (about an hour and a half drive from Indianapolis); could you recommend anyone relatively nearby to change the rings to studs? I’d much rather trust your recommendation than my own judgment on this.

  150. Cool piercing! I appreciate all of the information that’s been shared on the site. Any recommendations for piercing shops in Hawaii (Oahu or The Big Island)? Thanks!

  151. This has been my dream piercing for a really really long time! I just want to make sure I’m getting a reliable, trustworthy job done that would look gorgeous and professional! Do you have any suggestions for places in Whitehall (43213) or Columbus OH? or near Cincinnati? Thank you so so much!

  152. can you please tell me if you can find a piercer in Galveston, Texas. near Houston, Texas.

  153. Kaitlin:Unfortunately, we can’t recommend anyone near you. However, we can STRONGLY recommend our friend Allan at Lucky Rabbit Tattoo in Muncie, IN. That looks to be about the same distance as it is to Indianapolis. Allan is a good guy who uses only high-quality jewelry. Assuming the piercings were done well to begin with, he should have no problems helping you find some jewelry that will fit great.

    Tell him we said “Hi!” if you go see him.

  154. Jade:Unfortunately, the only person we can recommend in HI is Dave at Gold Finch Tattoo and Body Piercing in Maui.
    Hopefully this helps at least a little bit.

  155. Natasha: This is an easy one! You need to go see either Lindsay Hearts or Sarvas Berry at Evolved in Columbus. Either of them should be able to take great care of you. If you go see them, please tell them we said, “Hi!!”.

  156. Jessica: We can’t make any suggestions specifically in Galveston, but we can suggest you go see the boys at 713 Tattoo in Houston. They should be able to help you out with whatever it is you need.

  157. I am in love with these peircings but I play sports so would I be able to put tape over them? And also do you have any suggestions of places to go in Connecticut or maybe even new York city?

  158. Hello! I’ve been wanting to get this piercing, and there are many reputable shops in my city, I just don’t know where to go. Could you recommend a place that could do the triple forward helix piercing in Ottawa (or around Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec)

    Thanks! x

  159. Im sure my new triple forward helix is a 16ga, is it possible to use one of the various types of nose rings for this or will all of those be too small? all ive ever really been able to find is 20ga.

  160. What shape does my ear need to be in order to support this piercing? Do you recommend anyone in the Denver Colorado area?

  161. Allie: Anything that is going to be put pressure on these piercings/jewelry is going to create healing issues. Evenif yo uare only covering them for a few hours a couple of times per week, that can be enough to complicate the healing. If you have the chance to get them done at a time when you have a month or two off from having to cover them, that would be best.

    We don’t have any recommendations for Connecticut, but in NY City you could check out New York Adorned or the folks at Pure Body Arts.
    Best of luck!

  162. We don’t have any suggestions for Ottawa specifically, but you could definitely check out Pat at Mauve Piercing in Montreal or Efix at Empire Body Piercing in Quebec City.

    Best of luck!

  163. Suki:We wouldn’t typically suggest using jewelry that is as thin as 20ga in these piercing. We typically do them at 18ga, but 16ga is also a very acceptable size for this piercing. Also, most of the times, jewelry designed specifically for a nose piercing isn’t going to work well for these particular piercings.

    If you’re interested in purchasing jewelry from us, that is an option. You can email us at: jewelry [at] saintsabrinas dot com for additional information. Also, if you leave another comment telling us where you live, we may be able to suggest a shop/piercer you can visit to get the jewelry.

  164. Kari: Unfortunately, it doesn’t just come down to a particular shape in determining if this piercing can be done. The shape of the ridge is certainly important, but there are other considerations such as the size of the ridge, how much room there is on the back side of the ridge, how the ridge sits in relation to some of the other inner folds on the ear. Your best option is to see an experienced piercer and let them tell you if the piercing would be a good option for you.

    In Denver, you should go see the folks at Sol Tribe Tattoo and Piercing. The folks over at Iris Body Piecing should be able to take good care of you as well. If you visit either of these studios, please tell them Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!”.

  165. Hi guys 🙂
    I’ve been wanting to get this done for a long time but have been waiting for my netball season to finish first (just three more weeks woo!). I’m from South Australia so i doubt you can suggest any places to get it done haha – but from reading up on the posts here i’ll be sure to ask my piercer lots of questions to make sure they are experienced. I have seen a lot of pictures of this that looks really crap and i was wondering is that because the piercer is unexperienced or because the persons ear is shaped different? Also, I like the triple forward helix’s that start a bit lower than the picture you have (like closer to the tragus) but i’m worried that i won’t have enough space behind that area to get my first piercing done there? Also would you suggest something like a titanium piercing for this is, or would surgical steel be fine?
    Thankyou! 🙂

  166. Mikaela: When it comes to badly done triple forward helix piercing (and, really, any piercing), it can be just inexperience/lack of understanding of the piercer, it can be poor anatomy for the piercing or a combination of those two. In the majority of the cases, it probably comes down to the anatomy not being good for the piercing and the piercer either not recognizing that…or even worse…recognizing it but proceeding with the piercings anyway.

    The sad reality is, that out of all the piercers in the world, there is an INCREDIBLY SMALL percentage, that are actually well-trained, highly-skilled, conscientious and dedicated to offering the best service possible and the best, safest jewelry possible, to their clients. So, while most of the general public will assume (understandably) that because someone hangs up a sign and calls themselves a piercer, they must know what they are doing. They simply don’t, much of the time. In the United States (and most of the world), regulations/requirements about piercing vary greatly, and don’t even exist in some places. And, in the places they do exist, most of the time they only pertain to health and safety requirements…they very rarely have anything to do with training as it relates to the technical aspects of performing body piercings.
    Sorry for the rant. 🙂

    As for starting the piercings down a bit lower, that may well be fine. It all comes down to the shape and size of the flaps and folds on your ear.

    Assuming the jewelry is high-quality and implant-grade, both stainless steel and titanium should be perfectly acceptable options for this piercing. If you tend to have jewelry/metal sensitivities, you may want to consider going with titanium just be on the safe side.

    Best of luck!

  167. i actually did send an email a couple days ago. hopefully you got it. As for where i live im in cincinnati and driving all the way to like Columbus or places like that isnt an available option for me. So if you know any in the actual Cincinnati area that would be great!

  168. I saw this on Pinterest and I am IN LOVE. I want to get it done this weekend but I will be up at school visiting my BF. Is there anwhere you suggest near Mt. Pleasant MI?? thank you so much! also I was thinking of just getting two for now and deciding later if I want the third (a little nervous about the one closest to the head). Thank you!

  169. I’d LOVE to get this piercing, but am running into a dead end finding someone who can/will do it properly. Any suggestions for someone in the Milwaukee, WI area? Or I’ll be going up to Green Bay, WI next weekend — anyone there?

  170. Hi there…I got this piercing done back in April, and it’s still just not healing. I’ve been cleaning and caring for it like I was directed, but it still hurts to touch it, etc. I started wondering, maybe it’s the jewelry?? Do you think switching from the surgical steel curved barbells, to titanium would help them heal? Also, how do I know what gauge, etc to get? At one point, the top 2 holes got a bump on both sides of the hole (front/back), but with much babying they’re MOSTLY gone. I even went back to the place where I got it done and showed them and asked them and they said that they didn’t think it was the jewelry, and gave me something else to use to clean it with. Seemed to help at the time, but is still really no better, besides the bumps subsiding. I try to be careful with my hair and everything…it’s just so frustrating! I really want to keep this piercing, but it’s making me sad that it’s not healing…and I’m hoping that I won’t have to take them out. 🙁

  171. Hii! I’m very interested in getting this piercing and I was wondering if you could reccomend any places around the Baltimore, Maryland/ Washington DC area??

  172. Hey! I absolutely love this piercing! I saw someone from London, KY ask for a close location and you referred them to Knoxville, TN. I’m from Bardstown, KY. We’re a little further north, and I was wondering if you had any places closer. Somewhere in Indiana, perhaps? Thanks

  173. The piercer I talked to in my area told me that they do this piercing with barbells. Is that normal?

  174. Hi,
    Just read through all the comments- want this piercing!!!! Could you suggest someone in Indianapolis? I definitely want someone that knows what they are doing! Thanks!

  175. Suki: Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone in that immediate area we can recommend. It looks like Columbus, OH or Louisville, KY would be the closest we could make a recommendation. Unfortunately, not every town (even larger ones) have piercers/shops that meet our standards. And, in other cases, there may well be a good piercer/shop in your area, but we may simply not be aware of it. We have a pretty extensive network of good piercers that we try to keep in contact with, but there are simply too many shops/piercers to be aware of every single good one out there.

    You might try visiting the web site for the Association of Professional Piercers to see if there are any members in your area. If there aren’t, there have lots of resources you can use to try and determine if you have found a good shop. Those resources, combined with all the stuff we’ve listed on the blog, should make it a lot easier for you to eliminate the shops you should avoid.

    The APP web site is:

    Best of luck.

  176. Ariana Hopefully you found a good studio to get this done. If not, let us know where you normally live and we might be able to suggest somewhere near you.

