Scar Wars

by Derek Lowe

Disclaimer: We totally stole the title for this entry from our friend Shawn over at Scar Wars. We hope he will see our blatant theft as the flattery for which we intend it.  Shawn’s blog is about the art of scarification (cutting designs in to the skin) and does contain some graphic images.  While incredibly tastefully done, click the link at your own risk.

Over on our Facebook page, we recently asked for topics that folks would like us to write about. We received a few requests for information about piercing, or re-piercing rather, through scar tissue from previous piercings.  This is a great topic, because many people end up having piercings re-done after they remove them for any number of reasons.  

The good news is, redoing a piercing through scar tissue is a very viable option most of the time. We always need to see the area that will be re-pierced before we can tell you whether re-piercing is a good idea in your specific case, but most of the time, a little bit of scar tissue doesn’t tend to affect healing.

Now, before you decide to run out and redo your navel piercing that you took out a week ago, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to piercing through scar tissue.

Time is your friend

In order for a re-piercing to be successful, the area being pierced should be stable. This means that there shouldn’t be any redness, discomfort or discharge. Any visible scarring in the area should be either white, the same color as the surrounding skin or perhaps slightly darker than the surrounding skin. In order to reduce the chances of problems with the re-piercing, it is best not to pierce through pink or red scars.

How long you will need to wait before having a piercing redone depends a bit on how long you had the piercing. In general though it is best to wait at least 2 months. In some cases where a piercing is very new (1 day up to 1 month), a couple of weeks may be long enough to wait. Your piercer can help you determine this.

Less is best

One of the reasons it is best to wait a while before having a piercing redone is that the less scar tissue there is in the area, the better. While it can be difficult for your body to absorb scar tissue, over time, scarring will tend to get less. Because scar tissue is not as soft/flexible as normal tissue, too much of it in the area can affect how jewelry fits in the piercing. If there is too much pulling, sticking or pressure from scar tissue, healing the piercing can become difficult.

Mmmm. Massage.

If you have a piercing with a fair amount of scar tissue, one thing that may help reduce the amount of scarring is massage. Now, you probably don’t need to head to your local spa to get this done (although we do encourage you to treat yourself to a massage)…you should be able to handle it on your own. A few times per day, for 5-10 minutes, simply massage the scar tissue. You don’t need to use so much force you hurt yourself, but don’t be afraid to apply some pressure. Some people like to use a little vitamin E oil on their fingers as they do the massage. The massaging can help break up the scar tissue somewhat, making it easier for your body to absorb it.

Better piercing through modern chemistry

If you have a lot of scar tissue in an area, and time and massage just don’t seem to be doing the trick, you may want to consider seeking a more “advanced” solution. There are a number of products available over-the-counter these days that are specifically designed to reduce scarring. While we can’t tell you which one will work best for you, we do know several people who have had good luck with Mederma.  As always, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor before trying out a new product intended to make changes to your skin.

One of these things is not like the other

It’s very possible to have the same piercing done, in the same location, at two different times in your life and have different healing experiences. As we’ve mentioned, having a little bit of scar tissue isn’t likely to affect the overall healing and success of a piercing. So, if you find that your re-piercing took a little longer to heal or gave you more problems while it was healing, chances are it wasn’t the scar tissue and it was simply different factors in your life the second time around.

Will it…

…hurt more if you get it repieced? We get this question a lot. The answer, is: it might…or it might hurt less…or it might feel exactly the same. Just like your healing experience can be different at different times, how the piercing feels to get done will likely be different as well. This can be true even if the piercing is done by the exact some piercer. Some days piercings just hurt more than they do others…but they also hurt less some days.

Hopefully this sheds a little light on to the topic of piercings and scar tissue. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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About Derek Lowe

Derek is the (very sometimes) senior piercer and General Manager at Saint Sabrina's. He has been piercing for over 19 years, with the past 13 years spent at Saint Sabrina's. Derek is a current member of the Association of Professional Piercers and is former member of the Board of Directors of the organization. In addition, he has been an instructor at the APP annual conference for the past 10 years.

105 thoughts on “Scar Wars

  1. Hey I had a piercing accident a few months ago and my had some quesions about my scar tissue.

  2. HI Jeremy…

    We’d be happy to answer your questions as best we can. It can be often be difficult to give the best advice if we can’t see the scarring, but we certainly are willing to give it a go.

  3. Thank you so much! Alright here I go haha. Well I’ve had my lip pierced and re pierced about four times over the past few years. Since I had snake bites I wanted to to be symetrical. So for some reason everytime I had my lip pierced on the left side it never seemed to come out straight and fall the way I wanted it too. So the last time I had it done they were using new needles at the shop and acttidently pierced it on such a angle that you could see the backing of the stud in my mouth haha so the woman said she was sorry and to come back and we’ll repierce it about two weeks and throw you a free piercing as well. So as easy going as I am said alright 🙂 So I go back in two weeks and I got it redone. Seemed to be going alright. After a few days the swelllng began and since I told her to pierce me with a 7/16 or 1/2 and she didn’t I changed it myself to a 1/2 inch bar. So even after that I was fine for two days. Then On the Friday after I had got it done (almost a week later) my older brother convinced me to go have a drink with him and some of his friends so I did. I had about two beers. Then I came home and my friend come over and while i was talking to her all of a sudden i feel a warm feeling in my mouth and find out that my lip is gushing blood like cups full of blood and it seemed to even have blood clots in it as well. Disgusting my I could pick them up :/. So i quicklly start putting pressure on it with help of my two friends and it stops after 20 minutes. so The next day I went to work and it started yet again along with 2 days after until i go to the point I had to go to the docotor because i was worried. It was to the point i couldn’t even look down with it bleeding or sleeping flat haha I as sleeping sitting up.The Doctor told me there was no infection like I thought and I went on my way. So i tried to dry out the piercing with seasalt soaks at least 4 times a day and mouthwash with no alchol. Then after 3 days the bleeding began again. so i took the stud and I was squirting blood haha. So in the mean time i have let it close up. Now intead of having 3 tiny bumps of scar tissue I have one large (little less than a pea) shaped bump in my lip. I am almost positive it’s not a keloid but possibly hypertrophic scar tissue. What would you say by telling you my story caused it to bleed to excessivly and what would you suggest to bring down the scar? Thank you so much. All this went down about 4 months ago and noone I’ve asked has had any idea what could have caused any of this.

