Triple Forward Helix

We put this up a while ago on our Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter pages. Seems like this would be a good place for it too.

triple forward helix done by Derek

UPDATE 11/3/12
There are a few companies who make very low-quality jewelry that are trying to cash in on the increased popularity of the triple forward helix piercing. Sadly, the jewelry they are marketing for these piercings is both low-quality (i.e., not safe to have in your body long-temr) and/or looks like crap. Please be VERY SKEPTICAL if you find this type of jewelry being advertised on-line and the price seems too good to be true…we can pretty much guarantee you that it is.

UPDATE 11/2/12
We are still happy to make suggestions for studios in your area to have this done. However, we are starting to get a lot of repeat requests. Before leaving a comment asking for a studio in your area, please take the time to use the search function on your browser to search the comments for your city, or other major cities in your area. We may have well already answered the question.

We have also made some recommendations in another of our blogs related to triple forward helix piercings:

Triple Forward Helix: the next level

UPDATE 10/9/12
We just wanted to remind everyone that many people are not anatomically-suited to have all three of these piercings done. Ears, and their various folks, nooks and crannies, come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Because of this, not everyone have the room or the necessary shape to accommodate all three of these piercing.

In some cases, you may only be able to have one or two of them done. It’s also possible that some people won’t be able to have even one of these done.

While it can be disappointing not being able to get the piercings you want, trying to force piercing into locations they don’t want to go is usually uncomfortable, unattractive and usually results in the piercings having to be abandoned.

Fortunately, there are lots and lots of other three-piercing options available in the even this combination doesn’t work for you.

UPDATE 7/20/12
We are getting a lot of questions about where to get the jewelry for this piercing. If the piercers in your area can’t find the jewelry (something that should be VERY easy for any piercing ordering jewelry from reputable, high-quality jewelry companies), we would be happy to sell the jewelry to you. You can email us at: jewerly [at] saintsabrinas dot com for further information.

If you can’t find a piercer in your area, we would be happy to try and suggest a studio/piercer for you. Please understand that we may not be able to recommend someone for everyone and the person we can recommend to you may also require you to drive a few hours. Unfortunately, not every town, and not even every larger city, will have a reputable, experienced piercer. But, when it comes to the health and safety of your body, shouldn’t you be willing to put forth a little effort and money to ensure you are getting pierced by someone who will take good care of you? Yeah, we thought so too.

If you want to ask us for help finding a piercer, please leave a comment to that effect. Also, include the name of the town and state you would like the piercer to be in, but please also include one or two larger cities near you. It saves us a lot of time.

UPDATE 7/15/12
We have started receiving some emails, as well as a few comments, saying that piercers are telling folks that this picture is fake. *sigh*

We can assure you that our picture, as well as the pictures of other well-executed triple forward helix piecings are most definitely NOT fake. You can visit our Facebook page and see pictures of other triple forward helix piecings, and similar variations on that piercing. It’s pretty obvious the piercing aren’t fake.

Any piercer that is telling you that this picture is fake falls in to the category as the same type of piercer as we’ve mentioned in our previous updates. They either don’t have the skill/knowledge/understanding/experience to figure this piecing out or they do, but they don’t stock the jewelry required. Therefore, they are either tell people it is fake to avoid looking inexperienced or they are straigh-up lying to people.

Either way, you need to RUN AWAY. Do not be pierced by anyone who is spewing false information like this…information they most likely know is false.

UPDATE: 6/7/12

In addition to the information in our last update, we have also been seeing a lot of photos of these piercings online, as well as getting comments, about piercers telling people that these piercing needs to be done with rings. If a piercer is telling you this, we strongly encourage you to find a different piercer. Any piercing saying that these piercing need to be done with rings clearly doesn’t have an understanding of what can work in these piercings, or what is actually best for healing.

Rings can be used in these piercings. HOWEVER, rings will tend to move much more than studs do and they will also tend to get bumped/snagged on many more things. This combination makes the piercings MUCH harder to heal with rings and greatly increases the likelihood of healing problems and excess scar tissue formation.