  177. Kristina: Unfortunately, for as large of a city as Milwaukee is, we don’t have anyone in that area we can recommend…the same for Green Bay. If you are willing to make a trip to Chicago, let us know…we can make a couple of good suggestions.

  178. Andrea: Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone in that immediate area we can recommend. Sadly, not every town (even larger ones) have piercers/shops that meet our standards. And, in other cases, there may well be a good piercer/shop in your area, but we may simply not be aware of it. We have a pretty extensive network of good piercers that we try to keep in contact with, but there are simply too many shops/piercers to be aware of every single good one out there.

    You might try visiting the web site for the Association of Professional Piercers to see if there are any members in your area. If there aren’t, there have lots of resources you can use to try and determine if you have found a good shop. Those resources, combined with all the stuff we’ve listed on the blog, should make it a lot easier for you to eliminate the shops you should avoid.

    The APP web site is:

    Best of luck.

  179. Amanda:There could be any number of things going on that are affecting the healing of your piercings. If all three of them were done with curved barbells, that tells us there is a pretty good chance the piercer who did them either didn’t know what the were doing, or they simply put in whatever jewelry they had available. While curved barbells are sometimes a good option, it’s usually only in very specific types of anatomy, and it’s very unlikely you would use curved barbells in all three of them. The problem with curved barbells is that they tend to move around a lot as well get bumped/snagged on stuff.

    To us, it sounds like you best option would be to find an experienced piercer in your area who sales high-quality jewelry and have them look at your piercings. Unfortunately, we can’t really help a lot if we can’t see the piercings. If you want to tell us where you live, we might be able to make some suggestions about piercers/shops that could help you.

  180. Bianca:The best suggestion we can make is to check out Hannah at Fatty’s Custom Tattoos. We don’t have much personal experience with her, but she seems to do solid piercings and uses good quality jewelry. We feel confident she should be able to take care of you. If you visit, please tell her the folks at Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!”

  181. Lena:Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone in DE that we can recommend. However, if you’re willing to take a bit of a trip (about an hour-and-a-half), we can VERY STRONGLY recommend AJ at 12 Oz Tattoo in Deptford, NJ. AJ is a great good and an excellent piercer who uses top quality jewelry. It may not be the most convenient, but when it comes to your body, you should be willing to put forth a little extra effort to make sure your piercings are done correctly.

    If you go see AJ, tell him the folks at “Saint Sabrina’s” say, “Hi!” And maybe give him a hug for us too. 🙂

    You can see some of A.J.’s work and learn more about him at his website:

  182. Megan:You could check out the folks at Tattoo Charlies, in Louisville, KY. We used to be able to strongly recommend Elizabeth who worked there, but she recently moved to another a state. So, we don’t know anything about the current piercer(s), but we would assume they should able to take good care of you as well. They also seem to still be carrying quality jewelry. Best of luck!

  183. Makenzie: That could very well be just fine. The pieces we are using are essentially small barbells, but they have small flat disks on the back side instead of balls. They can be done with barbells as long as the balls on the backside are small enough to fit comfortably in the ear and also not be seen. But, some places put barbells in them and don’t have a good understanding of the anatomy needed for the piercing, or the angles of the piercings, and the barbells look bad and may not heal well. You should ask them to see some pictures of these piercings that they have done. If they can’t show you, or you don’t like what you see, don’t let them pierce you.

  184. Becky: Our strongest recommendation for someone in Indiana would be our friend Allan at Lucky Rabbit Tattoo and Piercing in Muncie, IN. He is super knowledgeable and uses nothing but the highest quality jewelry. We can’t recommend him highly enough. Please tel him we said hi if you go to see him.

    If you aren’t wiling to make that drive, you could check out the folks at Metamorphosis. We don’t have any first-hand knowledge/experience, but in looking at their Facebook page, they seem to use high-quality jewelry. While that’s not guarantee of a great piercing, it is usually a good sign. Best of luck!

  185. This looks great! I’m dying to get this now that I’ve seen how great it looks! By any chance do you have a recommendation for somewhere around detroit, michigan? Thanks!

  186. Claire: You should absolutely go see our friend Mike Moore at Ironclad Tattoo in Troy, MI. It’s a new shop, but Mike has been piercing in the Detroit area for many years. He’s a super nice, super funny guy and he uses only high-quality jewelry. Tell him Saint Sabrina’s sent you, and tell him that we miss him.

  187. Suki: That is the correct address, and we’ve been receiving lots of emails at that address. Perhaps their was an Internet hiccup. You might want to send your email again. We’ll keep an eye out for it.

  188. Hey! You guys really seem to know why you’re talking about! I have been wanting to get this piercing for a while now! I just have a lot of questions about the piercing! I live in Cleveland, Georgia, which is an hour or so from Atlanta if that helps. Also, where are you guys located cause you guys really know what you’re talking about and the only reason I’m hesitant to getting it is because I want it done correctly. Also, I play basketball & practice starts within the next few months so would I be healed by then? & When are you allowed to take the earrings out or replace them? I hope you guys can get back to me! Thanks!

  189. Kaitlin: Thank you very much for all of the kind words. We really appreciate it!

    We are located in Minneapolis, MN…so if you want to come up and see us, we’d love to help you with this piercing! However, since you are close to Atlanta, you have a couple of choices of great studios. We’ll list them in our “order of preference”, but honestly…you can’t go wrong with any of these studios. Our suggestion would be to contact each of them and see which shops “feels” best to you.

    Virtue and Vice

    Piercing Experience

    Kolo Piercing

    If you decide to visit any (or all) of these studios, please tell them that the folks at Saint Sabrina’s referred you and please tell them we said, “Hi!”

  190. I really want this piercing done for my 18tg birthday in a couple months. Could you recommend anyone in Clarksville Tennessee? Nashville would probably be a more practical place to look but the closer the better!

  191. Hello!
    I’m looking into getting this piercing done and I want to make sure to find a reputable place to get them done at where they know what they are doing.

    Could you recommend any places in the Kansas City, Missouri Area?

  192. Caity: Absolutely your best option is to go see the folks at Icon Body Piercing in Nashville. They are a great crew and they use the highest-quality jewelry available. In your area, there is no one we can recommend more strongly. If you end up going to see them, please let them know that Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!”.

  193. Jenna: In the Kansas City area, your best option is going to be Freaks on 39th. We don’t have much direct experience with them, but everything we hear from people we trust is good.

    Best of luck!

  194. I just saw this piercing and I am very eager to get it! Is there anyone in the Central Florida region you can recommend? Lakeland-Tampa-Orlando?

  195. I am in Macon GA I would like a reccomendation of somewhere to go? We asked our local studio, 7 months ago and they still “can’t get the jewelry” and can only do 1 piercing at a time. :/ thanks

  196. I’ve been waiting SO long to get these and the day I finally go, the piercer said my ears were too small for the triple helix forward. He suggested a stud at the top and a hoop lower, but I really don’t want that. Is there anything I can do/go to get it done? I live in Dallas, TX and trying to spend the least amount I can with it still being professionally done. (Quoted $75)

  197. Hello I run a small salon from home here in Australia cutting hair, doing nails and also piercings! I have done several triple forward helix & have had difficulty finding the correct piercings. The first I used 3 short labret/Monroe bars the 2nd & 3rd times I used nose piercings cut shorter that I made a tiny pigtail on the back to keep them in! I would very much like to purchase right piercings as in the picture. The closest I found was Tragus/helix bars that are 5mm long, but the stones are all the same size. I would prefer the three different sizes you have in your pic! Can you help me here in Australia??!!

  198. Kelsey:We would suggest going to see Paul Kriner at Requiem Body Piercing in Spring Hill, FL. He is the only person in that area we can currently suggest. Best of luck!

  199. Lena: We can’t recommend anyone in your immediate area, but if you are willing to take a trip to Atlanta, we can make a couple of suggestions:

    You can’t go wrong with any of these studios. Our suggestion would be to contact each of them and see which shops “feels” best to you.

    Virtue and Vice

    Piercing Experience

    Kolo Piercing

    If you visit any of them, please tell them Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!”

  200. Aiden: Unfortunately, the human body wasn’t created with piercing in mind. So, it’s very possible that the size and shape of your ears make it so this piercing isn’t a viable option for you. And, while that is disappointing, it’s much less disappointing than having the piercing done, spending the time, energy and money trying to get them to heal, only to have them fail. You can, of course, seek out a second opinion.

    The price you were quoted seems a bit low to also include high-quality jewelry. Most studios we know of that have experienced, knowledgeable piercers and use high-quality jewelry that is safe to be in the body, usually charge somewhere between $140-$180 for all three piercings and three pieces of jewelry.

    If you are in the Dallas area, you might want to consider checking out the folks at Obscurities in Dallas.

    Best of luck!

  201. Tara: Thanks for the comment.

    The best we can suggest is contacting Industrial Strength Body Jewelry Australia

    As with most jewelry companies that sell high quality jewelry, they may not be willing to sell jewelry to someone who is operating piercing services (along with other services) out of their home…but we don’t know what their policies are. While we tend to think that piercing has no place being done in the same environment as those other services, let along being done out of someone’s home, hopefully you can at least find a way to put appropriate jewelry in the people who are trusting you with their health and safety.