  4. That’s quite the lip piercing adventure.

    It’s hard to know exactly what caused the bleeding, especially this long after the fact.
    It’s possible the piercing went through a slightly larger blood vessel, which caused the bleeding. The bleeding may not have started until a few days later because of the irritation/trauma caused by changing the jewelry when the piercing was only a day or two old. Now, if the jewelry you were wearing was too short, changing to a longer one was a good idea, but it’s likely what caused the bleeding.

  5. Yeah it’s hard to say. What would you suggest to bring down the scar tissue? Hot compresses?


  6. I had one side of my lip pierced when I was younger, but I did it myself so I think it is a angle and not so much in the right place lol but my question is if I get it repierced one : will it hurt because of the scar tissue and two: if they pierce it straight will the angled scar effect how the piercing sits in my lip?

  7. Star: Usually, it’s not a problem to re-do a lip piercing. The scar tissue won’t automatically make it hurt more, and usually lips are flexible enough not to be affected negatively by scar tissue. This assumes that there isn’t a lot of scar tissue, of course. An experienced piercer should be able to tell you whether the scar tissue you have might be a problem. Good luck!

  8. Im needing some advice with an issue im having.
    I have a regular that has deep scaring down the left side of her navel. The piercing is executed extremely well “text book” in fact but approximately 2 weeks later, it begins to darken, beyond bruising…the tissue is basically dying. I’ve done similar piercings MANY MANY times before and never have I faced a reaction like this. I’ve done a mountains worth or research and still no answer to why this happened, how to avoid it from reoccurring etc.
    I’d greatly appreciate ur help :))

  9. Hi there…unfortunately, without seeing the skin in questions, it’s hard to really know what might be going on. Some people, especially those folks who are already darker-skinned, simply get more darkening of the skin in areas of trauma…piercing, surgery, abrasions etc. It is typically a result of additional melanin, or other components, in their skin. If the skin is truly dying, chances are it will start to dry up, flake off and eventually the jewelry will fall out if they don’t take it out sooner.

    Hopefully this helps a bit.

  10. The tissue was in fact dying, almost as if it too shallow of a piercing and I could see signs of migration on both entry and exit buy it wasn’t. It looked as if all blood flow had been blocked from the area. Im determined to find out why this happened and I thank u beyond measure for taking the time to respond to my lil dilemma.

  11. Is this a standard navel piercing or one done on the left side (more horizontally?) of her navel? What type (style and manufacturer) of jewelry) and size (gauge and length/diameter) was used? What is the client doing for aftercare? Does the client have a very active job or lifestyle (sports, etc)?

    We’d be interested to try and figure this out as well, or at least to know the answer if you do get it figured out.

  12. It was the left side, done horizontally with a 3/4 length 14g surface bar. This was her 4th because we’d already done her top, bottom and right side. Refined sea salt 3-5 times a day, clean hands, wash/rinse thoroughly etc. As stated previously, she’s a regular=avid participant in body modification so I full confidence in her ability to maintain and heal it….im at a loss and I’d hate to not find the reason for it because there’s bound to be one.

  13. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to but it happened so quickly but with scar tissue being a more dense tissue, should’ve slowed the process, not sped it up? And, I still don’t understand why it even began to reject in the first place. I went in, approximately 4-5 mm…should I go deeper?

  14. The photo I’ve provided isn’t my ear, but looks a lot like what is happening to mine.
    I got my Tragus pierced on May 22nd of this year. I’ve been doing the salt soaks this whole time, twice a day. On the 8th of June, I flew to Europe from the US where I stayed until the 5th July. On the 9th or 10th of June I noticed a small bump above the piercing on the outside. It grew a little bit since I noticed, but stopped after a while, and hasn’t changed since. If i had to compare size to something I would say the tip of a wooden pencil after its been used, and almost needs to be sharpened. I think it has gotten smaller since I have come back home though.
    A friend of mine told me to go in and get it changed to a barbell… Because I got it pierced with a hoop/ring thing. And it apparently takes longer to heal with this?
    Do you have any advice for me, and is there a way to get rid of it? Do you think its a keloid, and should I go to the doctor, or to a piercer?

  15. Natalie: There was no picture/link attached to your comment.

    But, as a general rule, changing your jewelry from a ring to a stud/barbell is a good idea. Rings tend to be move around a lot more than barbells and they are much more prone to getting caught/snagged on stuff…both of which will make it harder to heal. The bumps that often form as cartilage piercings are healing are very rarely keloids…only a doctor could tell you if what you have is a keloid for sure…but it’s not overly likely.

    The bumps are usually a sign that the piercing is irritated….again, wearing a ring makes this more likely to happen. So, we would suggest starting by changing the ring out to a barbell and see if that makes a difference.

    Best of luck!

  16. well I got my belly button pierced in June but I changed it to quickly & it ripped through now there’s scar tissue it came out about a month ago. I really want to get it redone but my parents keep telling me you can’t & piercing shops won’t do it. Can you get a belly button repierced & how much more longer should I wait?

  17. Katrina: While there are always exceptions, it’s typically not a problem to redo a navel piercing, even if there is some scar tissue. Now, if there is an excess amount of scar tissue, it may prevent the piercing from being able to be redone, but that is a pretty uncommon scenario. However, we would usually suggest waiting until the scarring has had at least 6 months to stabalize.

    Best of luck with the re-piercing.

  18. Okay I just recently got my lip pierced in the exact same spot. It is like a whitish yellow Norcris the white, Is it normal to have a lump right above the piercing that won’t go away? I pushed wanted to see if there’s any puss but nothing comes out it just doesn’t leave. It has been now two weeks after the repiercing and it still slightly pink around it. It hurts every so often, but for the most part no pain and no green puss.

  19. Hi I’m Alex I pierced my belly button myself about a year and a half ago(I know stupid lol). I then took it out because it was rejecting and left it alone for months. after about maybe five six months I got it done again by a professional but It still hasn’t healed. It keeps bleeding and pussing sometimes the top is dryed out and fine but I can tell there’s scar tissue in the bottom because it comes out sometimes. So basically I’m asking what I should do?