We’ve been getting a lot of emails and questions about whether these are “dermals”, microdermals or some kind of surface piercing. No. These are just standard forward helix piercings done with standard piercing jewelry.

While we don’t wish to speak ill of anyone, if you consult a piercer about these piercings, and they tell you that they are some sort of dermal anchor piercing, or that the jewelry to do these as a regular piercing doesn’t exist or something similar, we would strongly encourage to find another piercer. While this particular configuration of piercings has recently become very popular, it isn’t “brand new” or overly advanced. If a piercer can’t figure out what is going on by simply looking at the picture, it probably says something about their experience and/or understanding of basic body piercing.

444 thoughts on “Triple Forward Helix

  1. Jade;both Bumps, swelling and/or soreness after 3-4 months definitely aren’t signs of piercings that are very happy. The best thing we can suggest is finding an experienced piercer you trust and consult with them. There are a few different possible issues, and therefore different solutions. But, without being able to see the piercings in-person, we aren’t able to give much solid advice.

    Best of luck!

  2. Okay thanks , I am using an antibacterial non-alchoholic solution as well as a sea salt .I’ve heard that small bumps are common in the healing process , do you know if that is true ?

  3. Jade:It sounds like you might be doing a little too much to the piercings. When you over-clean piercings, you can cause a lot of additional irritation, which can definitely contribute to the bumps you are having. Our suggestion would be to eliminate the antibacterial cleanser and do just the sea salt.

    And while those bumps definitely do happen on some piercings, it’s definitely not part of a normal, happy healing piercing.

  4. Hi,
    I’d like to know who you would suggest for my daughter and I to go to.01/29/13 I suprised my daughter for an early birthday present to go get the triple anti helix piercing. There was a place that I have gone to to have my nose and belly button done and had been very happy with them. My sons girlfriend had an industrial done and the guy charged her a cheap amount to do it. It looked good and she didn’t have any problems with it and had recommended many people to go there who had also been happy. So my daughter and I went. #1 mistake that I should have left, he did use 3 seperate dispossable guns for each earing he did. #2 It looks like he used a regular 16 gauge earing like what you use with regular piercings. #3 my piercings look ok I’m hoping once I am able to change them out that I don’t see the backs on the bottom and top one. My daughters look awful. I am very disappointed. He did an awful job on the top piercing the back is located closer to the outslde of her ear so you can really see the back. I’m just mad at myself because I knew better. I am not one to go cheap. I have had all my ear piercings (8 in total on each ear) done with a gun and have been very lucky not having any problems. I thought it very strange that he did it with a gun when all of the write ups I saw they used a needle.

    There was hardly any pain at all with having them done. My top cartilege hurt more then the 3 put together when I had them done. Their more sore now.

    Can you please recommend someone that we can go to in our area to take a look at them. I want to make sure we are ok with the earrings that he used or should they be changed out. etc. or should they be taken out and re-done at a later time

    Thanks for listening

  5. Melissa: Sorry to hear about your unfortunate piercing experience. It is hard to imagine a scenario where having these piercingly done with ear piercing guns is going to work out well. Chances are very good that you will need to remove the jewelry, let them heal and get them redone. However, maybe the angles on the piercings are okay and you will be okay getting some high-quality jewelry in them.

    In order to get this all sorted out, go see our friends at Rockstar Body Piercing in Providence, RI. If we’re reading Google correctly it appears to be about 30 minutes from you. The folks there are top-notch piercers with exacting standards and great jewelry. They will be able to advise you guys on how best to proceed.

    Please tell them that Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say , “Hi!” Of you’re feeling up to it, give them hug for us.

    Best of luck!

  6. Thank you for the informative article and comments! I am interested in getting this piercing done in the near future; can you recommend any piercers in the Sacramento, California area? Thank you for your help!