    Best of luck.

  202. Hello! I was wondering if you had any suggestions for the western suburbs of Chicago Illinois. Thank You!

  203. hey again 🙂 I am around the Brownsburg/ Lebanon Indiana area, so is there any place you suggest me looking for jewelry or can I buy it off of you, if so, how do I do this?

  204. I am in the Austin, TX area where would be the closest place for me to go and get this piercing along with the same kind of jewelry shown in this picture. Thanks:)

  205. Hi I am from Idaho and I live a few hours away from Twin falls and Boise. I was wondering if you could suggest a place for me to get this piercing done in either of those cities? That would be so helpful! 🙂

  206. Hello, I was wondering if you could reccommend some place in Southern Oregon to get this piercing done, I live about an hour from Medford. So any where would be great 🙂 thank you!

  207. Wow-fantastic work. By any chance could you recommend someone in the Peoria, Illinois area?
    Thanks for your help!

  208. HI! i live in Lakeview OR. we r a tiny town close to the border of CA. i absolutely love this piercing, but don’t know where to go to get it! do u have any recommendations as to where to get it that is semi close to where i live?? we r used to traveling.. but in Oregon would be preferred or in California in a town that is close to Oregon.. thank you!! 🙂

  209. Hi!
    I was hoping you could refer me to someone in Richmond, VA?
    Please and thank you!

  210. I really want to get this done. Can you recommend a place in Memphis, TN that would do it?

  211. I have this done!!! It made a huge triple crunch when I got it pierced! Lots of pain, but manageable. I got mine done at Jaded in Lethbridge, AB Canada. It hurts to sleep on until it heals. I recommend tea tree oil to speed up the healing process since it is a triple piercing.

  212. I am from Gainesville, FL and took a picture like this to my local shop and they gave me the spill about it being photo shopped….

    Can you suggest somewhere to get in done? The towns around are Gainesville, Ocala, Jacksonville, and Orlando….all in Florida.

    Thank you!!

  213. What kind of rings are you using?? I went and asked the owner of the parlor in st. Joe MI if he had experience in doing this, and he said he has tried it with 7 or 8 different kinds of jewelry and it never looks right. What are you using? And is there any shops around me you can suggest? I live in Watervliet MI and how much will just the gems be?

  214. I was wondering if you knew of any experienced piercer’s in Maine that would be able to do this piercing? I know we’re way away from Saint Sabrina’s, but it would be so helpful! Some major cities are Portland, Augusta, and Bangor. Thanks so much!

  215. I wanted to see if you could refer me to someone who would be able to do this in the Frederick, MD area. Traveling a decent distance is not out of the question either. Thanks!

  216. My area is Wilkes Barre PA, Scranton is a big city. Also going to Sunset Brooklyn NY this weekend. I have called around and they only pierce with eye brow hoops or the silver ball studs. The range of their pricing in NY is from 40-60$ should I be concerned that the price is cheap compared to PA 80$-200$?

  217. Hi,
    I was wondering who you would recommend in Los Angeles? Obviously there are piercers everywhere here, but knowing who is reputable is difficult! I’d specifically love to find someone in west la or the south bay (hermosa, manhattan, redondo, Torrance) if possible.
    Very helpful site, btw! Thank you!

  218. I’m about an hour outside of Philly, is there anybody in the Philly area that you could suggest? Thanks!

  219. Who would you recommend around the West Hollywood, Los Angeles area? If you know any experienced piercers around Glendale, that would be even better, but West Hollywood is not bad either. Thank you so much! Oh, and are consultations usually free? Like, if I go in and ask them if I’m suitable for the triple forward helix or not, will they charge me because they’re taking the time to see me? Thanks so much for your help

  220. Hi I have been looking for jewelry like this for my piercings but having a hard time finding the jewels in descending size. Also I’m not sure of the exact gauge and length I should be getting. I would love if you could help me with this. Also, If you could recommend someone to do my third piercing. I have the top and bottom done, but moved so haven’t had the third done yet. I don’t know piercers in my area, so scared to go get it done. I live in Paducah, KY but if you could find piercers in Nashville, TN or somewhere near that area I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!!!!

  221. Can you help me find a piercer in my area. I live in Mesquite which is right outside Dallas TX. Know of anyone?

  222. Hi! I got this piercing done last month, and it had been healing perfectly. I bumped it a few days ago and now each hole looks like it’s swelling or has formed extra scar tissue. Is there anything I can do to fix it, or should I just wait for the swelling (hopefully that’s all it is) to go down?

  223. I got the first piercing done for the triple forward helix 2 months ago and just recently on Tuesday went down and got my other 2 piercings done to complete it! Is it normal for it to burn and throb? I have been cleaning as directed! How long did it take for
    The pain to go away? I know my bottom one doesn’t hurt at all but the middle and top do! Any advice??

  224. Can you help me find a piercer in my area? I live in the Toronto area. Much appreciated.

  225. Kaitlin: If you are asking when you can change the jewelry, that would typically be around 3-4 months, assuming the jewlery that is put in initially is appropriate. If the jewelry isn’t appropriate, it is best to change it sooner than later.

    If you are asking when you can take them out, leave them out for a while and then put them back in, that is going to be at least 9 months to a year for most people. Of course that also depends upon how long you are planning on leaving them out.

  226. Steph:

    We have three shops in the Chicago area we can recommend. You should be well taken care of at all three of them:

    Topnotch Tattoo in Elgin. See Chux

    Insight Tattoo in Chicago. Bob Jones is your guy there.

    Native Ritual in Oak Lawn. Johnny Valez is the man.

    Best of luck, and please tell whoever you visit that Saint Sabrina’s says, “hi!”

  227. Derrica: You can check out the folks at Metamorphosis in Inidianapolis. We don’t have personal experience with them, but we hear good thigns. If you are willing to make the trip to Muncie, our friend Alan is at Lucky Rabbit Tattoo and he is totally awesome. If none of that works for you, and you want to purchase jewelry from us, send us an email to jewelry [at] saintsabrinas dot com and we will send you information on how to make that happen.

    If you go see Allen, or the folks at Metamorphosis, please tell them Saint Sabrina’s says, “hi!”

  228. Lea:You have several good options in Austin.

    Our friend Rick Frueh at Industrial Primitives is fantastic. The kids at Diablo Rojo will also take good care of you. And last, but definitely not least, Pineapple at Shaman Modification is totally awesome as well.

    Please, if you visit any of these folks, please tell them we said, “Hi!”.

  229. Rachel: Unfortunately, there isn’t anyone in that area that we are familiar with or would feel comfortable sending you. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone good there, it just means we weren’t able to find anyone we felt comfortable with. You might want to visit the web site for the Association of Professional Piercers to see if they have any members in that area. Even if they don’t, their web site has lots of good information on what to look for in a clean, safe studio.

  230. The closest shop we can recommend is going to be High Priestess Piercing in Roseburg. Any of the folks there should be able to take godo care of you.

    If you go visit them, please them that Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!”

  231. We don’t have anyone in CT that we can recommend, but we can VERY STRONGLY recommend our friend Jef Saunders at Rock Star Body pIercing in Providence, RI. Jef is super nice, a great piercer and carries fantastic jewelry. Seriously…go see him!!!

    Please tell him Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!” Heck, give him a hug from us too!

  232. Becky: Unfortunately, there isn’t anyone in that area that we are familiar with or would feel comfortable sending you. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone good there, it just means we weren’t able to find anyone we felt comfortable with. You might want to visit the web site for the Association of Professional Piercers to see if they have any members in that area. Even if they don’t, their web site has lots of good information on what to look for in a clean, safe studio.

    If you are willing to travel to Chicago or St. Louis, we can make some recommendations. Let us know if you’d like that information.

  233. Jenna:In Oregon, the closest we can suggest are the folks at High Priestess Piercing in Roseburg. Fantastic crew. Yo could also check out Jesse Tuttle at Tattooz Ink in Redding, CA. We don’t have personal experience with Jesse, but he seems to use high-quality jewelry, which is always a good sign.

  234. I went to the psst phish in springfield, ma…..she knew wht she was doing for sure, she put the bar bell things in to allow room for swelling for it to heal, and then told me to get the studs I wnt aftr healing is done. Back home in mankato, mn they had no idea, and mentioned microdermal so I did it on my vacation….my question is, do u think it wld be ok to get the studs I wnt and for them to put them in for me even thoug they didn’t hve much knowledge about the piercing?

  235. Kianne:Unfortunately, the closest we can recommend is Comes a Time Tattoo in Fairfax. That doens’t mena there aren’t any good studios/piercers in that area, but it does mean that we aren’t familiar with anyone who we would feel comfortable sending you to.

    You might want to visit the web site for the Association of Professional Piercers to see if they have any members in that area. Even if they don’t, their web site has lots of good information on what to look for in a clean, safe studio.

  236. Kari:It may be possible to use nose studs, but it’s not a very good idea. That type of jewelry is designed for nose piercings and usually doesn’t work out very well in other piercings. Now, there are some types of jewelry that can be used in noses and various other piercings…but if it’s jewelry designed specifically for a nose piercing, it’s best not to use it for these piercings.