  20. Ok, so I’ve been reading through this and many other sites because I had a question about my belly piercing but seems it’d be easier to just ask it outright. About six years ago I got my belly pierced and for the most part it healed up fine. The original piercing jewellry was a ring not a bar, but it was surgical grade material. About six weeks after the piercing was done I changed it to a gold bar, at which point it became infected. For about a week after that it was pussy, and I eventually just took it out and pushed out as much of the infection as I could. I then let the piercing close up and heal. A couple years after I attempted to repierce it myself (as with everyone else, it was a stupid idea). However, I had/have scar tissue that prevented me from getting the needle all the way through the piercing (I was literally piercing through the original scars and had the tip of the needle through the top scar and sticking out of the bottom one, it just refused to fully go through). The scar tissue isn’t as soft as the rest of my tissue but it’s definately not as hard as say a bead, I can still roll it and quish it. Yesterday I went and had it professionally repierced, right through the old white scars of the original piercing done six years ago. The piercer had to use a little more pressure to push through the scar tissue and it did hurt more than the original piercing. My question is: how long will it take to heal and is there anything specific I should be on the lookout for as it does? And when it does heal all the way will I have any issues changing out the jewellry?

  21. Rose: Generally, healing times and healing issues aren’t any different when redoing a piercing through scar tissue. You should expect the piercing to take 4-6 months for initial healing, and possibly up to one year for full healing. You shouldn’t have any issues changing the jewelry once it is all healed.

    Remember, it’s really important to touch the piercing and jewelry as absolutely as little as possible while it’s healing. Best of luck!

  22. Hey:)
    I’ve had my monroe for about 2 1/2 years, I had to take it out for one day because of surgery, and I can’t get my jewelry back in! I poked through with a safety pin, and still, my jewelry will not go through. I usually had a hard time changing my jewlery anyways, do you think it could’ve been a bad piercing or just my face? Lol
    With monroe piercings is it normal for them to be in at an angle, or did they just accidentally do it crooked?
    I definitely want to have it redone, its been out for 3 days now and I feel naked 🙁

  23. Some people have more trouble reinserting certain piercings. If the piercing was done at a severe angle, that can often make it harder to put the jewelry back in.

  24. hey,
    so i had my lip pierced 2 years ago, but had to take it out for work for a year. then a few days ago i got it redone. the piercer said it shouldn’t be a problem. but the swelling got so bad over the next 3 days,that the whole piercing (inside and outside my mouth) was getting pushed into my skin. so i switched to a ring. it’s still really swollen and now there’s a lump on the inside…should i just give up and take it out or what can i do to help the swelling go down and this lump go away?

  25. So, it was about 2 ish years ago when i had gotten the second piercing done on my ear (just above the lobe, you know?) and my mom says that i do have scar tissue which i don’t NOT believe her, but i want to know if it would be more effective to just get it repierced right over the same part, or to get it right behind or just above, seeing as thought this piercing is right in the middle of the ‘lobe line’ Haha

  26. Generally speaking, it isn’t a problem to pierce through scar tissue. Without seeing your ear, there is no way to say for sure whether it will be an issue in your case. Your best bet is to find an experienced piercer to look at your ear and advise your from there.

  27. I had a bad 1st experience with my belly button piercing! I went to get it done and the guy used the wrong needle. But he didnt know till he did it the 2nd time. The first time it wasnt that bad but when he went over it the second time i passed out! Thats when he realized that it was the wrong neetle. I was to scared to do it again so i ended up not even getting the ring put in. Now i can feel where they pierced it, its kind of hard to the touch but i no longer see the holes. I was wondering how long i should wait till i get it repierced? And will it hurt more? This was my first body piercing so i dont really know much about it. Thanks!

  28. hi… i have a question… about 6months ago i had my monroe done… it was healing well buylt i was anxious to put a shorter barbell so i changed it… in the middle of healing process… overnight after u changed it the back part of the piercing was covered by my skin… i left it alone because it didnt bother… but my husband told me to remove it… so about a month and a half ago i went to a piercer and he opened the inside of my lip to get it out… it hurt terribly… what im wondering how long should i wait… to get it repierced… i can see where the hole closed up but the healing has been very good… no bump or anything… any advice… thanx in advance… 😀

  29. Generally we should suggest waiting at least three months before having re-done. In addition to wanting it to heal, you want to give the scar tissue a change to settle down and stabilize a bit.

  30. First off, thank you so much for providing a site like this! I’ve been looking everywhere for some answers but I’ve had trouble finding some specific to my exact issue.
    I got my belly button pierced in early September of this year, and I thought it was healing normally. However, over time I noticed that the bar seemed to show more and more with every passing day, and that the hole on the bottom was still a bit red. Having researched the piercing before the actual procedure had been done, I realized that it was beginning to grow out and took it out at the beginning of February before the bar would break the skin and leave a terrible scar. As it is, It’s been out a little over a month and although a piercer I called had told me I could repierce it in just a few weeks, I hesitate to because the top and bottom scars are still quite pink, although free of any pus and painless. The bar was not pushed out enough that it could be seen through the skin, and so it appears normal except for the two small red spots. I can send any pictures if helpful, but I’d like to know when is the soonest that it can be safely repierced?

  31. How long should you wait to get your belly button repirced if you pierced it with a sewing needle for only one whole day? How much more will it hurt?

  32. Hi I had my Monroe done today it didn’t hurt at all
    When i got home and mouth washed it CAME OUT!!
    I guess the ball wasn’t tight enough it
    Bled a little i’m getting it repeirced 2morrow should i get
    It redone in the same spot :*)

  33. I pierced my own lower lip (under) when I was 14 with an ear piercing stud, but unfortunately my parents wouldnt allow it so i was constantly taking it in and out, and doing so, i could get the stud in through the hole from the front or outer part of my lip because it was visible, however i couldnt get it in through the back or inside so I kept making new holes on the inside of my lip.. I eventually let it completely close and now I have this knot or lump inside but its also visible on my face cuz it looks like a pimple. I’ve tried to pop it but it just gets irritated and scabs a little. My smile is a lil crooked now due to this knot, is it scar tissue? Can I somehow reduce its appearance? And would it be okay to re peirce in the same spot if I can get it to go down? I’ve read that re- piercing it and letting it heal again but massage it n taking proper care will correct the issue? Or would that just make the lump bigger? Please help! I know I was young and dumb for doing this but its now lowering my self confidence in my appearance )’:

  34. I got my belly button re pierced 5 months ago. They re pierced it through scar tissue but about a month and a half later my belly ring started pushing through my skin. After a while the skin got so thin I could literally she the ring through my skin. So im wondering if it was because of the scar tissue?
    Note. I am thinking about getting it really done in a few weeks

  35. I’ve had my nose pierced for over 2 years and every time I took it out to clean/change it I would have to re-pierce it. It came out again last night and it always took a couple of tries to get it re-pierced but last night it wouldn’t go through and it still won’t. It is really red and has a thick dark colored skin over it which I guess is the scar tissue. I would like to re-pierce it but I don’t know about how long I should wait. It hurts really bad right now if I try. I even took a sharp earring and tried but it still didn’t work. Thanks(:

  36. okay, i had surgeries two years that have left me with what look like two navels (like the two moons of Tatooine LOL) of course, I only have one, and then a little dent from the incision…I thought it would be kinda cool to get them both pierced. Watcha think?