  7. I got this done 3 months ago. I loved it and still do- from the front. I can’t see the back but using a mirror (and other people) I know that it is damn ugly. The top piercing is swollen on top and bottom and looks like a skin growth! Not happy!!I am so scared my ears are going to be messed up permanebtly- and I don’t want to take them out. I got bigger bars out in the ears after one fell out and one was swollen ages ago (the piercing place is clean and professional! ) Any advice?!!!!!! :(

  8. Do you think I could get one? My phone won’t let me paste a pic but if you could email me so I could show you I would really appreciate it!

  9. Could you lease email me so I could send you a pic of my ear and get an opinion on if my ear would work?

  10. Distressed. Got this piercing two weeks ago at a shop I have frequented and trust and LOVE. Issue? They pierced me with rings stating that after I heal I can move to studs. Im healing on target, but now I am concerned I need to get out of these hoops ASAP and into the gems. Advice and where to go? I live in Virginia Beach. Any advice is appreciated!

  11. I got this piercing done 4 days ago. I went to a place that has a very good reputation, and have tons of friends who have gone to and all LOVE. They women that pierced me asked if I wanted to eventually put studs in and said she recommends doing rings first. I paid $170 because i got the hypoallergenic rings. They gave me a coupon so that when i come back in 8 weeks to switch the jewelry for studs it will be free of charge since I got the nicest package. So they did not do the rings because they did not have the studs available, she truly believed rings were better initially for healing. Should i be concerned?? I have read a few comments on here about rings not being the best.
    Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  12. The piercing of the ear isn’t as bad as putting the earring in. Since they have to move your ear around to place the back of the jewelry on. It’s definitely doable you just have to tough it put. Also long period ofhealing time.

  13. In love with this piercing! but i cant seem to find a piercer who will pierce it with barbells, they all say that rings will make the healing processes easier. could you recommend a piercer near Rahway, NJ? I am not too fond of traveling to NY, but if leads to the best piercer I won’t have a choice.

  14. Irena: The closest studio in your area we can recommend are the folks at Pleasurable Piercings in Hawthorne, NJ. Another great option, although a little further away, is A.J. at 12 oz Studios in Deptford, NJ.

    Hopefully this helps. If you visit either of these places, please tell them that the folks at Saint Sabrina’s sent you!

  15. Brie: It has been our experience, and the experience of most of the best piercers we know, that rings are not the best option for getting these piercings to heal as fast and easy as possible. Now, that doesn’t mean they can’t heal with rings, but it does increase the likelihood of having problems. Rings move a lot more than studs do, which can keep the piercings irritated and make them a lot harder to heal.

    It is nice that they are essentially giving you the rings for free, since they were out of the studs. Best of luck with your healing.

  16. Christina: It has been our experience, and the experience of most of the best piercers we know, that rings are not the best option for getting these piercings to heal as fast and easy as possible. Now, that doesn’t mean they can’t heal with rings, but it does increase the likelihood of having problems. Rings move a lot more than studs do, which can keep the piercings irritated and make them a lot harder to heal.

  17. Sorry if you’ve already answered this question, I couldn’t find it. I was wondering how to take these out? I have the short “labret studs” that you mentioned with the flat disks on the back. I’ve tried unscrewing both sides and I couldn’t get it off (it didn’t feel like it was moving at all).

  18. Do you have any recommendations of where to go for this piercing in the Los Angeles, CA or Long Beach, CA area?

  19. Jennifer: There a number of great shops in the greater LA area. On Long Beach specifically, we would highly recommend New Flower Piercing Studio. In other parts of greater LA, you’ve got Anomaly in Pasadena and the Costa Mesa location of Outer Limits.

    There are other good shops as well. But any if these three shops have great piercers that use the highest-quality jewelry

    Whichever shop you choose, please tell them that Saint Sabrina’s sent you and that we say, “Hi!”