  237. Meriah:Unfortunately, the closest recommendation we can make is Mystical, in Modesto, CA. We hear good things about the piercer. Fresno seems to be a bit of wasteland when it comes to quality piercing studios.

    Best of luck!

  238. Christina:There probably isn’t much you can do, other than be extra careful with them and wait it out. If it seems that the swelling is causing the jewelry to fit too tightly, you should visit your piercer to see if longer jewelry is needed.

  239. You may be experiencing a bit more pain because you had two piercings done at once. Unfortunately, without being able to see your piercings, we can’t really give much specific/helpful information. If you are still concerned about it, we would recommend you visit your piercer.

  240. Nicole: We would suggest treking out to Oakville and seeing Tom Brazda at Way Cool Tattoos. He is one of the most intelligent, articulate and talented piercers we have every met. Fantastic, that guy!

  241. Hi thanks for the informative post! I deffinitley want this piercing with the diamond studs…I don’t want any hoops at all… Also want the larger to smaller stone size. I was wondering if you can recommend someone in RI or Attleboro/seekonk mass area. I live in Pawtucket so anywhere fairly close. Preferably affordable also!! Yhanks

  242. I really would like to get this done, i don’t know if you would know any places in canada even but if you have a recommendation for a place in saskatoon saskatchewan that would be great.

  243. Hi! I would to get this piercing done, but I dont know of any places in Seattle that can do this piercing. If you could help that would be great. And my ear is pretty small do you think a triple would be too much or should I just get a double. Although I really like the triple.

  244. Im wanting to get this done really bad, Any suggestions in Missouri or close to Springfield, MO?

  245. Got mine 2 weeks a go by Pat Pierce at Mauve studio at Montréal… Got his name from this blog so thanks a lot ! He was very very professionnal and take his time to figure out how to pierce that best suit my ear ! and Im happy ! But it hurts !

  246. Can you recommend a piercer in the Detroit MI area? I live in the Orion/Clarkston area and would like to find a skilled person to evaluate if I can have a this done. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

  247. Henley: You should go see Josh Noble-Olsen at Slave to the Needle. He will be able to take good care of you and give you an opinion on what is going to work for your ear and what will look best. Without being able to see your ear, there really is no way for us to give you much advice. Please tell Josh that Saint Sabrina’s said “hi!” if you go see him.

  248. Lexie: You are in luck!!! You should absolutely go see Ash at Hearts of Fire Tattoo. She is the only person in that area that we would recommend you go see. She uses great jewlery, is a good piercer and a total sweetheart. Please, please, please…tell her Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!”.

  249. Hey im super interested in getting this if possible, any recommendations of shops in the pullman, WA/moscow, ID area?

  250. Courtney: You’ve got a few choices in the Chicago-land area. Bob Jones at Insight Tattoo is a good dude and uses great jewelry. Our friends at Native Rituals in Oaklawn are absolutely worth the drive. We love them lots! Chux at Topnotch Tattoo in Elgin is also great. Hope that helps!

  251. Margaret: Unfortunately, we don’t know anyone in that area we would feel comfortable sending you to. You might check out the Association of Professional Piercers web site. They may have a member in that area we aren’t aware of. If not, they have a lot of good information, including their “Guide to Choosing a Piercer” (or something similar to that).

    Their web site is:

    Good luck!

  252. Maggie: We have a couple of suggestions for you, but you’ll have to take a short trip for each of them. But, they are the only places in the Detroit area we would feel comfortable sending you.

    You’ve got Mike Moore at Ironclad Tattoo in Troy, MI and you’ve got Tiffany Diamond at Lady Luck Body Piercing in Waterford, MI

    Both of them are totally awesome piercers who will take great care of you. Please tell whoever you go see that Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi! We love you! We miss your face!”

  253. Hello,
    I am wanting to get the forward helix piercing done. I was hoping you knew of somewhere in the Houston, Tx. area? Thanks!

  254. I was wondering if you could recommend somewhere in the fayetteville , Arkansas area to get the triple forward helix pierced. Some other large cities around would be Tulsa,OK fort smith, are, joplin , mo. Also the jewelry in the picture, what is the cost for all three, and can that jewelry be put in at the time of the piercing?thanks so much. — amanda

  255. Kristi: You should go talk to the guys over at 713 Tattoo in Houston. We don’t know them personally, but we hear good things about them from people we trust. Tell them Saint Sabrina’s sent you!

  256. Meghan: This one is super easy, but you should act quick! You should go see Courtney at TRX Tattoo in St. Louis. She is actually moving to Minneapolis to work for us very soon. In fact, her last day at TRX is this Wednesday (the 19th). If you can’t make it there before she moves, a woman named Ashley Misako will be filling in at TRX…she is also All of The Awesome.

    But, if you can get pierced by Courtney before she leaves, you won’t regret it.

    Whether you get pierced by Courtney or Ashley, tell them Saint Sabrina’s says, “Hi!” Hell, give ’em a hug from us too!!

  257. Amanda:You should check out the folks at South Town Tattoo in Fort Smith. We don’t have personal experience with them,b ut they seem to carry high-quality jewelry and from the pictures we’ve seen, they appear to be pretty solid piercers.

    Best of luck!

  258. I was considering getting the heart helix peircing (i belive its called) it was menchanged above. Can they peirce it with the heart jewerly or does it have to be put in once the peircig has healed?

  259. sski: You could check out the folks at Mos Eisley’s Tattoo and Piercing. We don’t have personal experience with them, but from what we can tell, it looks like they do pretty good work. Again…that’s not a full recommendation, but chances are they should be able to help you out pretty well.

  260. Hey! I was wondering if you had any recommendations for Southeastern PA like in or around Philly. I really want to get a triple forward helix and my nose done, but I’d feel better about going to a shop if someone who knows what they’re talking trusts them also.
    Thanks so much!

  261. Riese: You’ve got it made! There are two great choices in Philly.

    In no particular order:

    1) Luis, at NoKaOit Tattoo and Piercing
    2) Infinite Body Piercing

    Both are great shops that use great jewelry. Each has it’s own vibe, so maybe check each one out (they are very close to each other) and see what feels best to you. You can’t go wrong either way. Please tell whoever you end up seeing that Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!”

  262. Do you have any suggestions for where I can get this done near Ames, Iowa! I want to get this done so bad!

  263. Hi, I am seriously in love with this piercing and am planning on getting it done within the next few months. Are there any places you could recommend for me near Athens, Georgia? If not, I’d be more than happy to go to a place in Atlanta 🙂
    Thank you!

  264. Olivia: We love it when the answers are so easy! You should go see our friends at Pain and Wonder. They will be able to take fabulous care of you. Tell them that Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!!”. Give them hugs too, if you’re feeling up to it. Good luck!

  265. I got this piercing awhile ago and just barely took the jewelry out for sports. Is there an easier way to put labret studs back in? I have a hard time trying to put the labret in from the underside of the helix coming out forward. I ended up just putting it in backwards a couple times when it took too long.

  266. i was wondering if there were any good places i could get this done around Winona, Minnesota? other areas i could go to are rochestor, minnesota and la crosse, wisconsin

  267. Hey I’m in Asheville, NC…Wondering if there are any good places near me that you recommend for this piercing?

  268. Hi there.
    I got three anti helix’s done about two months ago, and i’m pretty sure the piercer angled it wrongly, like in the picture that you have posted, so that you can see the bars below. Now, I’m pretty sure what the answer is already, but is there anyway I can make this look better, perhaps buying specific styled/shaped/sized jewellry? I mean, it’s not awful, like the picture, but…it’s not ideal. :s

  269. I got this done on both sides but on one side the piercings were crooked or too shallow while the other side was perfect so I took the bad side out. I think it may have been from the different angle of the piercers dominant hand or something. Anyway when it heals can I get it repierced? And if so how long should I wait before I repierce it? And can you recommend anyone in North Dakota? I live in Williston (western) but I’m willing to travel.

  270. Chris: You could check with your local piercing studio and see if they have an insertion taper in the size of your jewelry that you could purchase from them. This would allow you to put the taper in from the front and then butt the jewelry up against the taper and then slide it in to the piercing. If your jewelry is such that there is a hole in the post/shaft, you may be able to get an insertion taper that has a small pin on the back side that the jewelry would slide over, making the transfer even easier.

    Hope this helps!

  271. Carly:We might suggest that you make the trip up to Minneapolis to see us for the piercing(s). 🙂

    If we knew of a shop in that are we felt comfortable recommending, we certainly would. Unfortunately, we don’t know of any shops that use high-quality jewelry and/or have piercers we feel comfortable suggesting.

  272. Chelsie: Unfortunately, we don’t know anyone in that area. However, if you are willing to make the trip to Phoenix, we would high recommend going to see Dana Dinius at HTC Body Piercing in Phoenix. If you go see him, please tell him Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!”. If you’re feeling up to it, give him a hug for us too!

  273. Brandi:Unfortunately, we can’t make any suggestions for anyone in that area.

    HOWEVER, you should take a little trip to Knoxville, TN and see the folks at Born This Way Body Arts. They are hands down the most awesome shop within 2 hours of where you are. Bryan, the piercer is fantastic. They have a beautiful shop and carry nothing but the highest-quality jewelry. Knoxville is a fun little town, so make a day out of it. A little piercing, a little shopping, eat somewhere fun.