  37. Hi, umm.. I just got my lip redone yesterday and when the needle went through it started bleeding but, I assumed it was normal for piercing scar tissue. Then I woke up in the middle of the night because it was painful. I went to look at the inside of my lip and saw a red spot close to it. I’m really worried because I don’t know what to do. When I first got it pierced this didn’t happen. Please give me some ideas because I’m scared. Thanks.

  38. I got my second ear lobe piercings when I was like 13. Let them close up a couple years later because I couldn’t wear earrings when cheerleading. When i turned 18 I went and got them re pierced. My right ear got pierced in the exact same spot as the first time, healed fine. No allergies to my earrings. Over the last 8 years I get soreness at the piercing site from time to time. Only on that right side. Usually goes away in a day or two, but this time its been really sore for over a week. Even hurts to massage it. But its not infected as far as I can tell. Is this normal? what can I do to fix this? Thanks.

  39. I heard that if you have a piercing that migrates, if you pierce it in the same spot again it will take the same migration pattern as the piercing before it and therefore can’t be repierced because it will just move to an unsatisfactory position like the one before it, following along the scar tissue from the last piercing. Is this true? Or can I pierce it in the same spot and reasonably expect a different outcome if more precautions to prevent migration are taken?

  40. Also, what precautions can be taken to prevent the migration of a piercing? Namely ear cartilage.

  41. Hi there,

    I live in the United Kingdom

    I have a question that I would like to ask (I have asked the 2 body piercers that have pierced me before but did not get a satisfactory answer and I really need someone who can give me the right answers and advice) which is why I was searching the internet and came across your website.

    What I would like to ask is this;

    1) I am a little overweight and have a ‘spare tyre’ of a tummy and have a shallow(ish)-deep innie bellybutton (deep(ish) at the top and not much of a lip or ridge at the bottom which rules out an inverse piercing) which in March 2012 I had pierced and this piercing lasted for 6 months and it moved upwards and outwards (I could feel the shaft of the belly bar just under the surface of the skin and asked my piercer about this and was told it was normal). I eventually saw that the distance in the skin between the holes was decreasing and the belly bar felt loose and was still oozing a clear yellow coloured discharge.

    Also the top of the belly bar was diagonally above my belly button rather than being above; could this be because of my ‘spare tyre’ tummy.

    I took the belly bar out with little difficulty but was left with some surface scarring.

    Is what I was experiencing a sign of rejection and migration?

    2) In February 2013, I had my belly button re-pierced and had it done a bit deeper, everything was fine but again I was finding that it was moving upwards and outwards along with the top of the belly bar was diagonally above my belly button rather than being above and it eventually looked as though it was ‘horizontal’.

    I also had (after searching on the internet for advice) a small blood blister in the bottom hole.

    I was cleaning the piercing on both occasions twice a day (alchohol-based
    cleaning solution (1st piercing) and salt-water soak (2nd piercing).
    Is this also a sign of rejection and migration?

    I really liked my piercings and miss them.

    I really, really want to get my belly button re-pierced.

    I also want to ask;

    Because of my tummy and the depth of my belly button, can I get it re-pierced?

    Can I get re-pierced through any scar tissue?

    As right at the top of the inside of my belly button there is a little bit where my belly button is at its deepest and would like to know if a piercer can pierce me freehand by going in to that part of my belly button?

    Does having any scar tissue help to ‘anchor’ the belly bar and keep it in and help prevent migration?

    If I should notice any migration and a blood blister, what should I do and if a piercer should not give me a satisfactory answer, what self-help or other help advice can you suggest?

    As I said earlier, I need someone who can tell me what I want to know and who can answer my questions plainly and to help me.

    Please can you help me.

    Any help and advice given by you will be greatly appreciated.

    With many, many thanks,

    Emma Jane Gordon

  42. I meant to mention this earlier, so I shall add it now…

    Both piercers said at the times when I got pierced, that my belly button could be pierced.

    Now one of them said to me last week (I enquired about and booked an appointment for an inverse piercing as the female studio assistant said after looking that it could be done) that my belly button is not suitable for either a standard or inverse piercing.

    I am going to pay a visit to the studio that did my second piercing and see what they say.

    What advice can you also give me on this along with what I mentioned in my earlier posting.

    Please can you help me.


    Any help and advice given by you will be greatly appreciated.

    With many, many thanks,

    Emma Jane Gordon

  43. I had my belly button pierce this last summer when the lady pierced it she did it twice because she wasn’t happy with how it came out the first time. But after awhile I took it out because the skin in between the two balls was shrinking and I was afraid my bar was going to come all the way through. I was wondering if I could get it re pierced or would my scaring make it look bad or even would the samething thing happen as my last time.

  44. is it true that if your allergic to “fake” metals that if you get your belly button pierced with a ring with said metals that it can get infected?

  45. I have a question and need some advice. So 4 months ago I got a new lip piercing and it went through part of an old one. When the piercer got the barbell through some tissue stuck out and he had to cut it off. He used a long straight bar. I waited 2 weeks then put in a horse shoe barbell. It started to hurt later that day then a bump inside my lip formed. It looked like puss but it was tissue I could pull out. After dealing with it for a few days I went back to the long bar and it went away. I trued again a few weeks later and same thing. So I went back again to the long bar. After another month I got a shorter bar and it was the same gauge but when I put it in it was like it pushed a sock of skin out the end and I had to remove it from the end to get the ball on. Kept that in for a few months then noticed the bump form again so I went back to a horse shoe. The bump wouldn’t go away so I’m got medipore tape and use that and the long bar for compression. Today the bump is flat so I used the tape and a smaller bar. When I put the smaller on in some tissue came out the end again and I had a hard time getting it through. Why am I having such issues. Its been almost 5 months now.