  20. I want to get a triple forward helix i was wondering if you knew of any places in Norfolk/Chesapeke area in VA? THANKS

  21. Kaitlyn: Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone in that area that we can recommend. It doesn’t mean there aren’t any reputable studios in that area, but we don’t know of anyone that we would feel comfortable suggestion. You might want to consider contacting the Association of Professional Piercers at to see if they can make a suggestion.

    Best of luck!

  22. I am so glad I came across this. I have been looking into getting it but I am a lot more conscience of where I go. Do you have any suggestions for the East Texas area? Tyler or Longview? Or maybe even Shreveport LA?

  23. Don’t suppose you can recommend anywhere in the UK? Most places seem to just use bars here and not the flat labaret studs, are they doing it wrong?

  24. So I have mine pierced but I have the hoops in, I wanted to switch to studs but I was told they fall out. I cheer and I sleep on this side so I am worried about that, what kind of Stud would stay? (I want the diamond look)

  25. Hey, where would you suggest I go to get this done… I live on Long Island NY in N babylon

  26. Hello! I currently live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. I have gone to a piercer in town to do my piercer but didn’t explore any of the other tattoo shops. Do you have a recommendation for this area? Thank you(:

  27. Alexis: Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone in that area we can recommend. We can suggest our friends at HTC in Phoenix. They could take good care of you, but we realize it’s a bit of a drive. You might want to check the Association of Professional Piercers web site to see if they have any members closer to you.

  28. I’ve been doing some research and calling piercers in my area. I was told by one piercer that he didn’t recommend this piercing because it’s not very good in the long term. He said that the scar tissue that develops can weigh down the ear and they tend to heal badly. If you can recommend someone in the Central New Jersey area I’d be so grateful!

  29. I couldn’t find the feed to look up city or state to get a recommended piercer. Can you please let me know if you can recommend a piercer in Idaho that has experience in this type of piercing? I would really appreciate it. Thank you! :)

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  31. Hello, I got the triple helix done, and was wondering of I could use “regular” stud earrings like the ones you can put in your ear lobe for it ?

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  33. I was wondering if there were any good places I could get this done around Miami, Florida or somewhere around south FL?

  34. Love this piercing! However, the more research I do, the more I realize it how important it is to make sure your piercer is one you trust! I have my tragus done, and I haven’t had any problems with it at all, but it was very cheap. I want to make sure I find a trustworthy place to get the triple front helix. You guys know anywhere around Greenville, SC? Thanks, you rock! :)

  35. Hey i got this piercing done a month ago and i still have the bigger sized posts in still cuz i cant downsize quite yet. But i noticed when i push the middle piercing all the way back, so the gem is touching the skin, the distance is uneven between the middle and bottom piercing and the middle and top piercing. Im wondering if this will change when i downsize to smaller posts? Also i noticed its because when the post hits a curved part of my ear it pushes the piercing upward so thats why its uneven. Help!!

  36. Do you know anywhere near Clemson, SC where I could get this piercing done? Or anywhere near Cleveland, OH?

  37. Sorry it’s taken us a bit to get back to you.

    Our first recommendation would be to take a trip to Columbia, SC and see either Chance or Sarah at Immaculate Body Piercings. We absolutely adore those guys. You will get good piercings with the high-quality jewelry. Highly recommended!!

    If you are near Cleveland, you can also visit the fine folks at Body Anthology…in North Olmsted, if memory serves. Again, solid piercers with good jewelry.

  38. I am interested in getting the triple forward helix done, but I am new to the Cincinnati, OH area and I don’t know where to go. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  39. You might consider checking out Beelistic Tattoo. We don’t know a whole lot about them, but we have heard some good things about their piercers, and a quick glance at their web site leads us to believe they use high-quality jewelry. Again, we can’t give them a resounding endorsement because we just aren’t familiar enough with their piercers or their procedures, but chances are good they should be able to take good care of you.

  40. Hello. I was just wondering the standard size of the dimensions of the triple forward helix studs. What size/kind of rings do you recommend that look nice and are healthy? I’m looking for ones about the size in that picture. Do you know the size of the crystals by any chance?

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