    You can check them out on Facebook at:

  274. Annie: If the angles of the piercings were “off”, it may be possible to “fix” it with certain jewelry. But, unfortunately, the chances of that aren’t very good. Also, since we can’t see your piercings in-person, there really isn’t anyway for us to suggest what jewelry, if any, might work to make the piercings look the way you want. If you want to let us know where you live, we might be able to suggest a place you can visit that can evaluate what is going on and make some suggestions.

    It is very possible that you may need to remove the piercings, let them heal and then have them redone in order to have them look right.

  275. Bethany:It shouldn’t be a problem to have it re-done in the future. As for shops in North Dakota, the only shop we can suggest at all would be Dead Rock Star in Fargo. We don’t have a lot of experience with them, but from what we’ve seen, they seem to do pretty solid work.

    Best of luck!

  276. Hi! A friend of mine showed me a picture of this. I hear it’s very high maintenance. Is that true? And would it be ok if I turned over in my sleep and laid on it? I toss and turn. I also have the top ofmy cartilage pierced, would I need to take it out? I am in New Bern NC. Anywhere reputable around me? Oh, and would you recommend the different size studs or the same? Thanks!

  277. I HAVE this. I was pierced with small barbells. I changed the jewelry to something similar in the pic. I did not read ALL the posts – but @Priscilla – you wll NOT be able to lie on it for some time. I had just one ear done – and now I am planning to go back for the other. It is, in my opinion, high maintenance. I have man piercings – and this has been the toughest…. that said – taken care of and given time – it is a pretty awesome piercing and I do love mine!

  278. Priscilla: For some people this piercng is a bit high-maintenance. You are dealing with 3 piercings that are very close to each others, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they can be a bit challenging to heal. Sleeping on the piercings, or anything else that puts pressure on the piercings or irritates them, will tend to complicate and prolong the healing process. Obviously, it can be hard to control how you sleep, but it is something that can affect the healing.

    You shouldn’t need to remove your other piercing for these piercings.

    The closest piercers we can recommend are Richard or Adam at Warlocks Tattoo in Raleigh, NC. We realize it’s a bit of a drive, but they are both great piercers who use top-quality jewelry.

  279. Hey can u recommend a place to do this in manhattan or any place u know of in nyc thanks a lot

  280. Any suggestions in Toronto, Canada? If not, how about north Florida – Jacksonville or Gainsville?

  281. Do you know anyone around thomasville Ga that will do one, I have been wanting to get it done for awhile but cant find anyone to do it.

  282. Damaris: You can check out Pure Body Arts, New York Adorned or Venus. They are all very different types of piercing shops, but you should be able to get good jewelry and good service at any of them. Best of luck!

  283. I love this piercing!! Do you have in suggestions of where i can get this done in Cincinnati or Dayton area.

  284. We live in Minnesota and my daughter wants this really bad so if I end up getting this for her we will go to you. I just have a few questions? About how much would it cost? How old to you have to be? She plays soccer and you cant wear ear rings while playing so we will get it in the winter while soccer isn’t going on but can she take it out once it heals?

  285. Megan:The cost of the piercing will depend a lot on the specific jewelry your daughter picks out. You can send us an email to jewelry [at] saintsabrinas dot com and we can discuss pricing.

    As for not being able to wear the jewelry for sports, that definitely is an issue for some people. If the piercings are a year or more old, there shouldn’t be an issue with removing the jewelry and re-inserting it after she is done playing. However, if the piercings won’t be that old, the best option would be to get some retainers to put in the piercings to keep them open while she is playing soccer. Depending upon how the piercings are doing at the time she has to start soccer, she may be better off putting the retainers in and leaving them for the duration of the season, as opposed to taking them in-and-out once (or more) per week.

    Your daughter would need to be 16 to get these done at our studio. You can actually find all of our policies about piercing minors here:

    <a href="“>Piercing Policies for Minors

    Hopefully this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  286. Amber:Yes! Yes! Yes! The ONLY place you should consider going in the San Antonio area is Dandyland Tattoo and Piercing. If you can, go see our friend Miro. He is a fantastic piercer and Dandyland carries a great selection of high-quality jewelry. Please tell them that Saint Sabrina’s sent you…and give Miro a hug for us. We love him!!!

  287. Any recommendations for Jacksonville FL? I would love to have this done but i want to ask a professional if my ear is structured for this?

  288. Wow!, you have so many post I hope I’m not asking you to repeat a question. Where in the San Francisco/ Bay Area would you recommend to go?

    Thanks in advance!

  289. Hey Sabrina,

    I’m in the Pittsburgh area and am really wanting to get a triple forward helix but I’m not native to the area, I’m here for school (I’m native to LA), and so I have no idea about the piercing community out here – can you recommend anyone or should I wait to head back home?

  290. Amanda-Kate: Unfortunately, there isn’t anyone that area that we could feel comfortable recommending.

    You could check out Elizabeth at A Fu Kein Good Tattoo. But, we honestly can’t give her any type of endorsement.

  291. Angela: We have answered this one before. 🙂

    Here are some suggestions:

    Body Manipulations, Braindrops, Nomad and Cold Steel in the SF, Industrial Tattoo in Berkeley and Blue Star Tattoo in Concord.

    Hopefully this helps. Please tell wherever you go that Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!”.

  292. Mail: You should check out Twitch, at In the Blood Tattoo. We don’t have any personal knowledge/experience with him, but we have heard some pretty good things about him from some people whose opinions we definitely trust.

    Best of luck!

  293. I just got my forward triple helix pierced today, and the person wasn’t very specific on how to clean it. What’s the best way to clean it? Dial soap or soak it with salt water? And should i cover it when i wash my hair?

  294. I just got one helix done at infinite in south Philadelphia. I love that place. I was wondering how long I would have to wait to get a second one done. The piercer told me I could do one more but he didn’t want to much swelling to go on. I was sad I couldn’t get them all done but Im glad he filled me in on why. Plus my ruck is pierced. If you could let me know what you thnk that would be great. Thanks Jen

  295. Patricia: Unfortunately, for as large of a city as Milwaukee is, it’s pretty devoid of high-quality piercing shops. Our best suggestion would be to head down to Chicago and visit. Bob Jones at Insight Tattoo. You could try the folks at Blue Lotus/Piercing Lounge, but In Madison, WI also. We don’t know a lot about their piercers these days, but they have done decent work in the past.

    Hopefully this helps!

  296. Amanda-Kate: You might check out Dungeon Tattoo. We don’t really know anything about them, but from looking at their Facebook page it appears that they use high-quality jewelry. While that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a good piercing, it’s often a good indicator that the studio is dedicated to quality and safety. Best of luck!

  297. Mandy: We would suggest starting with Black Hole Piercing. You might also check out Lotus Piercing, but we don’t know much about them. At a studio using quality (i.e,, safe to be in your body) jewelry, you should expect to pay between $130 and $180, most of the time. However, there may be some studios that are a little less or a little more. We would be skeptical of anyone charging much less than $130, as that is usually going to mean they are using substandard jewelry.

    Best of luck!

  298. Jen:It would be up the piercer how long they would want you to wait, but probably at least a month. We usually do two or three at a time and haven’t had any major issues with too much swelling. But, we certainly understand the concern the piercer had. Infinite is a great shop. There is also another great shop a few doors down, called No Ka Oi Tattoo. Our friends Luis and Haley (she’ll be starting their soon) are the piercers there and they are fantastic as well.

  299. Kate G:

    If you are in San Diego, you have a a number of good shops to choose from:

    Apogee Body Piercing
    Church of Steel

    If you need additional recommendations, let us know. We can suggest a number of shops in the L.A. area.

  300. Hello,

    I would really like to get this piercing. Is there anyone you can recommend near State College, PA?


  301. I wanted to know what’s the best place around York, PA? I usually go to Pro Ink off of Route 30 but I wasn’t sure if they can do the triple foward helix or not.

  302. Thanks for the feedback! After hearing numerous good things about Enigma, plus your suggestion- I think thats where Im going!
    Thanks again!!!
    -Kate G

  303. Sarah:This one is super easy. The only place we would recommend you go in RI is Rock Star Body Piecing in Providence. Go get yourself some piercing love from either Jef or Billy. They are both excellent piercers and the shop using nothing but the highest-quality jewelry. They will take great care of you.

    Please let them know that Saint Sabrina’s sent you. And give them a hug for us!!!

  304. Love this piercing. Was planning to go to Pierced Out in San Jose, CA, but is there any place else you’d recommend over them in the SF South Bay/Silicon Valley?

  305. The ladies at Pierced Out should be able to take good care of you, and they appear to use good quality jewelry. Another great option is to take a trip over the hill to Way Body Arts in Santa Cruz.

    Whether you go to Pierced out or Way, please tell them that Saint Sabrina’s sent you. Best of luck!

  306. I got this done 3 data ago. I am confused about the aftercare. The piercer didn’t go into much detail- salt and boiled water, twist daily. But people on the net say -do not twist -to keep from infection. Which is it?! Twist or no twist???? Thank u in advance (ps it’s a little sore!)