  46. Angela:

    It sounds like your piercing didn’t really have much of a chance of working out well from the very beginning. At the risk of being brutally honest, it sounds like the choices that both you and your piercer made probably contributed to the problems you experienced/are experiencing.

    In our experience, there would be absolutely no reason to cut off the small amount of tissue that might be present after piercing through a pre-existing piercing. It’s very uncommon for that to happen, and even when it does happen, cutting off isn’t necessary. The tissue will eventually just shrivel up and fall off. It might take a couple of weeks for that to happen, but it would certainly resolve itself. Cutting it off only creates more trauma to the piercing and the general area and increases the likelihood of having problems further down the road.

    You also changed your jewelry much too soon. While lip piercings can be healed with rings/circular barbells (horseshoe barbells), they tend to heal better with flat-back barbells. Rings and circular barbells move around a lot and are much more likely to get bumped and snagged on stuff. That extra movement causes trauma/irritation to the piercing which makes it harder for your body to heal and increases the likelihood of scar tissue formation. Your body forms excess scar tissue as a way to protect the wound (your piercing) from irritation. If your piercing began to hurt as soon as you changed it, that most likely means one (or a combination) of several things happened:

    1) You caused irritation/damage to the piercing when you changed it. This is something that would almost certainly happen with a piercing that is only a 2 weeks old. Even if the jewelry were changed by an experienced professional with the appropriate training and tools, it would be challenging to not irritate it at least a little bit. When you change jewelry yourself, in a piercing that is so new, you really can’t avoid irritating it and damaging the delicate tissue that is trying to form as part of the healing process.

    2) You pulled germs, bacteria and other irritants into the piercing when you changed the jewelry. Unless you had a pre-sterilized piece of jewelry and were able to properly clean the area around the piercing before you changed it, this was pretty much unavoidable. A piercing that is only 2 weeks old is basically an open wound. The more outside organisms it is exposed to, the more irritated it will get and the greater the chance of developing an infection will be.

    3) You may have put a low-quality piece of jewelry in your piercing. Without knowing what company made your jewelry, we can’t speak to the quality of the jewelry. But, considering that most jewelry that is available is not high-quality, the chances of you putting sub-par jewelry into your piercing is greater than not.

    4) The size (how big around) the jewelry was too small. It’s very likely this was part of the problem, given how quickly the discomfort and the bump showed up. When the diameter of a piece of jewelry is too small for the thickness of the piercing, the jewelry pulls on the edges of the piercing. This creates irritation, and as we mentioned above, your body forms scar tissue to protect itself from the irritation.

    As you mentioned, when you put the straight bar back in, the irritation went away. This most likely happened because when you removed the jewelry, you got rid of the thing that was causing the irritation (most likely because of the size and the likelihood that it was low-quality jewelry).

    Ultimately, you are having a hard time after 5 months because of all the irritation and trauma that happened when you first got your piercing done. The piercing has never had a chance to fully-heal into a happy, stable piercing because it has been messed with so much from the very beginning. It’s also likely that you are using externally threaded jewelry (male post, female ball) and the threads on the post are what is tearing up your piercing when you put it in, forcing the skin out of the piercing. Getting a high-quality piece of implant-grade, internally threaded jewelry should help reduce the irritation when changing the jewelry.

    But, in all honesty, you would probably be better off removing the jewelry, letting it heal for at least 6 months and then having it redone by an experienced professional that uses high-quality jewelry. If you are still having problems after 5 months, chances are very good that your piercing is never going to settle down.

    Best of luck.

  47. Getting pierced with a piece of jewelry that contains something you are sensitive/allergic to will not cause an actual infection. Infections are caused by the introduction of bacteria and other contaminants into your piercing.

    However, wearing jewelry that you are sensitive or allergic to can make it nearly impossible to heal a piercing. The allergen will cause your body to react strongly in many cases, making it seem like you have an infection and making it very difficult for your body to heal the piercing.

    You can learn more about allergies to metals used in body piercing by reading the blog we wrote about it:

    Metal Allergies in Body Piercing

  48. Thanks for your help. Also the reason I changed it the first time when I did is because the swelling went down and the bar was so long I kept biting it when I ate which hurt my lip and tooth. I have a bio plastic bar in it now and it seems to be doing better. I’m gonna give it some more time if it doesn’t work out I’ll take it out
    Any suggestions on picking a piercer. How can I tell they aren’t like my last one.

  49. i got my belly button pierced a few years ago and it rejected. the scar is healed and everything and my bestie and i want to get them done. i don’t think the people before did it right because they put in a bull ring and when i went to get a new ring from another place the look on there face was shocked when they saw the ring because my piercing was so red. im scared that it will either reject again or they won’t beable to do it again. how do i know if the scar tissue is bad or not?

  50. Hi, Becca…

    Sorry to hear about the less-than-great experience you had with your last navel piercing. It does sound like the piercer who did the original piercing could have made a better choice for jewelry. Circular barbells (bull rings) are probably one of the worst choices for jewelry in a fresh navel piercing. They tend to stick out a lot (which means they move a lot and irritate the piercing) like a ring and they are open in the middle, which allows more things to get caught on them. With a ring, at least it is closed so fewer things will get hooked on it.

    The best style of jewelry to be used in a navel piecing is a curved barbell. This type of jewelry sits much more flush with the body so it is less likely to get caught/snagged on things and it moves around a lot less. With any healing piercing, the less irritation and movement that happens, the better.

    It’s usually not a problem to re-pierce a navel piercing that has rejected. The amount of scar tissue that is present is a consideration. You will have to rely on the experience of a piercer you trust to decide whether re-piecing is a good option for you. Most of the time it’s not a problem to redo the piercing.

    As for it rejecting again, that is always a possibility. However, it certainly sounds like the choice in jewelry for your original piercing probably played a very big role in why it rejected. A properly-placed, properly-fitted piece of high-quality jewelry will go a long way to reducing the likelihood of rejection.

    If you let us know where you are located, we might be able to make a suggestion about where to have your piercing re-done.

  51. thank you so much for your help! and i actually have another question lol. but what’s the differences in healing and over all between top and bottom navel piercings. before i had a top and i didnt realize it was rejecting until it was too late so the scar is kinda long and i was thinking about getting a bottom if i cant get the top redone.

