So you’re getting a tattoo…

We received lots of positive feedback from our “5 Things to Think About When Considering a Tattoo” article, so we thought we’d expand the concept a little further. Hopefully you will find this helpful.

Dressing for the part
Wherever the location of your new tattoo, wear loose, adjustable clothing that allows the artist to have access to that area.

If you’re getting a tattoo on your arm, wear short sleeves or a tank top. A tattoo on your leg? Wear shorts or a skirt and make sure you wear underwear (no, seriously). Getting tattooed on your hip or lower back? Wear something loose with a draw-string or elastic, like work-out pants. When getting a tattoo on the back, shoulder, or ribs, many female clients wear sports bras, but these tend to be impractical. Sports bras cover much more area than a traditional bra and fit much tighter. If the sports bra is covering any area that is to be tattooed, it will stretch the skin when pushed out of the way, thus a traditional bra is the better option.

Be our guest
Our artists are happy to allow a guest or two to accompany you in the tattoo room while you are receiving your tattoo. Be sure to remind your guests that the artist is concentrating on giving you the best tattoo possible. Guests will need to be respectful of the artists’ space and belongings. If more than two guests are with you, they are welcome to wait for you in our lounge, but be sure to inform them how long you may be. They may have time to get a piercing or tattoo while they wait for you!

Phone calls, texting and photograhy
Just like any other setting where highly detailed work is being performed, distractions need to be minimized. Most artists prefer that there be no phone calls or texting in their room while they are tattooing, but some artists don’t mind. If you are expecting an important phone call or text, please let your artist know you will need access to your phone. And always ask if you may take photographs of them, their work, or anything else in their room.

Squirming and squealing
Everyone understands that getting a tattoo can be uncomfortable. Squirming around and wiggling in the chair is not a good way to deal with the discomfort you may be feeling. Moving will not only make the session take longer, but it can cause the artist to make mistakes…mistakes that can be difficult to fix and may alter the look of your design. Squealing and yelling are also not good coping mechanisms. They are terribly distracting to your artist as well as the other artists in the studio. The artist will do their best to make your experience as comfortable as possible, but ultimately, you are responsible for your behavior. Before sitting down to receive your tattoo, remind yourself of this and do whatever you need to do to prepare for the session and the potential discomfort.

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  1. hI! So I’m getting a tattoo in a couple days on my upper thigh/hip area, right where my under wear would sit and I wasn’t sure what kind of underwear to wear during the at too session. Some people have said no thongs but those seem to be the only ones that I can pull the sides up high and they will stay there.

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