  307. I was hoping to get this piercing done as well as it’s so beautiful! Could you recommened someone in the Ventura County/Santa Barbara/Camarillo Area?

  308. Thank you so much for all of this fantastic info! So helpful for my first piercing in years. I would like to get this done somewhere near Salisbury, Md or Dover DE..any suggestions of a reputable location?
    Thank you!

  309. Regarding my previous comment, I had forgotten the state. Would you mind suggesting a place near these areas: Santa Barbara/Ventura/Camarillo in California.
    Thanks again for taking the time to reply back, and I really appreciate all the helpful comments. As far as the aftercare goes, you hadn’t recommend H2Ocean. What do you feel is the best brand/product?

  310. I live right in the smack center of Louisiana in Alexandria. Anywhere you can recommend to get this done around here?

  311. Such a pretty piercing! Could you please suggest a good place to get this done in the capital region or anywhere in upstate NY? If not what is the closest place? Thank you 😀

  312. I just recently got my first of the three, although where i got it pierced classified it as a daith piercing. I am planning on separating the piercing out within three months of each other, and i was wondering if that was a good idea? Also, I wanted to get in touch with you about jewelry. I have been looking online some and am finding it is really hard to find studs! I am not planning to change my jewelry for a long time, but I would appreciate hearing back from you! Thanks so much

  313. Kaite: We assume you are talking about Iowa. If so, go check out the folks at Omega Red in Cedar Falls. They should be able to take good care of you. Please tell them that Saint Sabrina’s sent you.

  314. Jane: You’ve got a few good options in that part of New York:

    1) In Buffalo, go to Cow Pok Tattoo and Piercing
    2) In Syracuse, go to Scarab Body Arts
    3) In Rochester, go to Dorje Adornments

    Any of those three places have excellent piercers and use nothing but high-quality jewelry. Please tell them that Saint Sabrina’s referred you and tel them we say, “Hi!!!” Heck, give them hugs for us if you’re felling up to it.

  315. Lexi: Well, a forward helix piercing, even done really low on the helix, still isn’t a daith piercing. Kind of worrisome that a studio would call it that. As for jewelry, send us an email to jewelry [at] saintsabrinas dot com and we can give you some information on purchasing jewelry from us. It shouldn’t be a problem to space the piercing out over the course of a number of months. You may find it easier and more comfortable to heal that way. The only real challenge with doing that can be getting the placement/spacing correct, but an experienced/skilled piercer should be able to handle that. Best of luck!

  316. Hello again,

    Instead of getting it done in State College, PA, I could also get it done near Seattle when I’m there. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

  317. Brittni:Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anyone in your area we would feel comfortable sending you to. If you can leave another comment letting us know how far you would be willing to travel to get it done, we might still be able to make some recommendations.

  318. Raevynn: If you’re in Seattle, you should absolutely go see our friend Josh Noble-Olson at Slave to the Needle. He’s from Minneapolis originally and he helped train one of our current piercers. There are other good shops in Seattle, but Josh is really good stuff. Please tell him we sent you…and we would really love it if you gave him a hug from us. We miss him! Have fun!

  319. Could you recommend a good person to do this triple forward helix piercing located near Rochester, MN? Thank you!

  320. Kelly: For as close as Rochester is to us, we don’t have anyone in that part of the state that we really feel comfortable sending people. However, you could make the short drive up to Minneapolis and come see us. 🙂

  321. I just realized by reading the comments that you guys are fairly close! I will be taking a trip up there if I decide to go through with this piercing 🙂
    I also understand that y’all charge about 170…is this correct? just want to know so I know how much money to bring along.

  322. i really want this piercing done how bad does it hurt i got my nose done and it didnt hurt compared to that how much more would it hurt?

  323. I just got the triple foward helix piercing a few hours ago. In my opinion it was extremely painful and is still sore. I have gotten my nose pierced and again, in my opinion, was a piece of cake. I have had both ear cartilage pierced with a regular small hoop and was fairly painless. I am aware that with every piercing you should expect swelling however I am worried because the triple helix is not in a straight line.Hopefully when the swelling goes down it will straighten out?! :/

  324. Anna: Our suggestion would be to make the drive down to Muncie to see our friend Alan at Lucky Rabbit Tattoo. He is a great piercer and uses nothing but the highest quality jewelry. We’ve referred a few people to him via our blog and have gotten great feedback about those folks’ experience.

    If you decide to go see him, please tell him that Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say “Hi!”

  325. Halie: Pain is going to be different for everyone, and it’s going to be different for each person. Some people find this piercing to be more painful than a nose piecing, but that is usually because you are getting three piercings done, not just one. When done appropriately, by a skilled piercer, the piercers shouldn’t take very long to do and really shouldn’t be that painful. With almost all piercing, the anticipation is much worse than actually getting it done.

    Best of luck!

  326. If you are in the Long Beach area, the only place you should go is New Flower Piercing Studio. It is owned by our friend John Johnson who si the head piercer there. He is a great guy and the use nothing by the highest-quality jewelry. John may have other piercers working there. Anyone John would trust to work in his shop should be able to take good care of you.

    If you go visit the shop, please tell them Saint Sabrina’s (specifically, Derek) sent you. You should also ask them what day you can come in to get some free chocolate chip cookies. Have fun!

  327. Shannon:Some people do find triple forward helix piercings to be more painful than other piercings. Just as some people find nose piercings to be more panful than some other piercings. Pain varies a lot from person-to-person and from place-to-place on each person. Also, with a triple forward helix piercing you are getting three separate piercings done, not just one.

    Swelling is definitely common with these piercings. However, even with swelling, the piercings should, for the most part, still line up. With enough swelling, there might be some distortion of the tissue that makes them look off, but there would rarely be enough to make them look really off. Without seeing the piercing, it’s obviously impossible for us to comment on your specific situation. If you want to leave another comment with a link to a picture of your ear/piercings, we can give you our opinion.

  328. hey, I want know that how much this pay. Someones said that this piercing pays wery much.. I mean, that I’m not wery rich, so… I think too that can I have this piercing because I’m only 14, but I take this ofcourse with my parents. I want know too how long is time of yours that you can change jewelry? Or how much this piercing hurts when u take this?

  329. Hi! I’m really interested in getting the triple helix on 1 ear. I read a few comments and answers above, and realize that you would have to wait 4-6 months before removing the earring. I play soccer, and obviously have to remove the earring for when I play. Is it a trouble or anything to remove it for playing and then putting it back in? I would probably only leave it out for only 1-3 hours for such activities. Also, when I do remove the earring, and I know the pain is different for each person, but will it hurt to remove? The earrings look a bit smaller and I was just curious as to the pain level of taking it out and putting it back in. Let me know soon, thanks! -Sierra

  330. Do you have any recommendations for Places in bangor maine. I have been researching this and calling all over to find a place to go but not sure which one is best. I dont want to just choose a place because it is cheaper. One place said 200 with gold and diamond studs where another said 30 dollars and if I brought my own studs they would use them. So it confusing as to why it’s such a different price range.

  331. Hi, I’ve wanted this piercing for ages but I live in the uk and no one here seems to do it properly, I’m going to be in Las Vegas for a week soon so I was wondering if there’s anywhere you could recommend? I noticed on an earlier comment you said town I think in voodoo tattoo? But then at a later down comment you didn’t recommend anywhere in Vegas? I’m not going to be anywhere in the Us anytime soon so Vegas is the only place I can get it really but I’d rather wait or get it in the uk if there’s no one good there. Also I had my normal helix pierced about a month ago in the same ear I want it done so was wondering if I should wait longer for that to heal before I get 3 more in the same ear? It seems fine, seems to have healed quickly and hasn’t been infected at all so I think it would be ok but was just wondering what you would advise. Thanks.

  332. Hi, I saw that a girl asked about where to get the piercing in central california and in the bay area, but you only gave a response for bay area locations.

    Is there any place to get this tattoo in or around Fresno, California?

  333. Whitnee: The only place you should go in Nashville is Icon Body Piercing. The piercers there are fantastic and they use nothing but the highest-quality jewelry. Hands-down the best option in that area.

    When you go see them, please tell them that Saint Sabrina’s (Derek, specifically) sent you and that we say, “Hi!”. Have fun getting your piercings!

  334. Can you recommend a good place to get this done near Macon, Georgia? I am willing to drive to Atlanta but am hoping for a place close to home. Thanks!

  335. Jessie: It’s not likely you would be able to get all three piercings done with quality, SAFE jewelry, for $100. Generally you should expect to pay between $150 and $200 for the three piercings and three pieces of high-quality jewelry. It’s always possible the cost could be more than that depending upon the exact jewelry you pick out.

    At our studio, the most basic jewelry with gemstones for triple forward helix piercings, costs just over $100. The cost to do the three piercing is $70.

    Considering how much a shop would pay for high-quality jewelry, and how much they would need to sell it for to be profitable, there are only a couple of things that could be going on if the total cost is $100:

    1) The jewelry they are using isn’t very high-quality. Therefore, the shop pays a lot less for it and can therefore sell it for a lot less than they would be able to sell high-quality jewelry. (this is the most likely scenario of what is going on)

    2) They are using high-quality jewelry but charging almost nothing for the piercing fee (doesn’t seem very likely, does it?)