  52. Is there anything you can put on the scare that with make it fade away and not be dark for when you do decide to get it re- Periced

  53. Brittany:

    Most pharmacies carry one or two products that are designed to reduce visible scarring. One product is called Mederma. Whether that is the best product for situation, we can’t say. We do know some people that have used it with varying degrees of success. You might want to talk to your doctor or the pharmacist about which produce would work best in your situation.

  54. Becca:

    There isn’t a whole lot of different in terms of the actual healing of the two piercings. The biggest issue is that for most people, the shape of the bottom of their navel isn’t well-suited for a piercing. The reason that most navel piercings are done on the top of the navel is that there is usually a lip/flap of tissue that can be used to anchor the piercing in place. For most people, the bottom of their navel doesn’t have that flap; it’s usually completely flat or rounded. When a piercing is done on a navel where there isn’t a lip, it’s much more likely that it will reject.

    For some people, the shape of their navel allows for piercing of the bottom (or both the top and bottom). You should find an experienced piercer to asses whether the shape of your navel is good for piercing.

  55. I got my belly button pierced a month ago but I decided to take my ring out. The piercing was perfectly straight and it wasn’t infected nor was it rejected or migrating, just decided to take it out. Now it has been out for a week and I want to re-pierce it next week. Is it possible to do it so soon?

  56. I re pierced my navel today but I’m not pleased with it. It’s kinda lean can a take it out and re pierce it a month or two after? Or is that too much scarring

  57. Mel: It shouldn’t be a problem to re-pierce it once the area is fully-healed. The sooner you take it out the better, if you want to re-pierce it.

  58. Hey my names Tiffany!
    So Last year I got my belly button pierced and loved it, unfortunately it got infected (due to going swimming b4 healed) And once it did I cleaned it up to 3 times a day and it got better and out of the blue it started growing out of the skin and eventually it came all the way out the skin and fell out so I let it heal and didn’t bother with it. So Friday April 24th of this yr, I decided to Go with a friend to the same piercing place that i Got my monroe and industrial done at, (keep in mind it’s not the same place I went to a yr ago for the bellybutton piercing) anyways I had told the man about how my belly button piercing grew out of the skin and how there was a scar there and he said he’d use the scar tissue to pierce it deeper, and that it wouldn’t grow out., And which of course he did in fact It’s a lot deeper than what the other piercing shop did, my new belly button piercing seems to be pierced underneath the scare tissue that’s there! So my question is, would my bellybutton piercing be at risk of growing out again or will the built up scar tissue on top of It keep it from growing out??!?!?!?!

  59. Tiffany: Piercings reject for a variety of reasons

  60. poor placement of the piercing
  61. inappropriate anatomy for the piercing
  62. low-quality jewelry
  63. improper aftercare
  64. excessive irritation/abuse while it’s healing
  65. piercings in some areas are simply more prone to rejecting (surface piercings and micordermals for example)
  66. sometimes it happens simply because your body doesn’t like having a foreign object in it
  67. It’s impossible to day what caused your piercing to reject the first time. It could have happened because your piercing got irritated/infected from swimming too soon and your body simply couldn’t recover. It’s possible the piercing was placed well to begin with. It’s possible that cleaning the piercing 3 times per day helped clear up the infection, but may have been too irritating to the skin/body.

    Without seeing where your piercing was placed originally, we can’t really comment on whether you are at a higher risk of rejection this time around. As a general rule, having your navel re-pierced doesn’t mean it’s more likely to reject. It also doesn’t mean that it’s less likely to reject. The scar tissue tends to be a non-issue when it comes to re-piercing unless there is an excessive amount of it.

    Our suggestion would be to follow your aftercare guidelines this time. When you make the decision to ignore the care guidelines that your piercer provides, you are probably going to be at greater risk for having problems with your piercing.

    Best of luck this time around!

  68. Hello, I had my belly button pierced for about 4 months and I accidentally took it out and it closed instantly. I wanted about a few months and I repierced it in the same area but I had to take it out considering I changed jewelry way too fast (lesson learned). I pierced my inverse and it’s healing really good! Now I want to do the top of my belly button again, it has I guess deep scar tissue, is it possible if I could pierce the top hole in a different area but the bottom hole in the same area. (If that makes any sense). Thanks in advance!

  69. I got my nipples pierced a few days ago and now that the swelling has gone down some I realize that my piercing on one side is not through my nipple. It’s too far over. It’s been about 3 days I want to get it redone but I’m unsure of how long I should wait to get done over.

  70. I had my ear pierced (cartilage piercing) about 2 weeks ago I had to take it out today (13/6/15) and I really want to get it re-pierced in the same spot but I don’t know if I should because of pain factor ( I’m a worry wart ) do u have any advice for me

  71. Charli: You will want to wait until the piercing is fully-healed. If you had it for two weeks, we would suggest waiting at least a month before having it re-pierced. Having it re-pierced in the same spot shouldn’t be any more painful than it was the first time around. Good luck!

  72. Mimi This is something you would want to discuss with your piercer. If you had the piercing for three days and took it out, we would typically suggest waiting 2-3 weeks, depending upon how well things are healing up.

  73. Tammy: This is something you would need to discuss with your piercer. It’s possible, that even if there is scar tissue, the top hole could be re-done in the same spot. It might need to be moved. In some cases, moving the top hole might require moving the bottom hole is well. These are all things that require being able to see your piercing in-person to determine.

  74. Hello, I had a monroe piercing for many years and I developed a basal cell right at the site, I had to have mohs surgery resulting in plastic surgery…
    Hence no more monroe and now a scar where is use to be and some minor swelling that is never going away as its been two years. My dr says it is ok for me to be repierced at the scar site. I feel it will camaflouge it plus I really miss the piercing as well. It was quite an incision and the Dr had to do a skin flap…. Do you think its safe to pierce?

  75. This is something that you would need to discuss with the piercer that would actually be working on you. It would be up to them to decide if they are comfortable re-piercing you in the same location. As a VERY GENERAL rule, it’s not a problem to re-pierce though some scar tissue. But, if there is a lot of scar tissue and/or constant swelling in the area, they may not feel comfortable doing it. Also, since you had other medical issues that may, or may not, be related to the piercing, they may want you to get some sort of documentation from your doctor stating they feel it is okay to re-do the piercing. Again, that’s something the piercer would discuss with you once you have filled them in on the details of your situation….which you should definitely do.

  76. I pierced my navel twice already but I still feel the scar tissue inside. I would like to re-pierce it a third time but will it be more painful and will it heal faster since I already have some scar tissue? &am I ore susceptible to any infections or whatever?

  77. It doesn’t necessarily hurt more to pierce through scar tissue. If it does happen to hurt more this time around, it will just be because getting pierced hurts more some days than others. If it’s done by an experienced professional, the scar tissue won’t really make a difference.

    An experienced piercer will also be able to tell you if the amount of scar tissue you have is likely to cause any healing issues. Unless there is a lot of scar tissue, it’s not usually an issue. But again, it’s something that should be evaluated by an experienced piercer.

  78. Well I got my belly button done by my friend in the bathroom and my mother disapproved it so I had to take it out the day I got it done and then we tried again about two months later and couldn’t get the needle through (didn’t have a the proper needle) but it’s been about four months since its been messed with it has a small white lump in my top belly button can I still get the pierced again at a shop?

  79. It is likely still possible to re-pierce your navel. A bit of scar tissue usually isnt’ a problem. However, until a professional has a chance to see and feel the scar tissue, there is no way to say for sure.

  80. Sorry, I don’t know if this is where I was suppose to ask a question being it said “leave a reply” …but here it is.

    I would like to re pierce the dermal anchor’s I had on my wrist and back… does the same rules apply for these type of scaring.

  81. I want to get my belly button repierced in the same spot but people keep telling me its gonna hurt i had got pregnant and i had to take it off my original belly button piercing and well because my belly was way to big. You can still see the scar that it left i just meed some help on knowing wether to get it or not in the same place

  82. In most cases it’s best to avoid re-piercing microdermals in the same location as they were previously. The scarring from the previous piercing usually creates instability in the tissue which makes the piercings more likely to fail. So, it can be done but it is not usually the best option.

  83. It’s usually not a problem to re-pierce a navel. Most of the time the piercing can be redone in the same spot as the previous piercing, but sometimes it is better to change the placement slightly. You will need to have a piercer take a look at it to determine what the best option is for you specifically.

    Best of luck!

  84. I pierced my belly button a day ago , and its at a angle .I don’t know if I should keep it like that ?

  85. Hi, I have had my belly button pierced since September so it’s been about 6 months. The piercing healed super well after like 3 months, but the top ball fell off and I didn’t have anything else to put in. So I taped it because luckily I had ordered one that came it the mail the next day. I just put the ball of the new ring in. It was really sensitive for like a week after because it fell out multiple times before I got the new ball on it. I used a saline solution on it constantly, but it’s never seemed to heal right. Some days it would feel better than others so (being too excited) I changed the rings, a lot. I even used a dangly one until it got caught & nearly ripped out. Currently, the piercing is sitting a tad crooked, with a keloid on either hole, and is super red literally everywhere around it. Also when I got it pierced, the amount of skin in the middle was really thick and it has decreased significantly here in the past month or so. I love having it though. Should I take it out and repierce it? If so, how long should I wait?

  86. Hi Sabrina, I’m actually getting myself really down about my belly piercing and i’m just looking for some advice.
    I had my belly done the first time when i was 15/16 and it was fine healing, no problems (from what i remember) however as i got a bit older and my obsession with miley cyrus grew i decided to follow her footsteps in taking the piercing out. This was a good year and a bit after my piercing that i took it out. I enjoyed just having the hole for about 2 years and then just 5 months ago i decided i wanted my belly pierced again (I’m now 20) – So this time round, it hurt more than i remember, he pierced it a little higher than my previous peircing. First month or so it was sore but it looked good only looked a little bit red, but then it became really red, i was catching it, it would bleed a fair bit, i developed a fleshy lump at the bottom of my belly piercing opening and the smell wasn’t particularly nice. I went to the doctors who gave me antibiotics to treat the diagnosed infection and told me that if it didn’t help i would have to take the piercing out. After the course of anti biotics it did clear and everything looked like normal healing signs but that only lasted a week. I then thought maybe it was the jewellery itself it didn’t seem like it had any room what so ever to move/breath and maybe i was allergic so i bought a pregnancy bar for the flexibility and the allergy free material, it instantly relieved the belly bar and redness went down and wasn’t as painful as before, but obviously the infection was already there and was still smelly and bleeding a couple weeks continuing, so i went to the doctors again hoping after i explained i had changed materials of the bar that i could have antibiotics again to clear infection and persevere with the piercing and get the end result of the pretty belly button i had the first time. But no they wanted it out and cleaned and to go on another course of antibiotics, so i did so. I’ve just finished the 2 week course of biotics and its already started closing up, the fleshy lump is barely there anymore, but still a slight smell. I’m really cautious that i am going to be left with a nasty scar and also that i will never have a belly button piercing, will this be the case for me? Thank you – Jemma

  87. Chances are good you won’t end up with too much scarring, although it may take a while for everything to fully settle down. Without being able to see your piercing, there really aren’t a lot of specifics we can give you. As for having jewelry put back into your piercing, or having it re-pierced again, one of those SHOULD be possible…but again, without seeing your piercing, there really is no way to say for sure. If you want to let us know where live, we may be able to suggest an experienced piercer that uses high-quality jewelry, that you could consult with about your options going forward.

  88. Hey I had my belly done like two years ago and it grew out and got a scar it ripped my bit of hole it use too go it now I can’t get my belly bar back in is it possible too get it redone?

  89. i got my belly button pierced in febuary, it’s now july and it rejected. when i got it pierced, i was told my belly button was small so they pierced it lower with a smaller jewelry. the girl had also told me that when i changed it, in 4 months that i could go to a normal belly ring size. i changed it in may, and it was fine up until like three weeks ago when i realized the skin was way smaller. it’s hanging on by a very thin piece of skin, and i know it’s about to rip. i was told i could keep the jewelry in until it ripped. how long is it gonna take to heal? could i get it repierced since it rejected?

  90. hi, I got my lobes professionally pierced in April through the old scar tissue I had from being pierced with a gun when I was six years old. the healing was going really nicely, and they felt ready for changing the jewelry at six weeks (on my birthday in May– I had gotten a lot of new earrings as presents). my lobes however really didn’t react well to this, and they were very sore while changing the jewelry and after. I put my starter studs back in and waited another five weeks- the piercings were still not healed at the end of that period, and they are still giving me trouble now about three months after the fact. do you think the scar tissue is slowing down my healing? or could it be possible that my ears are just very sensitive and there will always be a little bit of tenderness changing them out?
    I also have a small bump on the back of one ear, on the side of the piercing. it doesn’t look anything like the piercing bumps people get, and it seems to be going down with chamomile salt soaks, but it’s very bizarre and a tiny bit (not very much at all) sore.
    in short, I’m really having a lot of trouble telling when my piercings are healed because no matter how nonexistent any pain or tenderness in my ears is prior to trying to change the jewelry, I end up back at square one with achy lobes. any help or advice you can offer is much appreciated.