    3) They are selling high quality jewelry for very little profit. Again, not something that seems very likely. Business have to sell jewelry for a profit to be able to stay in business. And, businesses are in the business of staying in business.

    4) The $100 fee is for just the jewelry or for just the piercings.

    Hopefully this helps a little bit. Obviously, we don’t know for certain that you wouldn’t be getting piecing done with high-quality jewelry, but based upon our experience, it seems pretty unlikely at that price. Best of luck!

  336. Heather: Unfortunately, we don’t know of anyone in the Macon area we can recommend. However, if you are willing to make the trip to Atlanta, there are a few studios that we can highly recommend.

    1) Virtue and Vice Body Piercing

    2) Kolo Piercing

    3) Piercing Experience

    Either of those studios are going to do a great job with your piercing(s) and are going t use high-quality jewelry that will be safe and will be great-looking. You can always call all three and/or visit their web sites, and see which one feels like the best fit for you. Regardless of where you go, please let them know that Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!!”.

    Best of luck and have fun!

  337. Shelby: You might consider checking out Monika at Studio 66 in Porterville. We don’t have any first-hand experience with her, but we have heard she is a pretty solid piercer. Sorry we can’t be more helpful than that. Best of luck.

  338. I am from the long beach, ca area. was wondering if you could suggest a place in either the long beach or orange county area(any where in orange county) to go and get forward helix piercings.. thanks!!

  339. Emily: You have a couple great options in those areas. Either our friends at New Flower Piercing Studio in Long Beach or Outer Limits Tattoo, the Costa Mesa location. Both shops have great piercers and use high-quality, SAFE jewelry.

    Which ever shop you choose, please tell them Derek from Saint Sabrina’s sent you!

  340. I got this done about 3 almost 4 months ago , I’d say everything is going alright but I was just wondering. I have a bump on each piercing , it’s red-ish they are not massive or anything. My piercing is also still very sore . I am just inquiring if this is normal or not ?

  341. Jade;both Bumps, swelling and/or soreness after 3-4 months definitely aren’t signs of piercings that are very happy. The best thing we can suggest is finding an experienced piercer you trust and consult with them. There are a few different possible issues, and therefore different solutions. But, without being able to see the piercings in-person, we aren’t able to give much solid advice.

    Best of luck!

  342. Okay thanks , I am using an antibacterial non-alchoholic solution as well as a sea salt .I’ve heard that small bumps are common in the healing process , do you know if that is true ?

  343. Jade:It sounds like you might be doing a little too much to the piercings. When you over-clean piercings, you can cause a lot of additional irritation, which can definitely contribute to the bumps you are having. Our suggestion would be to eliminate the antibacterial cleanser and do just the sea salt.

    And while those bumps definitely do happen on some piercings, it’s definitely not part of a normal, happy healing piercing.

  344. Hi,
    I’d like to know who you would suggest for my daughter and I to go to.01/29/13 I suprised my daughter for an early birthday present to go get the triple anti helix piercing. There was a place that I have gone to to have my nose and belly button done and had been very happy with them. My sons girlfriend had an industrial done and the guy charged her a cheap amount to do it. It looked good and she didn’t have any problems with it and had recommended many people to go there who had also been happy. So my daughter and I went. #1 mistake that I should have left, he did use 3 seperate dispossable guns for each earing he did. #2 It looks like he used a regular 16 gauge earing like what you use with regular piercings. #3 my piercings look ok I’m hoping once I am able to change them out that I don’t see the backs on the bottom and top one. My daughters look awful. I am very disappointed. He did an awful job on the top piercing the back is located closer to the outslde of her ear so you can really see the back. I’m just mad at myself because I knew better. I am not one to go cheap. I have had all my ear piercings (8 in total on each ear) done with a gun and have been very lucky not having any problems. I thought it very strange that he did it with a gun when all of the write ups I saw they used a needle.

    There was hardly any pain at all with having them done. My top cartilege hurt more then the 3 put together when I had them done. Their more sore now.

    Can you please recommend someone that we can go to in our area to take a look at them. I want to make sure we are ok with the earrings that he used or should they be changed out. etc. or should they be taken out and re-done at a later time

    Thanks for listening

  345. Melissa: Sorry to hear about your unfortunate piercing experience. It is hard to imagine a scenario where having these piercingly done with ear piercing guns is going to work out well. Chances are very good that you will need to remove the jewelry, let them heal and get them redone. However, maybe the angles on the piercings are okay and you will be okay getting some high-quality jewelry in them.

    In order to get this all sorted out, go see our friends at Rockstar Body Piercing in Providence, RI. If we’re reading Google correctly it appears to be about 30 minutes from you. The folks there are top-notch piercers with exacting standards and great jewelry. They will be able to advise you guys on how best to proceed.

    Please tell them that Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say , “Hi!” Of you’re feeling up to it, give them hug for us.

    Best of luck!

  346. Thank you for the informative article and comments! I am interested in getting this piercing done in the near future; can you recommend any piercers in the Sacramento, California area? Thank you for your help!

  347. I got this done 3 months ago. I loved it and still do- from the front. I can’t see the back but using a mirror (and other people) I know that it is damn ugly. The top piercing is swollen on top and bottom and looks like a skin growth! Not happy!!I am so scared my ears are going to be messed up permanebtly- and I don’t want to take them out. I got bigger bars out in the ears after one fell out and one was swollen ages ago (the piercing place is clean and professional! ) Any advice?!!!!!! 🙁

  348. Do you think I could get one? My phone won’t let me paste a pic but if you could email me so I could show you I would really appreciate it!

  349. Could you lease email me so I could send you a pic of my ear and get an opinion on if my ear would work?

  350. Distressed. Got this piercing two weeks ago at a shop I have frequented and trust and LOVE. Issue? They pierced me with rings stating that after I heal I can move to studs. Im healing on target, but now I am concerned I need to get out of these hoops ASAP and into the gems. Advice and where to go? I live in Virginia Beach. Any advice is appreciated!

  351. I got this piercing done 4 days ago. I went to a place that has a very good reputation, and have tons of friends who have gone to and all LOVE. They women that pierced me asked if I wanted to eventually put studs in and said she recommends doing rings first. I paid $170 because i got the hypoallergenic rings. They gave me a coupon so that when i come back in 8 weeks to switch the jewelry for studs it will be free of charge since I got the nicest package. So they did not do the rings because they did not have the studs available, she truly believed rings were better initially for healing. Should i be concerned?? I have read a few comments on here about rings not being the best.
    Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  352. The piercing of the ear isn’t as bad as putting the earring in. Since they have to move your ear around to place the back of the jewelry on. It’s definitely doable you just have to tough it put. Also long period ofhealing time.

  353. In love with this piercing! but i cant seem to find a piercer who will pierce it with barbells, they all say that rings will make the healing processes easier. could you recommend a piercer near Rahway, NJ? I am not too fond of traveling to NY, but if leads to the best piercer I won’t have a choice.

  354. Irena: The closest studio in your area we can recommend are the folks at Pleasurable Piercings in Hawthorne, NJ. Another great option, although a little further away, is A.J. at 12 oz Studios in Deptford, NJ.

    Hopefully this helps. If you visit either of these places, please tell them that the folks at Saint Sabrina’s sent you!

  355. Brie: It has been our experience, and the experience of most of the best piercers we know, that rings are not the best option for getting these piercings to heal as fast and easy as possible. Now, that doesn’t mean they can’t heal with rings, but it does increase the likelihood of having problems. Rings move a lot more than studs do, which can keep the piercings irritated and make them a lot harder to heal.

    It is nice that they are essentially giving you the rings for free, since they were out of the studs. Best of luck with your healing.

  356. Christina: It has been our experience, and the experience of most of the best piercers we know, that rings are not the best option for getting these piercings to heal as fast and easy as possible. Now, that doesn’t mean they can’t heal with rings, but it does increase the likelihood of having problems. Rings move a lot more than studs do, which can keep the piercings irritated and make them a lot harder to heal.

  357. Sorry if you’ve already answered this question, I couldn’t find it. I was wondering how to take these out? I have the short “labret studs” that you mentioned with the flat disks on the back. I’ve tried unscrewing both sides and I couldn’t get it off (it didn’t feel like it was moving at all).

  358. Do you have any recommendations of where to go for this piercing in the Los Angeles, CA or Long Beach, CA area?

  359. Jennifer: There a number of great shops in the greater LA area. On Long Beach specifically, we would highly recommend New Flower Piercing Studio. In other parts of greater LA, you’ve got Anomaly in Pasadena and the Costa Mesa location of Outer Limits.

    There are other good shops as well. But any if these three shops have great piercers that use the highest-quality jewelry

    Whichever shop you choose, please tell them that Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!”

  360. I want to get a triple forward helix i was wondering if you knew of any places in Norfolk/Chesapeke area in VA? THANKS

  361. Kaitlyn: Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone in that area that we can recommend. It doesn’t mean there aren’t any reputable studios in that area, but we don’t know of anyone that we would feel comfortable suggestion. You might want to consider contacting the Association of Professional Piercers at to see if they can make a suggestion.