  91. It’s usually not a problem to repierce a navel. However, that is something that would have to be determined by a professional who can see your piercing/navel in-person. There are a lot of factors to consider, and a piercer will need to be able to see and feel the tissue to make a accurate assessment of whether you are a good candidate for re-piecing.

  92. There sounds like there might be a lot of different stuff going on, and unfortunately, without being able to see your navel in-person, there isn’t a whole lot of solid advice we can give you. If it was a piercer that told you that you could leave it in until ripped…it might be best to find a different piercer. While you technically can do that, it’s not the best option. The longer you leave it in, and if it rips all the way out, it’s much more likely to form excess scar tissue

  93. Very helpful post! This article is honestly the best one so far that I’ve found that contains actual helpful information. I have a question, if you don’t mind 🙂

    3 days ago I got a double ear piercing but unfortunately the one on my left ear is way to close to the first hole ( I can’t put a earring on both holes without them touching, they basically don’t fit properly) and I would like to re-pierce to reposition the hole. Seeing it’s only 3 days old, can I take it off now? Or do I have to wait? If so, how long? I want to re-pierce it as soon as possible ( I’m impatient haha) but your article said I have to wait at least two months, so I’m hoping it’ll be safe to take it off now.
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  94. Hi,
    My daughter is 4 years old and we noticed recently that her ear lobe piercing is quite uneven… It’s bothering us and we are considering re-piercing one ear (the one where the earring is too high).
    We got her ears pierced when she was 6 months old (so it’s been 4 years). At this point we would not be re-piercing on the exact same spot, but a bit lower.
    If we remove the earring that is bothering us, will the hole close up 100% and if so, is it okay to pierce that ear again but a bit lower? Do we even have to wait for the existing hole to close up 100% to pierce a bit lower? I’m assuming both holes will be close from each other.
    Thanks for your answer.

  95. Nitasha: It will usually be best to let the old hole close up as much as possible, although for as long as she has had the piercing, it may not close completely. One of the reasons we don’t offer piercing on infants is that it is much easier to end up with uneven piercings do to the size of the earlobes and how they change/grow when kids are that small. Hopefully you can find a piercer to help correct the placement of the piercing you are unhappy with!

  96. I got my helix pierced today and noticed it’s pierced at quite an angle in the back – pointing up instead of straight. I’d like to have it redone at a straight angle as soon as possible.
    My question is, since it’s quite new is it even remotely possible to redo it within the same week? Would they have to pierce at a completely different location or pierce through the “old” hole in front and exit through a different section?

  97. Mai….

    The best option is to remove the jewelry, let it heal for a couple of weeks and have it re-pierced. You could also remove and have it repierced right away in a different location.

    It is not a good idea to re-pierce it right away in the same location.

  98. A few months ago I pierced my philtrum but it was crooked/not symmetrical with my labret. I let it heal for some reason and took it out about a month ago. Its closed up but there is still an indent from where it used to be. I want to get it repierced but don’t know if it would be a problem to pierce like one millimeter away from the original hole. Please let me know your thoughts.
    Thank you!

  99. Hello, I have had my ears pierced several times. Due to my allergy to nickle my ears became extremely infected leading me to have to let the piercing grow over. It has been at least 5 years now since they were last piecered although I still have a bit of scar tissue and scarring. Is it safe for me to have them re-pierced?

  100. My fiancee pierced my septum but after a few days I accidentally snagged it on a blanket & it ripped a little downward (it was a tiny bit crooked to begin with), but I took it out after only 2 1/2 weeks of having it in with no problems (but the snagging). So in conclusion, I wanna pierce it back further, in a totally different spot but not the hit the cartilage, I’ve had it out for a day now & it is not red or anything, & I want to pierce it WWYD!!

  101. My fiancee pierced my septum but after a few days I accidentally snagged it on a blanket & it ripped a little downward (it was a tiny bit crooked to begin with), but I took it out after only 2 1/2 weeks of having it in with no problems (but the snagging). So in conclusion, I wanna pierce it back further, in a totally different spot but not the hit the cartilage, I’ve had it out for a day now & it is not red or anything, & I want to pierce it WWYD!!

  102. You will need to let the area heal a bit, even if you are planning on doing it in a different area. We would suggest waiting at least a month so everything can calm down and heal fully. The area will feel/seem healed before it actually is.

    The other thing we would suggest is visiting a professional to have the piercing done, if that is an option for you. There are a bunch of reasons we would suggest this, but one of them is to make sure the piercing is placed appropriately. When it comes to septum piercings, there is sort of one right spot on most people. It’s not really a matter of deciding where you want the piercing to be. An experienced professional will know where the piercing is going to look best on your and, more importantly, where it is going to heal well.

  103. I have re pierced my belly button three times but the third time all the rods I put in were long so i took the ring out. I don’t want the bar to be showing much. I want the piercing to have more skin but I’ve had the piercing so long that top hole won’t close so my question is can the piercer give me a new hole at the bottom but keep the top one because I don’t want to have a hole a second top hole

  104. I had a 2nd tongue ring done, and it went in wrong at an angle and had to remove it because it wasn’t healing right and hurt bad, how long should I wait to redo it

  105. Hello.. I’ve had my cartilage piercing a year ago..but last may 24, 2017 it had a bump and a small amount of pus came was red and painful..i did sea salt soaks twice a day and the bump had gotten small. But last June 6, i had to remove the earring because of surgery and after a day the hole just closed up an i cant get the earring back in with the bump still at the back of my ear…what can i do to the bump to go away? It’s not painful to touch though..thanks a lot for the help

  106. I had my belly piercing yesterday and it was successful then I used warm water in a cup and placed it over my piercing for 10 mins to clean the stained blood out …after that it kept bleeding continuously even after I had my bath so my piercer had to take the ring out, get me cleaned up and told me to take a shower again was after the shower that the blood stopped she then told me to come back in 4 days to get re it okay for me to get a new one in 4days next to the old one ?cause I took out the ring already .

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