    Best of luck!

  362. I am so glad I came across this. I have been looking into getting it but I am a lot more conscience of where I go. Do you have any suggestions for the East Texas area? Tyler or Longview? Or maybe even Shreveport LA?

  363. Don’t suppose you can recommend anywhere in the UK? Most places seem to just use bars here and not the flat labaret studs, are they doing it wrong?

  364. So I have mine pierced but I have the hoops in, I wanted to switch to studs but I was told they fall out. I cheer and I sleep on this side so I am worried about that, what kind of Stud would stay? (I want the diamond look)

  365. Hey, where would you suggest I go to get this done… I live on Long Island NY in N babylon

  366. Hello! I currently live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. I have gone to a piercer in town to do my piercer but didn’t explore any of the other tattoo shops. Do you have a recommendation for this area? Thank you(:

  367. Alexis: Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone in that area we can recommend. We can suggest our friends at HTC in Phoenix. They could take good care of you, but we realize it’s a bit of a drive. You might want to check the Association of Professional Piercers web site to see if they have any members closer to you.

  368. I’ve been doing some research and calling piercers in my area. I was told by one piercer that he didn’t recommend this piercing because it’s not very good in the long term. He said that the scar tissue that develops can weigh down the ear and they tend to heal badly. If you can recommend someone in the Central New Jersey area I’d be so grateful!

  369. I couldn’t find the feed to look up city or state to get a recommended piercer. Can you please let me know if you can recommend a piercer in Idaho that has experience in this type of piercing? I would really appreciate it. Thank you! 🙂

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  371. Hello, I got the triple helix done, and was wondering of I could use “regular” stud earrings like the ones you can put in your ear lobe for it ?

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  373. I was wondering if there were any good places I could get this done around Miami, Florida or somewhere around south FL?

  374. Love this piercing! However, the more research I do, the more I realize it how important it is to make sure your piercer is one you trust! I have my tragus done, and I haven’t had any problems with it at all, but it was very cheap. I want to make sure I find a trustworthy place to get the triple front helix. You guys know anywhere around Greenville, SC? Thanks, you rock! 🙂

  375. Hey i got this piercing done a month ago and i still have the bigger sized posts in still cuz i cant downsize quite yet. But i noticed when i push the middle piercing all the way back, so the gem is touching the skin, the distance is uneven between the middle and bottom piercing and the middle and top piercing. Im wondering if this will change when i downsize to smaller posts? Also i noticed its because when the post hits a curved part of my ear it pushes the piercing upward so thats why its uneven. Help!!

  376. Do you know anywhere near Clemson, SC where I could get this piercing done? Or anywhere near Cleveland, OH?

  377. Sorry it’s taken us a bit to get back to you.

    Our first recommendation would be to take a trip to Columbia, SC and see either Chance or Sarah at Immaculate Body Piercings. We absolutely adore those guys. You will get good piercings with the high-quality jewelry. Highly recommended!!

    If you are near Cleveland, you can also visit the fine folks at Body Anthology…in North Olmsted, if memory serves. Again, solid piercers with good jewelry.

  378. I am interested in getting the triple forward helix done, but I am new to the Cincinnati, OH area and I don’t know where to go. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  379. You might consider checking out Beelistic Tattoo. We don’t know a whole lot about them, but we have heard some good things about their piercers, and a quick glance at their web site leads us to believe they use high-quality jewelry. Again, we can’t give them a resounding endorsement because we just aren’t familiar enough with their piercers or their procedures, but chances are good they should be able to take good care of you.

  380. Hello. I was just wondering the standard size of the dimensions of the triple forward helix studs. What size/kind of rings do you recommend that look nice and are healthy? I’m looking for ones about the size in that picture. Do you know the size of the crystals by any chance?

  381. Pingback: Triple Forward Helix Piercings with BVLA and NeoMetal Jewelry | Saint Sabrina's

  382. There really is no “standard size” for jewelry when it comes to body piercing. Most commonly, we do triple forward helix piercing at an 18 gauge, but 16 gauge and sometimes even 14 gauge are also options. As for the length of the post, we most commonly use 1/4″, 9/32″ or 5/16″. However, we sometimes use a mix of those lengths within the same set of triple forward helix piercings, and there are times when we use longer pieces. It all depends upon what is going to work best for each client’s piercings/body.

    Body piercing should never be approached as a “one size fits all” sort of thing.

  383. Yes, I went to a shop in Orlando Florida in Octber of last year for a forward triple helix. He refused to do all three piercingd at once. Making me come back once a week for three weeks time get them done. He pierced me with a hooked shaped needle and with studs. He even decided where he thought it should be. I under stood that I have small ears, but still believe I should have been asked before he decided what to do with my piercing. I was at another peircing and tattoo place looking a jewlery and they told me that it was done incorrectly with incorrect guage, it was infected, and needed to be removed. I was.considering getting it redone now that it is healed and am scared of where to go and what I should ask before I let them touch me. Please help!

  384. Without seeing what your piercings looked like, it’s hard to comment on whether the piercings were done correctly the first time around or not.

    The fact that he used “hooked shaped needles” doesn’t really tell us anything for certain. Many very talented piercers will bend their needles into a variety of shapes to work in small and hard-to-get-to areas. We do agree that you should have at least been shown where the piercings were going to go. However, with many ears, there may only be one location that the piercings will fit. So, while we do think you should have at least been shown where the piercings were going to go, that may not have changed the final location at all. As for having you come back once a week for three weeks…it’s not the most common approach, but there might be some validity to it. We tend to do all three piercings at once, but this can result in excess swelling. Spacing them out may help keep the swelling down. However, if we were going to take that approach, we would probably suggest waiting 3 weeks or more between piercings. Only waiting a week doesn’t seem like it would make a substantial difference.

    If you haven’t checked the website for the Association of Professional Piercers, you could start there to see if there is a studio/piercer in your area that is a member. If there aren’t any in your immediate area, you could find the nearest piercer that is a member and take a little road trip. While getting pierced by an APP member doesn’t guarantee you will get a perfect piercing, it does tell you that the piercer meets a minimum set of standards for health and safety practices.

  385. My peircer has suggested not doing the graduated size until after healing for easier healing cleaning etc.

  386. Katrina: That’s not an unreasonable approach. Presumably his concern is that the smaller sizes of gems could potential sink into the piercing if there is an excessive amount of swelling. We have found this to be a very rare occurrence if the posts of the jewelry are sized appropriately to accommodate the swelling, but it is a possibility. Starting with slightly larger gems of the same size helps reduce the likelihood of there being issues if there is extra swelling. Of course, the bars still have to be sized appropriately even with larger gems.

    Best of luck!

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  389. I just got my triple forward helix almost a week ago. My ear is on the small side but the piercer was able to do it with studs that he bent. Are these studs suitable for this type of piercing? Just want to be on the safe side I have done alot of research but I haven’t been able to find if these studs were ok. Thank you

  390. Withou being able to see your ear, your piercings and the jewelry, we can’t really comment on whether your piercings were done appropriately or if the jewelry is appropriate.

    In some situations it may be necessary to bend or customize the fit of the jewelry. However, in many instances, bending jewelry means a pierce is trying to force a forward helix piercing to work for anatomy that isn’t suited for it.

    We turn down far more triple forward helix piercings than we do because many people don’t have enough room to accommodate all three piercings. We may end up only doing one or two of the piercings, or coming up with a completely alternate placement.

  391. Could you guys recommend me a piercer in NYC preferably in the Bronx. I went to a piercer a few weeks ago and my friend got a helix and an auricle. She got both done with a gun, which im not sure if its the correct way to piercer since it has been very very swore for her for the pass few weeks. I wanted to get my triple forward helix but one at a time probably, i just want to find a trusted piercer.

  392. Hi there…

    Definitely DO NOT get pierced with an ear piercing gun. Even for lobes, there are a ton of reasons not to get pierced using an ear piercing gun. The potential issues are even more when you start piercing cartilage with an ear piercing gun.

    Here is some more information about it on our site and this is what the Association of Professional Piercers has to say about ear piercing guns.

    As for studios in NYC that should be able to take care of you, you can also check the APP web site to see if there are any members near you. Other than that, we can general recommendations to the following studios:

    * NY Adorned
    * Pure Body Arts
    * Venus Body Piercing

    Our NYC geography isn’t very good, so we will leave it to you to do some research and figure out who is closest and seems like the best fit for you.

    To clarify, we can’t provide personal recommendations for any of the piercers at these shops, as we have never actually worked with them. However, these studios are generally considered to safe options by most members of the piercing community.

    Best of luck!

  393. Pam: Check out the folks at Electric Ladyland Tattoo on Frenchman street. Monique is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers and should be able to help you out.

  394. I want to get a triple forward helix in Columbus, GA. Atlanta, GA is a major city a few hours north.

  395. Krystina: If you are willing to make the trip to Atlanta, there are a couple of great options there: Piercing Experience and Virtue & Vice. Both have piercers that are members of the Association of Professional Piercers and both carry high-quality jewelry. Whichever you choose, please tell them Saint Sabrina’s sent you!

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